Friday, April 26, 2013

Annual Ritchie Smith Feed Girls Go Away...and come back!

Once again Vivenne and Dianne planned the most perfect one-night-away-from-the-farm for fifty ladies.

Our first stop was the Lonsdale Quay Farmers Market.
The shops were freshly opened and we found a cup of coffee and shared some muffins outside in the sunshine.

I love flowers.

I love blossoms..

and I love mountain scenery!

The road to Whistler is a long and winding road and I was ever so grateful to Marg and Judy who hopped on the bus at the first pick up and saved me and Mary a seat right behind the first row.

Taking photos through the front bus windshield needs to allow for a speck of pretending the rock chips are not noticeable.

We arrived in Whistler Village and settled into a lovely hotel and then boarded the bus back down  to the village for a walk about progressive tasting tour.

The next morning we woke to another lovely day and walked past the ski hill where the last of this years skiers were enjoying a day of spring skiing.
The sun seemed to indicate an upcoming change in the weather.

We crossed over a bridge and stopped awhile to enjoy the sound of rushing water.

Just before lunch we found Judy and Marg and I loved how again Mary and Marg  almost seemed to be long lost twins.

Me and my sister in law Mary.
I was reminded on this little get away just how spunky she is and how fun loving she is...
and how much fun we can enjoy together when time allows.

The little go-away..and...come-back-again...quickly turned to the come-back-again part of the excursion.
The bus stopped on the way back in Squamish the home of the famous Chief mountain where climbers are almost always climbing the face.

The best part of coming home is...
coming home!
I sit here tonight remembering the fun we had...
 and the eagerness of the one wanting to pick me up!

all for now...
with love, 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Sitting in the whistler sunshine with girlfriends

Sitting with the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Bear

Our walking dinner tour ended up at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.
We are having such a great little get away.
We are thankful for our men that are keeping our farms running like clockwork while we are away.

There are plenty of phone calls and texts that fly back and forth between Whistler village and the farms.
You can take a girl off the farm but her heart will always be with the farmer.

we'll stroll through the village...
find a sweet spot in the sunshine for lunch...
and then hop on the bus back home for bedtime.

all for now..
with love,

Sunday, April 21, 2013

a call to the track


We got the call to come down to the track to see the threesome make their way around the lumps of dirt.
So we went.
I wondered where the tot track was because I could only see the big kid track.

Here is our "little" 5 year old making his way around....
And now...
I have one more thing to worry pray about.

I did cheer though...truly I did.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Live Radio

The last time the MB Herald came to the house I flipped through it and and then opened it up to the full page ad that our publisher put into the publication.
I placed it on my coffee table to see what the real book would look like.

We appreciate all the interviews, advertisements and radio and television opportunities that are being arranged on our behalf.

Most of the radio interviews are taped...
I have three today.
I'd appreciate if you would  pray for me.

all for now....

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

behind the scenes photo of page 22

My heart is so full.
I can't help but think of all the moments that you won't see on the pages of Celebrations and yet what happened is often etched on my heart.

I thought that I would share some of the set ups of when photos were being taken for the book.
Most times it was a photo shoot and no one ever saw it but sometimes there were friends who waited patiently for the photos to be taken so we could eat.

My first recipe in the book is on page 22...
so it makes sense to start there...

Yesterday I helped Dorothy in the morning at the Inn.
I used to help her so often but then the grands all came along and the blog took on a life of its own and while she has remained ever so busy there...
I've been busy in the bungalow.
It was good to be back there working alongside of her and chatting while we sliced and diced.
I brought her a book and her appreciation in the gift humbled me again.

To think that there are such wonderful people out there that are supporting their local community by purchasing our book or ordering if online when there is no local retailer to support just amazes me.

You are wonderful people out there.

My magnolia is starting to bloom again.
It is one year since we started taking photos and working on our recipes.
It is good to be on this side of the work and part two of the creation of a cookbook has begun.

The interviews with magazines and radio stations are in full swing.
For the sake of documenting some of the articles...
I hope you won't mind if I record the articles here as they are published.

Have you heard of the Zoomer magazine?I spent a wonderful hour with a reporter over the phone.
I'm so grateful for the opportunities being given to us.

all for now..

Monday, April 15, 2013

The Day Celebrations Arrived

I had been sent a tracking number Tuesday when the books left Friesens printers in Altona Manitoba.
The ATO said...
I knew it was not possible for those books to arrive on Wednesday but I checked that tracking number at least a few times that day to see if it would give me more information of the truck where abouts.
On Friday morning I called the truck company to see if they could locate the truck and they told me it was in Langley and my order should arrive in the afternoon.

Around three the valley girls came on the yard and we sat like a bunch of nervous ninnies...
wondering the books would really come.

We knew the truck would be making book deliveries to the local stores as well...
but we thought it would be most special to all see it at the same time...
in a home.

Not fifteen minutes after they arrived we heard the truck and I ran out and had him unload into the shop since it was raining.
From there...
my beloved brought us in each a box of books and I took out my slicer...
slit them open and then together we lifted the flaps.

Is was like being five years old on Christmas morning.
There were not too many surprises left.

The last thing the designer places in the book is the inside of the book cover.
We all couldn't wait to see it...
and we were thrilled.

The other thing we don't necessarily know all about is who has written endorsements...
and they blew us all away.
People have been incredibly gracious and kind in their remarks.

We couldn't put the book down...
even to celebrate!!!

We did finally put our books back in the boxes and sat down to eat and enjoy time together.
There were nine of us!
Where are the other three?
Look at the top of the jelly cupboard.

Betty...Charlotte and Ellen were hanging out with us in a google Hangout. much fun to share it all with them.
It made it almost perfect.
The only thing better is if all ten of us could have been together. 

There was so much to talk about.
You just can't imagine how noisy we all can be.
Can you?

In between...
I had to stand up and go look in the boxes again.
We have enough to get us started and once everyone left I pulled out my special ribbon that has been set aside for these books.

On Saturday and Sunday...
I made a few very special deliveries.

I've read it nearly cover to cover now...
and found one mistake...
it's not perfect...
but almost!

all for now...
with love.

Friday, April 12, 2013

who has theirs?

Kathy has hers!

Click on the link here to find out how she got it.
Charlotte.. has  had hers!

Betty has hers!

And today...
Ellen, Judy, Bev, Anneliese, Marg, Julie and I...
hope to have ours later on this afternoon.

You might even hear the cheering and then you will know...
we are having an impromptu party in the bungalow!

The publisher has made a decision to release the Celebrations book before the May 2nd publish date.
If there is a retailer in your area that plans to sell the book...
it won't be long and you'll be able to have yours too!

Do I seem a bit excited?

Stay tuned!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

a visit to see where ellen lives

I have a friend...her name is Ellen.
I again marvelled as we left Greg and Ellen's home how God blessed me with the amazing friendship of the girls of Mennonite Girls Can Cook.

Ellen is our American and because of that she is a bit of a novelty...
is it okay to say that?
I never had American friends before I started blogging.
Now I have more than I can list and would be afraid to leave anyone out.
Jill was the first American blogging friend I had and even she has visited Jill's house.
The idea of it made me happy.

We parked our RV at a RV park quite close to Greg and Ellen's and on Sunday morning they showed up and we hopped in their car because we were going to go out for breakfast together.
The best surprise was that they took us to their home.
OH..and now..
pull out your Mennonite Girls Can Cook book and turn to page 24.

Ellen made her authentic Russian Blintzes for us and let me tell they are all she claims them to be and then some.

I was so happy to get a tour because as you all know in blog land we want to know what we don't see behind the scenes.
You wouldn't know for instance that this is where Ellen sits when she blogs.
Now do.

Ellen is our tablescape artist specialist and when you see the photos in the new book and admire our will see Ellen's gift at making a table beautiful.

Her book was sitting on her counter...
I took a photo of her blintzes and the recipe...
and it made me smile.

I have so very much to be thankful for and marvel again at the abundant blessings of the relationships I have in my life.

Thank you Ellen for sharing your love and your heart and your time with me.

all for now...
with love.

Monday, April 8, 2013

still about cannon beach

We came home yesterday down the Interstate 5 in the pouring rain.
It seemed (the rain that is) to find us on Wednesday and basically enjoyed being with us and remained with us for the remainder of our vacation.

We were glad we had taken advantage of the dry days at the beginning of the week and certainly did not sit around sulking once the rain warnings began.

When the tide was out we hopped from rock to rock looking for growing  things of the ocean that we just don't see at the farm.

So often we thought about how much our grands would love that beach and looked at the beautiful beach houses and dreamt of one day bringing our darlings with us.

I had to think once or twice of the recipe for mussels we learned at Chef Dez's cooking class.

And then there was this guy!
I thought so often of how blessed I am to have a husband to fully love.
To be able to do life together ...working...and playing...and dreaming of days to come with the one I fell for in high school is a blessing from God that I simply can't be thankful for enough.

We walked through the sweet ocean village admiring the cottages waiting for their families to arrive.

It seemed that spring was at its best and when flowers bloom doesn't everything seem a bit more hopeful?

I imagined a sweet bride standing under this canopy of blossoms and wondered aloud about it.

Once the rain began...
he sat reading on his side of the trailer...
while I sat on my side...
answering emails..planning for the month ahead...
and reading.
We found comfort at the sound of the pounding rain on the trailer roof...
in the place we love to visit.

all for now...
with love,