We had an unusual evening here yesterday. The sky was clear.
No .. .that's it . .. that is what was unusual.
The moon was already big and bright in the sky and so I thought I would venture out behind the barn to take some photos.
The sun was shining against the mountain.

It was setting behind the raspberry fields.

I thought the frozen puddles could be an interesting tundra scene.

In the background I could hear Terry sawing pieces of wood .. trying to finish the days project of remaking a landing at the back of one of the barns,
Long after I went back in the house the sky was beautiful. I was a bit sad that I had gone in as quickly that I did. I realized I missed some of the brilliant color. I thought God was done with the show. Shoot.
I wonder how much I miss because I leave God's presence early instead of waiting and listening to see what he has for me. Lately it seems, I feel emotionally edgy and sometimes irritable. I wonder why we were made to have this time in our lives as women. I do know some who seem to sail through it unscathed. Quite peacefully. They happily tell me so too. (a bit of a smirk here)
So, along with my walking .. .I hope to spend more time in His presence. I want to be a softer and gentler person . . . .all day . .not just in my posts .. .
Have a wonderful day my friends, I'm off to make a blueberry pie.


  1. Thank you for sharing the pics, Lovella..they are gorgeous. I can relate to the rest of your post although I am farther along in this journey..lol
    Blueberry pie? Yummy..a slice of that would go well with my coffee right now..

  2. Oh wasn't it lovely yesterday!

    So, do you think menopause is a result of the fall? It doesn't seem like a really great plan to me with all the emotional fall out. Who are these girls who breeze through it? I want their secret - 'cept I expect they don't actually have one.

  3. Such a beautiful post. My photos of the moon never come out this well.

    Ah yes, kinder and gentler; I know just what you mean. In fact, I was reading I Corinthians 13 this morning in The Message to remind myself what that might look like. Impossible on our own, but with God (and in Him, and waiting on Him, and remembering Him in the moment) anything is possible.

    Blessings to you today, may He fill you with His love!

  4. Great pics! My family and I were standing outside last night looking at the moon as well. There was a huge ring around the moon, old wives tales say that you should count the stars inside the ring and that is how many more days until it snows again!



  5. Yes the sky was unusual and bright. I said to Rudy "why isn't it very dark tonite.?" I guess we are just not used to the clear sky. I understand about emotions too. I think I am starting young. The downs seem to come more frequently than I want them to. Have fun with that blueberry pie. Blueberries are so healthy, so eat a big piece.

  6. Oh I like lbp folk tale about the stars and the moon ring. Sweet!

    Your shots are fabulous. B. & I alway enjoy peeks at your views. And we are getting better at not turning green with envy too!

  7. Thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures .. you are so talented!
    As I read your post, it reflected so well my thoughts lately.. emotional edginess, yep (may I ask your age :).. becoming a gentler quieter spirit, definitely.. not spending enough time in His presence, I know it!
    SOOO thankful for His grace!

  8. Your photos are gorgeous.. I am just editing my Whistler photos and wondering which ones to post!

    Yes, that time of life !! I AM through it, if that be any comfort !!
    -- in the worst of it I finally just accepted the challenge of it being the 'exercise machine' that I needed to become more godly in the midst of extreme emotional adversity! smile

  9. Your photos are beautiful! The Master Artist is absolutely awesome!

    Lovella, I think you're doing all the right things to try to take the edge off this "season" in a woman's life. Walking is a wonderful treatment for feeling off-balance and out of kilter. So are the distractions that God places before us. Keep that camera working and that pedometer clicking and you'll get through it.

  10. Beautiful pictures! You captured the beauty of the day perfectly.

  11. those are some lovely pictures, lovella. my favourite was the raspberry field shot. it may not seem spectacular like the moon, but that sun setting behind the field has such a calming feel. it made me think of home. softer and gentler - you took the words right out of my mouth...

  12. Oh those are so gorgeous! My sister and I were driving home from a store and just staring at the moon last night -- the colors in the sky were so lovely -- the blue sky with the chocolate brown trees and the silver moon. Finally Emily said, "I'd better look at the road, can you picture the headlines: sisters die while gazing at the moon." :)

  13. Dear Kind and Gentle bloggy friend, I pray with you for the ability to take deep breaths before we speak. I have to go back and ask for forgivness more than I used to. There has been no breezing through these years. Just one growing day at a time.

    The sky was not clear here last evening, I missed the show.
    Kathy b

  14. I love your photos. We had a huge moon here too.I heard the weather man call it the Wolf's Moon. It was too dark to take the picture by the time I noticed it.

    I wonder the same as you Lovella - sometimes it is hard to sit and linger with the Lord. I always want to move on to the next thing. But I am learning. He is a good teacher and doesn't mind repeating lessons :)

    Have you checked out www.windrumors.com ? It's William P Young's website - the author of The Shack. Some lovely devotional writing there.I especially liked "A Story of Gifts" and "Future Tripping and the Presence of Joy"

  15. Oh I almost forgot - LOVE the haircut!

  16. Some wonderful pictures Lovella.
    I've been working on some pictures which I will post shortly. Somehow right now I have some other stuff I'm trying to focus on...
    John had me trying to take pictures of the moon at midnight, when I was in my night clothes and it was bitterly cold. I did not succeed.

    Your last paragraph is very interesting. I think many of us are walking around in bubbles. Slowly they get busted, as a friend said lately, "We all have stuff!!"

  17. What gorgeous pictures! Thank you so much for posting them! Now....let's talk about that pie! *lol*


  18. Gorgeous pictures. I especially like the last one. I, too, lately have been thinking about being a nicer person and how focusing on God could really help with that. I want to let His light shine through me.


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