Wednesday, September 30, 2009

tiny touchups

Yesterday was a fantastic weather day.

The dark clouds made the sun coming through the clouds .. .

more brilliant.

I usually walk across the road to avoid the unsightly power lines.

Truth be told. .

if you were having dinner at our house .. .

you'd be looking out the window seeing the view through the power lines.

Yesterday. . .

I removed the power lines.

The reality is. . .they are still there.

I just removed them from this picture.

Don't you wish everything unsightly in your life was that easy to remove?

Life is not like that.

Neither is my view.

Grandgirlie will be here any minute. . .

We're going to put on our boots today.

The apples need to be picked. .

and we're going to roll out some pie dough.

Well.. . .one of us is going to be rolling out pie dough. .

the other has pretty blue dough.

All for now. .

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

tell me again. . .

Yesterday the weather turned chilly.

During breakfast we watched . . .

the fog roll in.

I'm certain that God provides us with fog and chilly days to give us a reason to hunker down and take time to get our indoor chores done. . .

and perhaps do a bit of reading.

On Sunday. .

we took down our hanging baskets. .

they didn't look bad. . .

but I was done with them.

As I followed the baskets procession to the way back. ..

I called a halt. . .

seeing a picture worth taking.. . .

and then called a . . .


The wheelbarrow did it's duty. . .

dumped the baskets. .

and we declared summer. .

for sure. . .


Yesterday. . .

without having the hanging baskets to water. . .

and the fog providing appropriate mood lighting. . . .

I printed off my Dad's life story.

Years ago my brother Gerry and sister inlaw Heidi did the laborious task of putting Dad's hand written words onto the computer.

We all got a copy for our computer. . .

and they lovingly gifted him with his own bound copy before he passed away.

Yesterday. .

I wanted to hold the pages.

I wanted to read again how he was such a thankful man.

I wanted to read again. . . .how he saw his difficult circumstances. . .a gift from a loving God.

I haven't finished the 101 pages yet.

I re-read the good parts.

Every story has parts you want to read . . . .

again. . .and again.

All for now. ..

Monday, September 28, 2009

Taco Lobo Date Night

"Don't worry about a thing". . .I said
"I'll be out of your way in a minute". . . .I said
"can you see the road okay?". . . .I asked
"can you move your head back .. .a bit?. . .I requested with a smile and a wink.
Is is just me . . or are all the good views on the other side of the vehicle?
We ventured over the great divide to old Bellingham on Friday night.
I'm on I was on the hunt for an electric train set and thought that the Costco down there might have a skookum set.
You know how you can imagine coming around the corner of displays and seeing it. .
stacked high and priced so reasonably that a person with good sense would snap it up. .
and hide it until tree trimming time.
They didn't have one. ..
and it's a good thing too. . .
since upon discussing my brilliant idea for under the "tree". . .
with the lil' farm hand's mommy yesterday. . .
it seemed .. .
the idea has already been hatched in her mind. .
and what kind of cruel grammie would try to out do a mommy?
That's what I thought too.
We'll wait one year.

So anyways. .
we left there and drove into old Bellingham. . .
hungry for Mexican food.
We spotted this bright cheery looking place. . .
parked the truck and went inside.

There were still plenty of tables available. .
so we ordered our food. . .
and helped ourselves to the salsa buffet. . .
and had a seat.
Not ten minutes later. . .
the folks were lined up to the door.
We felt quite brilliant to have snuck in before the rush. . .
and began to feel quite confident in our choice.

You know you've selected well .. .
when little Mexican ladies are making fresh tortillas within your view ...
and you are munching on fresh tortilla chips and hand cut salsa.. .
while waiting for your food.
We'll be back Taco Lobo. .
All for now. . .

Friday, September 25, 2009

under forty club

Little cookies for the under forty crowd. . . . .

Big cookies for the over forty crowd.

I've had a very good week.

I spent three days running my under forty club.

If you are under forty pounds. . .

and under forty inches tall ..

you can come to ...

under forty club . . .


The club membership requirements are subject to change without notice.

The good news. . .

the under forty club is free.

Most of the best things in life are.

Have a wonderful weekend.

All for now. . .

Thursday, September 24, 2009

multitasking no no

I'm notorious for trying to do too many things at one time too quickly .. .

  • talking on the phone. . . .
  • beating egg whites . . . .
  • and running water into the sink . . . .

It was all good. . .

the problem started when I tried to turn off the tap while continuing the first two.

The whisk hit the side of the measuring cup . . . .

and I was treated to flying wires.

I didn't think to take a picture until the egg white were successfully beaten.

Todays homemaking tip. . . do one thing at a time.

All for now. . .

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

a bit of a spicey post

Confessions from the spice drawer.

I've been slowly working my way through my kitchen cabinets.

I really don't have enough .. .

cabinets that is.

I take everything out. . .

delete the unnecessary and the near empty and the never used .. .

and still seem to come up short.

It did cross my mind. . .

that I have enough spices to season enough food to feed an army.

I have more spices than most people in the world have pantry items.

Some how . . .I need to learn to need less in my cabinets.

If this is what my spice cabinets confess .. .

what would my pantry say?

It's another grammie day. . .

another morning of enjoying the beautiful fall .. .

and then whilst grand girlie has her siesta .. .

I'm going to clean fridge.

All for now. . .

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

last summer project of 2009

A few days ago . . .

I talked to my cousin . .

and she said .. "'oh please .. .come and get it" . . .

and so I sent my beloved down the road to retrieve the prize.

After the lil' farm hand finished his nap ...

they set to work on their cleaning and building project.

On the last day of summer 2009. .

they shared the hose . . .

with bare feet . . .

and Popsicles.

As I came back with my camera. . . .

I could hear their laughter . . .

and chatter.

When they were done . . .

the castle stood sturdy and bright . . . .

Not too big. . . and not too small . . .

the castle is a perfect addition to cousin camp.

Little blessings . . .

I'm a happy grammie.

All for now . . .

Monday, September 21, 2009

need a break?

You know you need a break when. .. .

. . . .you stop every 2 minutes to eat a blueberry or two. . . .

or when. . .

He says. . . "watch where you sit"

and I say. . .

"I could care less".

"That's why they invented laundry spot remover."

All for now. . .

Friday, September 18, 2009


Yesterday morning .. .
we hummed and we hawed. .
and we . .
hummed and we hawed.
Finally .. .we decided that we may not have many more chances to climb up Mount Cheam this year.
I quickly packed our usual hiking food . ..babybell cheese, trail mix, crackers and then I ran out to the apple tree and picked a few fresh apples.
We thought we knew the directions.
Perhaps we thought we did since everyone we know has climbed Cheam.
We didn't know the directions.
I had our trusty hike book with us . .but we didn't look to see the kilometer count from the beginning of Chilliwack Lake Road
. .and before we knew it we were at Chilliwack Lake.
We turned around. . .watched more closely for the turn off but still neglected to look at the kilometers . .counting backwards.
After passing it once more. . .
and asking for directions once. . ..
we crossed the little bridge once more and saw the sign to Chipmunk Peninsula and turned in that road and then . ..
we saw the sign for the Foley Creek forestry road ( which was hidden).
Had we set our odometer to ) at Veddar Crossing and driven the 25 kilometers. . .
we would likely have found it without problem.
We just assumed there would be a Provincial Sign marker directing us to the Mt. Cheam hiking trail.
We had no idea that the logging road to the trail was so long. .
and we were surprised when we got to the top of end of the logging road .. .
finding a small car.
The man was just coming back from his hike when we arrived to begin ours .. . at 12:45 pm. I saw his license plate declared himself to be Chef J and so I asked him were he does his "chef -ing" and was delighted to learn that he was the chef responsible for our son and daughter in law's delicious wedding brunch. . . .small world.

An hour and a bit after beginning our drive up the forestry road. .
(which we were sure was the wrong road. . .and nearly turned back)
we began our hike.
It seemed reasonably pleasant at first . ..
and then the old logging road became a trail which curled down into a valley ..
and then up. . .
and it was uphill from there on.
The hike itself is not that long.
It is about a 5 kilometer hike to the peak from the parking lot.
As per our usual custom .. .
I made dreadful huffing and puffing breathing sounds while my beloved hikes ahead and stands and waits .. .
at an appropriate distance on the trail above.

We've learned that waiting until mid September to do our yearly hike ..
comes with rewards.
The blueberries were perfectly ready . . .
and nearly the entire hike offered the tastiest treats.
All the dark red patches on the mountain sides are blueberry bushes with the leaves already colored for fall.

After a grouping of switchbacks and then one steeper climb ..
we were rewarded with an east view of Jones Lake.

There is only one small area of trees that obstructs your view. . .the rest is open and I found myself thinking it would be worth coming back during the Heather season . . .and the alpine flower season.
This really is one of the most rewarding hikes that we've done.
Thousands and thousands of acres were clear cut some time ago . ..
the views all around spectacular.
In the picture above .. you can see the Spoon Lake below where we began our walk up into the alpine meadows.

When we arrived at the peak that has a view of the western valley from where we had come. . .the fog and clouds nearly obstructed our view.

In between the clouds we could see the valley below and the Pacific Ocean in the distance.

The clouds moved so quickly and the wind was quite strong and I felt quite chilly in my T shirt.

I sat down to feed chipmunks. ..
(I felt that if they were sports enough to climb to the top . .they deserved a few peanuts)
Terry continued the climb to the top peak.
It gave me the willy's just looking at him climbing it.
(click to enlarge the pictures. . .)

He came back down. .
and took my hand. . ..
and persuaded me to come too.
And. . .so I did.
I just couldn't bring myself to look over the edge. .
I believe it is straight down. . you don't have to convince me.

It may not have been the clearest view in every direction. ..
but I'm glad we went.

Not counting the logging road drive . .which we did not enjoy. . .
the two hour 600 meter elevation gain to the top .. .
left me wondering why we waited so long.

I have no idea how many times I've looked at that mountain peak in my life time.. .
making a note to climb it one day.

We've flown over Harrison Lake and the Fraser River before.
It was wonderful to see the places we often drive from the vantage point of the eagles. . .
but standing and seeing it as long as we liked. .
was amazing.

As we were driving home. . .
I turned around and took a picture of that peak on the left side.

On this .. .my year of Jubilee. .
I climbed Mt. Cheam with my beloved.

It's a wonderful thing to have the health to climb mountains. . .

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Now I Lay Me. . .

Do you remember being tucked into bed as a little child?

I thought about it on the way home last night.

A child forever remembers their good night kisses.

If I close my eyes. . .

I can still see my mom sitting on the side of my bed. .

listening to my prayers.

I remember the prayer I likely prayed hundreds of times.

Now I lay me down to sleep. .

I pray thee Lord my soul to keep.

If I should die before I wake.. .

I pray thee Lord my sould to take.

Later. . .

I prayed simple prayers from my heart. . .

thanking the Lord for those in my family. . .

for the missionaries that we knew. . .

and for the people that we hoped would pray the prayer . . .

that the Lord would take their soul. . .if they should die before they woke.

Last night. . .

as I lay down my head. . .

my heart gave thanks. . .

that one little boy. .

is learning to say "danke Jesus. . . "

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

the newbies

Yesterday. . .

while my beloved was working hard in the barn. . .

power washing and getting ready for baby chicks ..

I gardened.

I patted myself on the back for paying attention to my sister in law's garden. .

and noting her beautiful Sedum.

I planted some this spring and am now enjoying the color change for fall.

I also . ..took another look at the tag from the Hydrangea that I planted in spring.

The flowers are turning light green in honour of end of summer. .

and in honour of it's success out doors. .

I've cut bouquets of stems that will dry perfectly inside.

The leaves are beginning to fall from the Tulip tree. . .

I took huge wheelbarrows full of finished perennials to the way back compost pile.

I have many more wheelbarrows to cart to the back. . .

but garden jungle is back in control.

At the end of the day. .

his pullet barn was scrubbed clean. .

the wheelbarrow was parked. . .

and we relaxed over ..


Today is date day. .

we'll start with breakfast in town.

All for now. .