do you see what I see?

Good times . .
The eight foot closet is jammed to the gills and it's time to do a brutal cleaning out.
This always seems like such a daunting task but I'm posting this picture to give me a reason to be accountable.
I'll be back when it's sorted out. . .
Don't expect me before Monday.
I went and had another look and hmm, maybe Tuesday.
Have a wonderful weekend my friends.


  1. Oh boy...wouldn't it be great to have a fashion astute clone to do this task?

  2. What a burden. Glad I wear fur year around. Always in style, always fits and is comfortable.

    Have you considered giving up shaving your legs to see what it might lead to? Could be the start of a great look.

    If I was there with you, I'd be happy to sit in a box and purr for you while you work.

  3. I have to laugh, Great minds think alike. I've been going through my office but my computer is there and I can't resist checking my emails eh?
    Have fun and it feels so good to get this project cleaned up again.

    Today I was thinking that I wished I had a bungalow like Lovella. I just finished cleaning three baths, stripped all the beds and you know the rest.

  4. Good for you. We've been researching closet organizers over the last week or so; they seem to be advertised everywhere, we're heading out tonight to buy one (we hope). What is it about a new year and needing to clean things out? I've already gone through my kitchen cupboards and Ethan and I took a trip to MCC with everything yesterday. Bring on the fresh start!

  5. Same here. We have been cleaning out toys and clothes. One thing I learned from those organizing shows is to get new, all the same, hangers. I just got new white plastic hangers from the Superstore ($6.00 for 30) for my daughters closet and that alone makes it feel more organized. Have fun. Do you need to call your daughter-in-law B over?

  6. We all seem to be of the same up and out. I have been doing the same and seeing your closet Lovella..well, let's just say it looks familiar. I start to clean and then can't part with some stuff...never wear it and saving it for what?? I have made progress though. Keep at it, you will be glad you did!

  7. Oh, I know what you're dealing with! I've been cleaning out closets for weeks now! I still have two big ones to go...

    ...but not this weekend!

  8. If you haven't worn it in 12 months.....pitch it! That's my theory.

    I too just did an early spring cleaning these last couple days. Yup, 3 truck loads to the dump and one to MCC. The lower level of my home is now ahhhhhhh....serene & clean. Jives well with my zen. LOVE IT! I actually release so many endorphins when I do major cleans like that....I feel euphoric, a high if you will.

    So keep on keepin' on. Don't fall into that trap of "oh, well I might need it one day." BECAUSE YOU WON'T!

  9. Space isn't the entire answer to closet mess, Lovella! I have all the room & the storage bins and everything...but someone still needs to keep it organized. Have fun!

  10. ohh... I think we're all in the same space ... closet space, I mean ..I've been looking at mine too, and it is on my priority list !!

    I'll be watching YOUR space !! smile

  11. after looking again... you better make it Wednesday!! just kidding

    I thought closets were supposed to be full.. especially since most women have about three sizes of clothing
    too little, too big.. and presently fits...

  12. lovella, what a familiar site, i made all my kids do the same this week and my closet looked no better. now my dear huuby has to do his part and take the 3boxes and 2 garbage bags to the thrift shop.................and i still ahve more to get rid of.

  13. I have one of those closets too - ok maybe 2 of those closets - but I did get my front one done in time for Christmas - the guests needed to be able to hang coats up.

    You can be my inspiration - I'll be checking in to see how you did!

  14. Ha! You ain't got nuttin' on me! Why, my closet looks at least twice as jam packed as yours! And that's AFTER I've cleaned it out! But, my new motto is, if I haven't worn it in the last year, it's off to the Goodwill! So, it's back to the drawing board, and re-think the whole closet thing.

  15. Oh my, we do have something in common.

  16. Best of luck to you! This is a task I need to do as well. It would be MUCH easier if I would just stay the SAME SIZE for a long while (the smallest size would be just fine with me!).

    Much success to you!

    PS: Loved the flag post! Good for you! The Canadian flag is beautiful.


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