Monday, March 30, 2009

little house at the ocean

From Cannon Beach we headed south down the wonderful stretch of the 101. The bumpy highway included . ..rolling hills .. .pasture lands .. .and Tillamook Factory . . .where we had a lunch of Chowders and. . ice cream cones.
The entire drive took not quite two hours and by early afternoon we pulled into Depoe Bay . . .eight miles south of Lincoln City. Sea and Sand RV promised terraced spots on down towards the beach . . .and on the lowest terrace .. .we shimmied our little house between the great motor homes. . .
This was likely the sunniest day of our holiday. . and so we walked the length of the bay. . .
and then parked ourselves in our lawn chairs. . and read. The clouds came in around 5:30. . which was a wee bit of a disappointment. .since I had great plans of an adventure down at the beach .. watching the sunset. .

Rather. . we came back to the little house. .where I have potatoes now roasting in the oven ..and a length of Teriyaki Pork Tenderloin is heading for the grill ..

All for now. . with love,

Birthday Blessings

This should have been ready for you when you woke up this morning . .but alas .. the Internet connections here are a bit snippity. I nearly came unhinged .. .but this morning, it seems a small window of clarity in the connections department. . .
So . .before it closes once again .. . We love you .. .and pray that your day will be lovely. . you are a wonderful daughter. . .

We received a call yesterday from the farmer and it seems that we can carry on with no worries. . and so we will .. .heading south to Depoe Bay .. there is a spot with an ocean view . ..with our name on it.
We continue to have a wonderful time. Saturday I had my storm .. .goodness. . .hail and all.

My breakfast is ready .. .
All for now. . with love,

Saturday, March 28, 2009

what day of the week is it?

You know you are quite relaxed when you wonder why they are giving the weather forecast for Friday and not Thursday .. . we both tried to recall how many nights we had spent here and . . .go figure .. .they were right.

After breakfast .. and resting .. .we drove to Ecola Camera Drop Bluff State Park to the cliffs where we were met with .. . brisk winds.

Now .. if I've told me once. .I've told me a hundred times. . keep that little camera wrist rope around my wrist .. As I was turning the camera to do some quick photos with us in the foreground. . . .and haystack way in the mist in the background. . .I dropped my little Cannon .. not my big one mind you .. I wouldn't even talk about that ..

I picked it up ..and sure enough the lens was stuck .. .so I pushed and pressed and squeezed the new crack shut. . and when that didn't work, I forced it shut.

We came back to the little house where I loaded up the few pictures I had taken up there .. and sensing my reluctance to take it out on further walks .. it agreed to continue to work . ..a bit. Never mind that I mouthed to my beloved. . ."tax free camera's in Portland".

In the afternoon we grabbed the faithful little Cannon .. .(since the mists were thick and looking still thicker out towards the ocean) .. and we headed back to the beach . .for a .. beach stroll. The wind was a pinch cold so we turned towards the little cottages and walked through the quaint little side streets ..

I love those shingled houses. . I want one on the farm .. how far do you have to live from the ocean to have a shingled house do you figure? Maybe I should set to work this summer and shingle our bungalow. . I plan to recruit my daughter by love .. .after all. .school will be out mid June .. .and I need to be creative as to how I will retain my Tuesday grammie day . .

I digress .. .

Cooking in this little house. .is a major fascination for me. . .I have no idea why. Perhaps it is because I have an audience. .always close by. . . I do know that the tomato soup and grilled cheese tasted quite scrumptious after that cold cliff walk in the morning.

Little kids keep running by the little house wearing flip flops and shorts because it is spring break. They make us smile. . . .I continue to wear my sherpa. .it's my year of Jubilee and I would rather be comfy than cute . .

All for now. .with love,

Friday, March 27, 2009

. .and a bit above sea level

The clouds held the rain yesterday and we walked. . . no rush .. . no agenda .. . just grateful hearts to be here ..doing this . ..together. ..

Our walk led us up a trail to the cliffs surrounding Cannon Beach.

Seafood lasagna. . .was not made in the playhouse. . .but it is ready for you at Mennonite Girls Can Cook!!! Seems quite fitting since we are so so close to the sea ..part of food.

Big Kids. . .give the wee ones a hug .. .we miss them you .. .all!

All for now. . with love,

Thursday, March 26, 2009

sea level

As I write this .. .scheduling it for the morning. ..

the salmon is on the barbee . .

the brown rice is ready ..

as is the coleslaw ..

the broccoli is steaming .. .

and the glasses are poured .. .

It's all good. . .

A little shopping in Astoria for the wee ones in the morning. . .
. . .and walking in the afternoon. ..
for us .. .
All for now .. with love,

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

brisk . .

fifteen minute walk to the beach . . .
with my new sherpa hat .. .(tis a bit brisk) . .
loving it .. .absolutely loving it. . .
All for now. . with love,

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

check list

check list for today. . .

Check to make sure that all is well at home .. . .done
Make a pot of Coffee .. .and drink it . . .done
Make the bed .. . done
walk down to cannon beach .. .
take the steaks out of the freezer . . . .

All for now .. .with love,

Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy Vernal Equinox

The vernal equinox has at last arrived.

Your Latin lesson for today ..

vernal means. .. .of or occurring in spring [Latin ver spring]

equinox means .. . Either of the two times during a year when the sun crosses the celestial equator and when the length of day and night are approximately equal; the vernal equinox or the autumnal equinox

So .. there you go .. vaguely speaking .. it is spring.

It is not uncommon for folks from Canada to venture south during the winter months. . .
and spring here . ..generally refers to.. . springs of water . .from the heavens.
While the springs from heaven do much for the greening of the earth ..
they are useful for little else .. aside from our water tables.
I've booked the next few weeks off for my yearly sabbatical.
We just may go and camp in our back yard. . .

The camping gear and all my necessities are packed to leave on a moments notice.

The bed is made and already turned down. ..

I have the pantry packed with camping food. . .

We've been perusing maps. . .looking towards the south. .

We have our farm sitters ready to come. . . and they are prepared to sit a spell. .
so. . .maybe. . .just maybe. .
on my year of Jubilee . .we'll throw caution to the wind. .
and go camping . . sometime in these next few weeks. .
I feel the need to take a break from the computer. . .and do some reading. .
if you blog. . you can relate.
Everyone needs a break . ..enjoy yours. . .
I'll be back . .. refreshed. . .and ready to share. .
All for now. . with love,

Thursday, March 19, 2009

all in a days work play

Everyone together now. . .one more day. .."we can do it!!!". .

In the meantime. . .

Stuart fixed my computer. .

He worked on it at drop off. . .and at pick up ..

a half hour in the morning. . and an hour at pick up.

Quite a lucrative playing with grandgirlie "job" I have.

Oh. . .and fantastic news. ..

I'm accomplishing a task here and there during nap time.

With one day to go ...I'm thinking pink for .. tomorrow.

This morning. . I'm packing away winter cloths. .

and in the afternoon .. .taking a drive out to the lil' farm hands house. .
he'll be happy to see me. .
but not near as happy as I will be to see him.
All for now. . .with love,

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

in and out

Just a quick note. .

Internet. .is in and out here at the bungalow. .

Me thinks. . .

my computer will be taking a wee sabbatical. .

perhaps it needs a bit of rest. . or a bit of fine tuning. .

I'll be back . .in a day or two ..or a week or two. .who knows.

Or. . this could all resolve itself on its own. I really can't say.

Just wanted you to know why I may not be by to visit your blogs.

Yesterday we had snow. . hail. . .and a speck of sunshine. .

I'm watching the calendar very closely. . .

All for now. ..with love,

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Best of the morning to you!

I feel like this should be a page out of finding Waldo.

If you can find the Happy St. Patrick's Day. . edible treat in this picture. . then you surely are a brilliant person and deserve a bit of a blessing today.

If you are one of the forty million people that trace their ancestry back to Ireland. .

(I'm thinking of my dear niece by love Natalie and her offspring Liam. .)

Happy St. Patrick's Day. .

I'm wearing green in your honour today.

And. . .I put a green flower on my chocolate angel food cake featured on the Mennonite Girls Can Cook blog. . .so I'm feeling a wee bit clever myself.

I've a grammie day. . I best sign off.

All for now. . .with love,

Monday, March 16, 2009

brown and green

Far be it from me to wish for that cute little brown and green apron back. . .

but after taking the picture of the Chocolate Angel Food cake, I thought about how we enjoy putting colors together. . .not only on ourselves, and in our homes but also in our food.

I never took art in school, and have not the foggiest about the color wheel, but I'd put brown and green together. . or across .. whatever the wheel does to impart confidence in choices.

In the meantime. . .I'll be posting the Chocolate Angel Food Cake over on the Mennonite Girls Can Cook ... tomorrow. Today when you go there. . you will find Bev's Pear Spice cake.

One cake a day is enough .. .isn't it?

All for now. . .

with love,

Sunday, March 15, 2009

From The Inside Out (Everlasting) Hillsong United

As I was singing this song surrounded by hundreds of other voices. . .lifting our praise to Jesus. . .I had goosebumps.
This song. . .reflects the cry of my heart. . .have a listen. . .maybe you can relate. . .maybe you wish you could relate. .
All for now. . .with love,

Friday, March 13, 2009

Happy Friday .. . buy Canadian

We are so Americanized that some days even I can't tell us apart.

Do you all down south feel a little Canadianized too? Come on ...say sure.

As I write this I'm watching the clock . . .not wanting to miss a minute of Survivor . ..

On Wednesday night we watched our favorite Canadian show. . .a mystery show set in Toronto in 1895.. .called Murdoch Mysteries. The romantic tension between the two lead characters is perfect. . . a lady pathologist .. and a gentleman investigator. Last evening they were at dance classes .. .all the while discussing a case ..I feel sad for my southern friends that they are missing this Canadian content television show.

Far be it from me to pretend I will only buy Canadian. . .it just won't happen. Every now and then. . . I need to make the trek down to Target. . .I just like the browse.

There are two Canadian items that I purchase every month that remind me of the reasons I love living in the north .. .

I confess, I buy the magazines without looking for the content. When I do read the cover I am intrigued by the hope that is instilled . full of promise to make me. .

fresh for spring. .

the best brunch maker ever . ..

the quickest dinner maker. .

and always. . the new. . .green emphasis .. making me a better citizen.

From fashion to food to the new and exciting ways to raise a family . . I'm hooked. . cover to cover.

For a bargain price of $2.40 each ..

I'm a patriotic little Canadian every month.

I know. . .I was proud of me too.

Do you have a magazine that you pick up at your grocery check out every month?

And now you know. . . what it is like when Lovella has nothing new to report .. .

See you Monday.

All for now. . with love,

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Peeking back to last year. . .at this time. . this was our life.

The lovely people at Napili Point Resort keep sending us emails. . .

coaxing us back . .so friendly. . so welcoming.

Now. . if they would just offer up some of their hospitality . .

money at par. . .we just might be working out a deal. .

but alas. .the little arrow next to our dollar value keeps pointing down.

For the life of me. .

I can't figure out. . .how the folks down south can have a stronger dollar than us up here in Canada?

Clearly their stimulus plan must be convincing someone.

Clearly. . .I did not attend business school.

Yesterday the sun was shining brightly ..
While the wee one napped .. .
I sat on my kitchen floor beside my kitchen door where the sun was streaming in.
I shut my eyes and soaked up the warmth through the window.

The fresh memory of little arms holding tight around my neck. . . .

had my heart beating with contentment.

I realized after posting yesterday that I had just published my 700th post.

Often . .. my writing is whimsical nonsense . .

Often it is a peek into the bungalow ..

moments in time that will make me smile in the years to come.

There have been memories that have come back to me. . . willing to be recorded.

But what of the title of my blog? What really does matter most to me?
On occasion .. . I share my faith ... hoping with all my heart that you too have hope.

We live in an imperfect world where pain is not far from any one of us . .

but the truth is still the same as I learned as a little girl. .

Jesus loves me. . .this I know,

for the Bible tells me so . .

Little ones to Him belong. .

they are weak . . .but He is strong. .

Yes. . .Jesus Love Me. . . Yes . .Jesus Love me. . .

Yes . ..Jesus Loves me. . .the Bible tells me so.

I may have grown up. . and I certainly did not remain innocent, each day I struggle with my "humanness" but the Bible and its truths remain the same.

Many of you stop by each day . . .perhaps for just a moment.

From time to time. .

I've considered making my blog private, a place where I could share my private and personal thoughts.

Let there be no question of my reason for keeping my blog public .. .

It is my deepest desire, that those that visit me every day . . whether I know you or not..

and all those I hold dear. .

will also share eternity with me.

It is not that I pridefully assume that you would wish to be like me .. .

but rather that you would see in me. .

a hope and an honesty . . .for what possible reason would I have to mislead?

All for now. .

with love,