Thursday, January 31, 2008


Yesterday we had another beautiful dump of snow.
I so wanted to capture a snowflake. They were huge.
I plotted on how to best accomplish this.
In the end. . .
I took a black metal pan . .. .
put it outside to let it chill,
and then I started to snap the snowflakes as they landed.
This was one snowflake.
Don't you just love the way it has all the little bits clinging together to make one impressive flake?
Tomorrow .. . . is the first day of February and I have a new challenge for us .. .
as a group.
I'd like us to make one big beautiful snowflake.
I'm excited.
In the meantime. . .
my parsely pot is doing it's best to stay alert and is now offically freeze dried parsely.

I do hope you have a delightful day.

Strap on your pedometer .. . .if you keep losing it . ..
consider duct tape.

Don't forget to come tomorrow to see the February challenge.

Have a wonderful day my friends.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

the 8 month trim

On Monday night after a quick potluck up at the B&B we set our little friend Ethan in the
bumbo barber chair and set about snipping off his baby wisps.
This little lad lives in a good mood.
While "Tante Vellie" snipped . .. "Uncle Terry" entertained and mommy and daddy took pictures and watched their baby boy grow to another milestone.
That was fine by us ..
we've done this before ..
we knew the drill.

( I did wonder though how we ever accomplished anything without the bumbo chair)

He thought he had struck it unusually rich with a set of keys with a fob and a pretty nice cell phone.

When he was done we put a smidgen of gel in for the photo op.

I got myself a hug around the neck with those chubby little hands.

Oh bliss.

He spreads his loving around so easily. I wonder if he'll keep this sunny disposition through out his life.
I hope so . ..
when some one smiles at you . .
it's so easy to like them...

He smiles at us and indeed we love him.

The thing about baby boys, is . .
at the end of the day ..
they want their mommy's.
( and daddy's)

It's all good.

So, the pedometer is on?

Wonderful ..

Have a wonderful day my friends.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Ham and Spaghetti Casserole

Sometimes on a cold and snowy night we need something that is warm and comforting.

This casserole fits the bill and is perfect for that leftover ham you baked up for the weekend.

The size you make the casserole is very adjustable. I made this for our Monday night Dinner club and it fed 8 adults easily.

Dice a large onion, 3 stalks of celery, and about 10 large mushrooms.

Melt 1/4 cut butter in a large frying pan and saute the veggies until tender crisp.

Add 1/4 cup of flour and stir well until combined and let it simmer until it has thickened up.

Add 1 1/2 cups of heavy cream .. ( you could easily make it with light cream)

Add 3 cups of chicken stock.

Stir on Medium heat and bring to a simmer.

Add fresh ground pepper and let it simmer 10 minutes.

I don't add any salt but put it on the table.

With ham you never really know how salty the dish will be.

Add 3 cups of diced baked ham and stir to combine.

Add 1/2 grated Parmesan and 1 cup or so of frozen peas.

Cook 1 small box of spaghetti.

I've been using the smart (fibre hidden in the noodle) brand.

(sorry for the blurry picture of the box)

Spray a 9 X 13 pan with pam and lay the al dente noodles in the pan.

Pour the sauce over the noodles.

Cover with Italian Cheese blend.

Bake at 350 degrees for 30 - 45 minutes or until bubbly.

Cut into squares and serve as you would Lasagna.

Monday, January 28, 2008

scrabble nights

Well, winter is again upon us with snow falling in the evening.

We've been pulling out the scrabble game more and more lately.

We got this new one for ourselves at Christmas.

It's perfect for playing in a semi horizontal position.

My beloved insists that I take the couch while he uses the love seat.

We're rather loose with our rules as we are with most things.

We don't bother to check spelling that often.

If it seems right to both of us .. we just go with it.

Please don't spend too much time checking our words . .

I reminded him that I wanted to use the board as a post.

He reminded me that it's my blog not his.

So, he won again. He always pretends to have horrible letters and then throws them down on the three word scores.

It's quite fun to look back years earlier to our Rook scorebook. It serves as a bit of a diary of who we played with and when we played.

Good times.

Find a friend and pull out a game.

Keep the fireplace burning slowly and sip on something warm.

I said . .sip . .that's different than eating. .


Got your pedometer strapped on? I'm thinking of sending out duct tape to keep them fastened on your waists. .. .

Have a wonderful day my friends.

eagle and the snowy weekend

On Saturday my beloved called me from the barn and told me to come on over with my camera. When I got to the barn he had me sneak with him along the edge of the barn to the back field.

There was this beautiful eagle. He stayed for a bit . . .

and then left. I wish I had thought quickly enough to change the setting on the camera to the sport .. quick movement setting, but still his leaving was fairly impressive, I thought.

About an hour later .. .it started to snow and he came back to hang out in the tree.

The snow fell heavily for a few hours.

It was sticky enough to hang on to the clothesline.

It may as well, since nothing else is hanging on it in that weather.

The berry field is always beautiful to me. I love looking at the perfect rows through all the seasons. I could never ever be anything else but a believer ..

God made the earth. . .
and everything in it.

So, everyone has their pedometers strapped on? I suppose the Special K pedometers are "special all right". No worries, even if they aren't accurate you still have a good idea whether you are increasing your steps. This club isn't about competing with each other as much as encouraging each other right?

I've noticed that we have acquired a delightful little habit of nibbling in the evening. I'm not talking about . . .company is over and dessert is served.

No, I'm talking we had a good dinner with a little something sweet to finish it and now it's a few hours later and we'd like something else.

We've tried to stop but it's so so hard. We like it.

So, I'm thinking if you stop too maybe we won't feel so sorry for ourselves.

You want to?

Hey . .it's me a few hours later and 7 people have posted comments .. .
I feel like I should clairfy that as I wear the pedometer on the weekdays so too. . .will I be trying to cut out the evening snack .. .on the weekdays. .
The weekends are for socializing and I couldn't be that regimented.
I meant to say this and neglected to.

Have a wonderful day my friends,

Saturday, January 26, 2008

walking club . .week # 2

Terribly sorry I'm so late posting this weeks results this morning. I hope you haven't been wasting your own day trying to post your results here. It seems that blogger decided to join the deep freeze outside and froze my efforts to post pictures. I simply can't post without a picture.
So . . .
The photo above is from the b&b yesterday.
There is a chill in the air and the snow is apparently on the way.
Yesterday when I got home .. . I called up my farmer on his cell to say I was home.
Our communication is a bit weak at times.
He said to me .. .
"I'm putting a pot of coffee on in the shop . . .come in about 15 minutes" ...
I heard . . .."put a pot of coffee on .. . in about 15 minutes".
So . .
I did. and waited about 20 minutes.
I called him back and said .. . "are you coming?"
He said. . .
"are you coming?"
I asked where . .
He claims I don't hear very well ..
I claim he needs to speak up.
No worries .. . we found each other.
So, about the walking results.
I was delighted to see I made it over the 10,000 mark for my average.
I really believe wearing the pedometer has encouraged me to step a little further each day.
How about you?
What was your average over 5 days?
Do you feel different? I feel like I'm accomplishing something towards my fitness level.
I think next week, I'll try to cut out eating in the evenings. That would be my hardest nibbling time. When is yours?
Are you willing to take it a step further and challenge yourself a bit further?
Have a wonderful day,
I've got the sheets in the wash and the cleaning is about to begin.

Friday, January 25, 2008

I'm bugged

Last year I received this orchid as a gift and I've been caring for it with my best efforts ever since. After the blossoms were done I ran down to the store and picked up a fake stem with some quite realistic looking blooms. Everyone thought it was still blooming.
I was perhaps stretching the truth just a pinch but I didn't see that any harm could come from it.

The other day I as wiping off the glossing thick leaves and I noticed these.
What are they?
Have I been bugged?
What do I do?

Look . . . .
Real buds. The real buds are being bugged.
Life is like that isn't it?
I'm off to help up at the B&B.
I've got my pedometer on and I'm going to run stairs and firm up my legs. . . .
woo hoo.
Tomorrow is come with your average number of steps for five days . . .day.
Start walking . .. .you have today to bring that average up.
Have a wonderful day my friends.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

at the river

This morning we were treated to a spectacular sunrise. My beloved was pouring coffee when he saw the glow against the barns .. .
Coffee can wait .. . .the sunrise does not.
Fortunately for me .. . .he waits too.

Yesterday we went to the river for a walk. The trail system is wonderful.
We walked first on the trail beside the river and then took the dyke back to the truck.

It was a calm and crisp day. I couldn't get over how calm the river was. It appeared to be more of a lake than a flowing river.
In a few months I'll retake this same picture and show you the difference.
Once the snow starts to melt in the mountains the river becomes the mighty Fraser.

We stopped for a photo op on the old train bridge.
When I was growing up if we wanted to cross the river we waited for the light to change before crossing since it was a single lane bridge.
Between the waits and the trains, it could be quite a long wait.

The amount of train traffic that crosses it now is amazing.
My beloved was setting up the camera and we heard a whistle blowing in the distance and he asked . . .is that train coming here?
"I don't see it" . ..I replied.

He continued to adjust where I should stand.
I saw the train coming in the distance and finally said. . .
"Oh . . . there she comes"
I thought we had plenty of time.
He did not.
We came back.

That is the same mountain in the distance as the sunrise mountain this morning.

We saw such beautiful eagles. This is the closest I got.
We walked for a few hours.
I loved it.
Such a cheap date .. . .
Got your pedometer on?
Have a wonderful day my friends.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

thanks for the memories

Yesterday was pretty much the most delightful day.
The lil' farmhand was over with his mommy for the afternoon.
We "chillaxed" together.
I was preparing dinner for friends.

Do you wonder what you are doing today to build memories for tomorrow? I don't know that we ever deliberately ever thought about it but we sure are enjoying dipping into that savings plan now. What you are doing with your kids today is what your memories will be for tomorrow.
We became very good friends with Tim and Flo when our two husbands worked together for 20 some years. We attended the same church and raised our families in the same era. I say that with a smile because it always seemed that our boys were quite a bit older than their kids.
Our two boys are sitting on either side of Timmy and Stephanie and Julie are on this side of the picnic table.
We camped together for 14 years. Cheap vacations. We saved our $500 all year long so we could splurge on that 2 weeks at the lake. What did we splurge on .. . camping? Probably the groceries. We ate so good those 2 weeks .. .
Anyways .. . last night we chit chatted about our kids. . .all grown up .. .and we chit chatted about our grand babies. They have one .. . and a bit .. ..we have two .. . oh bliss.
We are so blessed to have friends that we can remember fond memories with. All the dinners that we had back and forth at each others homes, has given us a legacy of wealth in the "remember when account".
Oh, how I loved to go to their house for dinner. Flo always made her green salads so tasty. What a treat to be offered dinner at a friends home. She brought a green salad last night to share with the meal .. . it's still so good.
Flo came in the house rather quickly (I wished I would have taken a picture of that) when she realized that the lil' farm hand was still over . .. but was already in his car seat and pretty near heading out the door. What is it about sharing the next generation with someone who isn't quite family and yet is bound to you with vines of love. We need both in our life don't we?
Family who loves us in spite of our quirks and friends who love us because of our quirks.
Thanks for the memories. . .
Have a good day my friends,
got your pedometers on? It's date day today .. and I'm invited to go for a walk in the bright crisp clear day .. .woo hoo.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


We had an unusual evening here yesterday. The sky was clear.
No .. .that's it . .. that is what was unusual.
The moon was already big and bright in the sky and so I thought I would venture out behind the barn to take some photos.
The sun was shining against the mountain.

It was setting behind the raspberry fields.

I thought the frozen puddles could be an interesting tundra scene.

In the background I could hear Terry sawing pieces of wood .. trying to finish the days project of remaking a landing at the back of one of the barns,
Long after I went back in the house the sky was beautiful. I was a bit sad that I had gone in as quickly that I did. I realized I missed some of the brilliant color. I thought God was done with the show. Shoot.
I wonder how much I miss because I leave God's presence early instead of waiting and listening to see what he has for me. Lately it seems, I feel emotionally edgy and sometimes irritable. I wonder why we were made to have this time in our lives as women. I do know some who seem to sail through it unscathed. Quite peacefully. They happily tell me so too. (a bit of a smirk here)
So, along with my walking .. .I hope to spend more time in His presence. I want to be a softer and gentler person . . . .all day . .not just in my posts .. .
Have a wonderful day my friends, I'm off to make a blueberry pie.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

I don't smell no coffee

On Saturday after I had the bungalow cleaned and the laundry done and clean sheets on the bed I decided to mosey over to the shop to see if I could get myself a cup of coffee.

You might remember that my beloved likes to look me square in the eyes first thing in the morning and tell me . . ."I don't smell no coffee". I put a little thought into this whole me dragging coffee out to the shop and I took it upon myself to sort this out.

I bought him a coffee maker for the shop.

I know . .. pretty smart.

I even gave him a coffee scoop and some coffee.

So, I went into the shop and there he was busy working on Miss Ella's steering column.

I asked him if he would be so kind as to allow me to pretend too.

We went for a bit of a ride .. .so to speak. . .

and then he showed me the brackets and the welding on the floor and other things that your men folk might notice in the pictures. . .

Then. . .I said to him .. .

"I don't smell no coffee"

Then. . .he went and got out his swanky new coffee maker .. .

While he made ME a cup of coffee I perused his assortment of magazines that are laid out on his workbench.

While the coffee drip. . .drip .. .dripped . ..
we chatted .

He then invited me proper like to have a seat ..
and enjoy a cup of coffee.
I did.

So .. .the pedometers are firmly attached to the waist bands?
After a weekend of enjoying the freedom I'm excited to be back at it,
I plan to do better than last week and leave a little room for improvement for next week.

Have a great day my friends . .