Monday, April 30, 2012

how we started out

This coming week we will spend time with two different couples preparing for marriage.
We love doing this and consider it a privilege to speak of our own marriage into their lives.

We can not do that without a time of reflection.

I thought it might be as good as time as any to document our first home.

It was an apartment.
We did not own it...
we paid rent.

We selected the apartment building close to the Safeway store that my beloved worked as a clerk.
This allowed him to walk to work...
and come home for lunch and again at the end of the day.

I did not love the long hallway that gave my creative mind cause to jitter...
nor did I enjoy the underground parking which seemed dark and on more than one occasion I felt fearful.

What I did love about the apartment was that we were there...

We filled it with our wedding gifts and our own furniture that we had saved carefully to buy.

The avocado braided rug was from my 90 year old paternal grandmother.
She did not know she bought it...
my Dad told her she bought it.

The macrame hanger was made by my sisterbylove Heidi...
who knew I loved indoor plants.

The little ceramic pot at the end of the room with the little palm tree..
I still have and use now and then for a splash of pink.

The coffee table and end tables made of pine were gifts from my beloved's parents.
They are still in use.

The TV was black and white and we were thrilled to have cablevision.

The bedroom...
was dreamt about for months.
The bedroom set was a gift from my parents.
My mom quilted the soft yellow quilt and I made the afghan and bed skirt, shams and pillows.
OH..are those my white slippers on the bed?

Here is another one of our living room.
The that trendy autumn hue...
we bought.
The large arm chair rocked my babies while I nursed them.

The kitchen.

The tiny little yellow plastic framed picture..
and ceramic canister set ...
and  the wooden tray my beloved made in woodwork.

The little footstool is where I sat..
when I talked on the phone..
which was wired to the wall.

It was good.
We were in love and though we dreamt of owning our own home...
we were happy to be just the two of us...
in our first home.

all for now...

Thursday, April 26, 2012

in Seattle

 I don't usually post blogs after midnight.
I was showing my beloved the photos from the girls get away...
and smiled when I saw these.

It was just as easy to publish them than to close the computer.
While he turned out the lights...
I typed quick...

to leave you with a glimpse.

More to come!

all for now.. 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

the mystery touri

The invitation comes but once a year.
Here we are...
my sisterbylove...Mary and I on the annual farmer's wives one night get away!

We boarded the bus after the ladies from Chilliwack had been picked up.
To the back we went.
If you know me..
you know that I do not do well with the back of the bus.

We stopped at Burlington for lunch at the Olive Garden.
See the two at the other end of the table on the right side?
Judy and Marg were also on the bus.

When they realized that my Mary and I were feeling swished around...
they offered up their front of the bus seats...
and took our back at the bus seats.


We arrived at the Edgewater Hotel in Seattle mid afternoon...
and checked in.

The ladies at the front of the bus arrived at the front desk first...
took our rooms...
and made it back to the lobby in record time.
We had a lovely city view!

Those sent to the back of the bus...
were last in line ...
and got the rooms left over...
the ocean view!

Bless them...
they deserve it.


Do you know about the Edgewater Hotel in Seattle?

Did you know...the Beatles fished out the window?
They did!

We ...
did not.

We could easily realize why they chose to stay there.
I easily settled in. 

See the line up?

Judy and Marg where in it.


While they waited in the line up...
we checked into our room.

I loved my bed...
(blogging from it now)

Not every washroom warrants  a photo.
This one did.

Maybe even two.

I even got a teddy to cuddle.

Miss you honey!

Back on the street we used our inner gps to find the shops.
We did.

One dress and one skirt are carefully laid in my case to travel home.

Those of us from Canada...
have our favorite stores in the US.


J Crew!

Sale rack!

The hotel?

Waterfront is an understatement.

It is late in the evening now.
We are tucked each in our own beds.
She is brewing decaf...
and I am documenting the days events.

Phone calls home to our most loved have finished...
and late night chats will soon begin.

The conversation is fairly typical between sisters...

What do we love most?


and friends.

all for now...

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sweet Violets

The rest of summer....
they are torn out by their roots to keep them from choking out weak little annuals.
Everything has it's time...
and the garden Sweet Violet is raising it's little face at me..
beckoning a smile.

I obliged.

Today I am on an outing!
My sister in law Mary is waiting on the bus...
saving me a spot.
I expect to see a few other dear ones that I know.

all for now..

Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday Morning

There is not much to report.
I've been busy..
life is like that sometimes.

Just checking in and sending...
love to you today!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

is it an H or an N?

During our Easter celebrations..
the lil' farm hand pointed out that there could be an "H" almost if the tree was more straight across. could be almost an "N".

When the grands notice trees are not standing straight anymore it is time to take action.
On Easter Monday afternoon we headed out to the field and commenced the removal of dead wood.

As is our custom..
we both had our jobs.
He "did"...and I documented.

I've watched him work enough over the last 34 years to know he is good at this sort of stuff.
I then started to think about the years he used to go out cutting firewood with his Dad.

His Dad worked in an excavating pit and before a section of land was cleared to excavate...
his Dad would hurry ahead and cut down trees during the weekends.
My beloved of course was conscripted and would come home with stories that in our home anyways became legends of the wood cutting episodes.

It was the white birch that was the wood of choice and so Dad would go ahead through the brush ...
chainsaw in hand and buzz down the trees and cut them into four foot logs.
The son's job was to get those logs through the ditches and swampy parts back to the truck.

It all sounded so far fetched...
so one time I went along to "help".
We were yet at that point empty nesters (first go around)...
and we had nothing but time on our hands on days off so it seemed like an adventure.

They buzzed...
and hauled and then back at the truck they together split the wood.
Split wood was my size and I used my decorative skills to get as much wood in the back of the truck as possible.

I have no idea how many times this exercise was repeated but I do know that for years we used that wood to heat our home in winter and it was my job to keep the home fires burning during the day.
I was good at that job.

What I wasn't quite so good at was the cleaning of the ashes.
On one Saturday morning I decided to expedite the process.

I pulled the vacuum out of the closet and sucked up the ashes and was amazed at how much quicker the job was.
Not wanting to keep smokey smelling ashes in the vacuum cleaner bag..
I set the bag onto a "stump" that was sitting on our patio.
Why a stump was there...
I can't quite recall.
Cheap chairs maybe?

The next morning...
I went to take out garbage and my eyes fell to the charred remains of the stump.
The bag had smoldered and the stump had smoldered and it was nothing short of a miracle that the house did not burn down.

I didn't vacuum up ashes after that.

We don't use wood to heat our home anymore.

This wood...
will be used come camping season.

When we were first married...
provincial campgrounds had huge dump loads of firewood that was free with the cost of the campsite.
Like most things...
this has changed as well.

Being thrifty...
we bring our own.

Wow...that was two stories and when I started the post I didn't even know I would tell you one.

all for now..

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Kevin and Rose

Do the girls look happy there?
Well...they were.

We were just about to have some dinner together at one of the many amazing Fresno restaurants.
The sun came out Saturday afternoon and our hearts were warmed through.

There was so much that I loved about that sale.
It was a pity I only figured out their coffee sale system during the last hour.
You give them your ticket...tell them which coffee you would enjoy....
and they set their coffee system to work.

The coffee is dripped through to your side.  When the coffee finishing it's drip...
you take your fresh dripped coffee.
Isn't that a great system?

Special mention goes to their Peppernuts too.
I'll be trying to make a few of their various varieties.
I don't think there is a rule about waiting until Christmas...
especially if it doesn't have the traditional spices.

When we got to the University grounds where the sale was being held...
we wondered where on earth we would find Kevin who was our contact person and also the board chairman for the sale.

It was raining in a ridiculous fashion and we were not dressed for wet coast weather.
It didn't take long and Kevin was located and came in his rain gear to say Hi!
He found us a parking spot next to the building and invited us to a tour.

Next to the building?
Yes.... we all kind of giggled.  We felt like we were pretending to be important.

We sure did appreciate Kevin.
For someone who had a lot on his mind...
rain being a big part of that...
he was gracious and (I said to my beloved....attentive...always asking if we needed anything).
His easy going nature was so reassuring for us and put us at ease for our presentations.

When I called home it was so nice to say we were being looked after so well.
Husbands at home...
appreciate knowing such things. its best.

You know what they say...
about every good man has a wife by his side?
(or something like that)

I wanted to tell you about Rose.
Rose is Kevin's wife.
She is  the blond smiling lady...standing next to Anneliese.

We had chatted on the phone a few weeks before the sale.
I knew we would get along just fine...
and I was right about that.

She made up those darling aprons for her family and we all had a picture taken together.
On Saturday morning...
Rose ran around doing errands and in the midst of all that...
took down our ingredient list for our Rollkuchen demonstration.

She ensured that the kitchen was prepared for us and had our ingredients ready.
She found us often during the sale...
ate lunch with us...
and introduced us around to her friends.

I felt as we left...
that we truly had made new friends.

They are lovely people ...
Kevin and Rose..
and I am so thankful that God brought them into the lives of a few Mennonite Girls.

all for now...