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Fantastic news .. . it's a new week. First of all let me say that your comments have been so loving and so comforting to me . .. you have no idea. Thank you. This blogging community really has a ministry of caring for one another . . so give yourself a hug.

So, anyways, my beloved comes into the house with the above tassels in tow yesterday. He took down the flag because in the recent wind storm, the stitching had let loose and we were flying a flag that was torn. Now, those of you who know me and love me, can already shudder in your boots, imagining my eyes bugging out at the thought of us flying a flag in disrepair. When we go out driving my dear man has varied conversations with the folk driving by, in front and behind us. I have conversations with folks driving past their yards about their flag situations.
So, I had myself a look at it and knowing that new flag day is still half a year away, I decided to break protocol a teensy bit and change the regulation size of our flag. Sorry Ottawa. I removed the offending tassels and sewed up a new sturdy seam and declared it worthy of flying in the breeze.

Oh and good news, it's still longer than I am . ..(smirk . .inside joke about my love of flags and my final wishes) . ..
See the nativity scene in the background? It's not coming down until the end of January. New rule. (not a legalistic rule mind you)

So, then on the dreary Sunday afternoon . .this picture was taken right after lunch, and though I considered brightening it up a tad, I thought no . . .why should we enjoy the dreary weather all by ourselves.
Today, the sun is peeking out . .just a tease mind you, but I'm not complaining . .
So, have a good day my friends, my closet consultant is coming today, and at the very least we plan to discuss the problem and try explore using all your wonderful suggestions while sipping gingerbread lah - taze. ( how to spell that word I can never figure out . . .)


  1. You are such a handy woman. And so quick to fix something. Around here, well, we like to procrastinate.
    How about that snow this morning? Wasn't it beautiful.
    Have fun organizing your closet, you'll feel so good when it's done.

  2. Thank you for flying our flag !! and I don't think Canada will care in the least if she is represented by a flag a few inches short !!!

    Have a wonderful day, Lovella !!
    Have fun with the closet consultant!! smile

  3. I just love the snowy winter scene in your header photo. It makes me want to snuggle under a blanket with a great book and a cup of tea.

    How handy you are to mend your flag that way. I don't suppose any government officials will do a drive-by inspection, stopping to measure the flag, will they?

    Can't wait to see the after photo of your closet!

  4. Ha! Even though you broke the regulation length rule, I'm sure no one would ever be able to tell unless they looked closely and measured!! A great story =)

    Oh, and the spelling for your specialty coffee drink is: "lattes" - it is an Italian word (hence the spelling) - but your spelling looks phonetically correct as this is exactly how the word sounds when it is pronounced! I'm an ESL instructor by profession, and so I couldn't pass up this 'grammar' teaching opportunity!


  5. you did a real professional job with the flag..
    no one would even know you had shortened it if you didn't tell them!!
    and I promise not to tell...

  6. "Oh Canada"...I'm sure Canada won't mind the shortened version of the flag, 'they' will just be glad that you are flying the flag...more of us should be so patriotic!
    Good job, Lovella!

  7. Oh my that sounds wonderful - please share how do you make gingerbread lattes?

  8. I'm gonna tell the Queen on you.

    You know she went a lot of trouble to come all the way to Canada just so Canada could finally have an *official* flag of its own.

    And what do you do?

    You go "lalalala la la" and snip your flag down to unofficial, without a thought about what that would mean to that poor dear woman.

    Scoff law. Just because you have a neaty cool sewing machine doesn't mean you should use it willy nilly.


    You should be ashamed of yourself. The Queen has had to endure so much lately, and then you come along and do something like this.

    God Save the Queen from people like you Lovella and your wicked trimming little snips.

  9. Your flag trimming adventure turned out very well, I'd say! I am proud of our own Stars and Stripes, of course, but I do think the Canadian flag is very beautiful with that maple leaf.

    So, you did convince a "closet consultant" to come and help you! If I lived closer, I'd come help too. I love doing that sort of thing. Have fun, and we are all eager to see the results.

  10. That's a beauty of a flag! May it fly long without tears! :)

  11. I love our flag...I'm glad you are flying it so proudly! One of these years I may just get one also...I'm thinking maybe a washline pole could also be a flag pole.

  12. It's amazing what we write about eh?
    I can't sleep and decided to see what others are doing.
    I love your ideas about cleaning up the closet...Finally we invested in one of those California Closets all built in. What a space saver and it always looks neat and tidy, but just like the rest of us, it's time to get rid of the old again..

    Have fun with your consultant.

  13. You are ever so much more resourceful than I'll ever be! I'm afraid I would have just gotten a new flag! That's because I can't sew and I'll never be able to even mend the simplest thing! Good for you! And I don't think anyone will notice that there are a few inches missing!



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