eagle and the snowy weekend

On Saturday my beloved called me from the barn and told me to come on over with my camera. When I got to the barn he had me sneak with him along the edge of the barn to the back field.

There was this beautiful eagle. He stayed for a bit . . .

and then left. I wish I had thought quickly enough to change the setting on the camera to the sport .. quick movement setting, but still his leaving was fairly impressive, I thought.

About an hour later .. .it started to snow and he came back to hang out in the tree.

The snow fell heavily for a few hours.

It was sticky enough to hang on to the clothesline.

It may as well, since nothing else is hanging on it in that weather.

The berry field is always beautiful to me. I love looking at the perfect rows through all the seasons. I could never ever be anything else but a believer ..

God made the earth. . .
and everything in it.

So, everyone has their pedometers strapped on? I suppose the Special K pedometers are "special all right". No worries, even if they aren't accurate you still have a good idea whether you are increasing your steps. This club isn't about competing with each other as much as encouraging each other right?

I've noticed that we have acquired a delightful little habit of nibbling in the evening. I'm not talking about . . .company is over and dessert is served.

No, I'm talking we had a good dinner with a little something sweet to finish it and now it's a few hours later and we'd like something else.

We've tried to stop but it's so so hard. We like it.

So, I'm thinking if you stop too maybe we won't feel so sorry for ourselves.

You want to?

Hey . .it's me a few hours later and 7 people have posted comments .. .
I feel like I should clairfy that as I wear the pedometer on the weekdays so too. . .will I be trying to cut out the evening snack .. .on the weekdays. .
The weekends are for socializing and I couldn't be that regimented.
I meant to say this and neglected to.

Have a wonderful day my friends,


  1. Gorgeous. I am so glad you caught the eagle and the snowy scenes with you new camera, and that T. was quick to call you about a photo op. Big thank you to him from me, OK?

    We have been sipping wine in the evenings, mostly to help B. sleep with his leg issues. I used to never snack in the evening. Brush the teeth, load the dishes, lock up the food for the night was my thought. And avoid tv commercials and books with food scenes.

  2. Beautiful pictures. I have never seen a bald eagle in my life, never mind that close up. I am not in the walking club, but have begun walking the treadmill of late. I don't have a pedometer, but really encourage you to keep going. This is a good thing. And about nibbling in the evenings, would it be ok to nibble on a piece of fruit rather than something else? Just an idea.

  3. Your shots of the eagle are gorgeous!! and the one where you thought you should have changed your to setting to sport, I think it is more beautiful the way it is !!

    Funny you should post photos of eagles today -- driving in to see Mom and Dad yesterday there was a eagle sitting low down in a tree and I could have got a beautiful shot of him against the back drop of a snow covered mountain .. but alas... my 'chauffeur' said he couldn't stop!! sigh!!

    I used to be terrible at after dinner nibbling... but with great self-constraint (smile) I overcame the habit several years ago.. and it is still the time of day I am least tempted to snack!!
    So be encouraged ... where there is a will there is always a way ...
    now if I could just get my will to always line up with my good intentions, life would be a breeze!! smile

  4. When you get the after supper snacking habits conquered or even have some great ideas please share!! It is my downfall - I'm like Jekyll and Hyde - perfectly good during the day and then totally the opposite in the evening.

    Beautiful shot of the eagle - we have an eagle's nest not far from our place. But I've never been that close.

  5. I figure as long as it is in moderation eat, drink and enjoy! Every so often I over indulge, but usually it's just a little treat....sometimes healthy and sometimes just plain yummy. I'll join you in being careful, but can't say I'll give it up. Infact, last night I was dished up a little bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream. We almost licked the bowls clean it was so good. Thanks for the encouragement to get fit:) Kathy

  6. I love the pictures of the eagle. I'll have to remember to show them to our son Kenny. He really has a thing for eagles. Where we go camping in the summer, there are two eagles who sit in the trees and wait for someone to catch a fish. As soon as they hear the noise of the wheel winding, they swoop down and swipe the fish away. It is quite a show. Sometimes my guys catch the fish to feed to the eagles on purpose.
    Well I want to look for another, more accurate pedometer today. Glad to hear you are all keeping it up.
    Have a great day everyone.

  7. Nice pics, Lovella..I like eagles, they look so magestic esp in flight!
    Seems like most of us have the "evening nibbles". I can only promise I will try to cut out the nibbles, maybe I'll start with having just a piece of fruit in the evening. I like what you said Lovella, that it's not about competing but to live a better lifestyle. I am encouraged by the rest of you so let's keep going!
    Yes I am wearing my pedometer...

  8. Beautiful shots, Lovella! The eagle is so wonderful...and the snow too. I totally agree, I could never be anything but a believer either just because of what I see in front of my face every time I look outside.

    I am certainly encouraged by everyone here who has joined the walking club; it helps just knowing others are also walking.

    I have found after much trial and error that I do best using the same method as Kathy...moderation most of the time and a little bit of indulgence is okay. The hard part is keeping moderate, for me! That's why I'm trying to eat smaller portions and more slowly to savor every bite. It isn't easy, but maybe it will develop into a habit if I can keep it up. Thank you all for your encouragement...together we can do it!

  9. Very beautiful pictures.

  10. What spectacular shots of the eagle! Thank you for posting them! As for the pedometer...I forgot to take mine with me over the weekend...and now I can't find it! I fear one of my poochies absconded with it! *lol* Take care!


  11. Great job of capturing the eagle, Lovella! We went in pursuit of eagles yesterday, but struck out on that count. They are such a majestic bird.

    I'm ready to walk...it's just not fitting into my schedule too well these days! And my pedometer is gone for good...but I will be back walking with you all soon. It's so much more fun knowing you're in good company!

  12. Those pictures of the eagle are amazing. Wow. I hear you on not being anything but a believer. How can people think it all happened with a big bang? Beauty like that can only come from God.

    A couple of years ago when I lost my 25 pounds, one of the ways I did it was not to eat after 7 pm. I'm happy to say that's one of the things I've kept up. The pounds have crept back, but I'm working them off again. :)

  13. Your eagle photos are wonderful! That makes two of my blogging pals talking about eagles and posting photos. They must be very impressive...I'd love to see one.

    P.S. My pedometer is missing and the roads outside are icy and treacherous. When things warm up, I hope to join the Walkers' Club.

  14. I managed 3,000 steps teaching kindergarteners this morning! Wow! I wondered how many steps I normally took.

    The berry field looks inviting, even in the snow. I have always enjoyed picking berries to make my own jams.

  15. Ah, the eagle and the snow are so beautiful!

    I'm pretty good about not nibbling in the evenings (because I usually eat too much at supper!), but I'm terrible when we're traveling! Between the two of us, we polished off three little bags of M&Ms today and a couple of single-serving size bags of potato chips. But, while waiting on Doc (who was in a meeting), I spent a couple of hours walking (and shopping) in a nearby mall. I'm getting those steps in!

  16. If you have time to read one more ... my Special K pedometer got the boot when it was only registering about half my steps and
    it was too much work checking up on it. BUT I'm still walking as I have been for the past 19 some years and I won't give that up too easily. What I started about 2 1/2weeks ago is lightening up on our evening dessert and I feel pretty smug about starting it before you even mentioned it. ;)
    There are some pounds that have snuck up on me and I have a goal of losing 5 pounds. I'm halfway there and I'm encouraged because I just wanted to know that I could do it! After I've met my goal, I'm agreeing with Kathy ... be careful but enjoy! Now, if only I could guess what your next challenge will be...

  17. Your farm photo's are always amazing! I love the eagle pics!

    In the evening when I have the munchies I have a cup of hot water or decaf green tea. Both stop the craving instantly (for me anyway!)

  18. That is so bizarre! Last week Sunday we had TWO bald eagles here ! We were freaking out, as we thought for sure they were here for only one thing...ducks. But, I think they just watched for a few hours then left. Saw one the next day, but none since. We do NOT get bald eagles here! At the lake you might see them, but the lake is 20 miles from here!

  19. love the pictures of the eagle!! Whenever I see an eagle flying by my house or while I'm driving it just gives me a huge sense of peace!

    I bought a pedometer today so I'm joining the club, a little late, but better late than never!! :) From here on in I will start counting!

  20. "I bore you on eagles wings and brought you to myself." Ex. 19:4
    What an amazing snapshot. I know what you mean about the sport shot.
    All this stuff sure keeps you on the ball.
    Socializing and weekend food is right up my ally. The rest of the week, I try to be good and drink nutritious shakes or eat veg/fruit

  21. I can almost hear those wings flapping as he takes flight - great shots, Lovella!
    Do eagles ever remind you of our old friend Gerry C?

    No pedometer here, so I don't really feel like part of your club, but my treadmill has been seeing a little more action lately. It was kind of funny, because the morning that I got back on it, happened to be the same day that you introduced your walking club concept. Great minds!!

    You sure got alot more snow than we did today. Tonight is looking pretty white though...

  22. Love the Eagle shots! What amazing birds they are!

    I am still walking but have dropped my pedometer far too many times under the bathroom stall at work so I stopped putting it on :(
    I too have cut out the evening eating. NOT an easy task at all. Like Keri said, a glass of water or tea is a good substitue... unless of course there is a gingersnap sitting around :)
    (your blog didn't want me to leave my name for some reason?)

  23. Eagles are just my favorite birds - those shots are soooo beautiful, they are such majestic birds and I love the Bible verses about them. We haven't seen too many eagles in our tree this year. We love to drive to Rowena's and see them all there too.
    I've got a pedometer now too so we'll see how it goes. Today was a lazy snow day, just went down that long driveway to get the mail! Love, Flo

  24. Will you please send us back our American Bald eagle now that you have had your photo op?

    We will be happy to send you your four hundred thousand Canada geese that are pooping every where around here.


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