Blue Cornflowers

One of the treasures that I found at the MCC Relief sale was this little 1 1/2 quart loaf pan with a lid.
It actually has straight sides but the magic of photography changed it to sloped sides.
I have had this Blue Cornflower pattern of Corning Ware since we have been married and of all the gifts we had received.....
the assortment of casseroles are in  the same condition as they were in in 1978.

Of can still buy these products but if they are purchased new they won't  have the stamp on the bottom which says MADE IN CANADA.

You can still find them for sale ...
but finding them with a Stamp made in Canada might be a bit harder.

They don't make Corning Ware like they used to.
It was first introduced in 1958 and was then made of a glass ceramic material which could be used on stove top and under the broiler..
When it was sold in the late 90's they changed the product to a ceramic stoneware.
Make sure if you are looking for vintage pieces it is either made in Canada or the US.

I had 4 different sized casseroles complete with lids...
and now I have five.

Do you have a pattern of Corning Ware from the olden days?

That was the first of the treasures I found.
I'll share more tomorrow.

I've already used this sweet little short loaf pan and likely will for the rest of my kitchen cooking days.

all for now...


  1. I am ashamed to say that in a moment of purging extra dishes, I gave all my Corning Ware the boot. Sigh. Sometimes, I still go looking for it and then I remember what I did. Glad that you still have yours and that it's multiplying.

  2. I have a few pieces from our wedding. Real small casseroles with plastic lids and two pie plates. I don't have any that say made in Canada! I think I gave my larger pieces to Dan...

  3. Now I have to go and take a look at my stamps on the bottom. It`s funny to think that some of our wedding dishes, such as floral pyrex mixing bowls which I`m still using ... are becoming vintage pieces ... not just old dishes.

    1. Have you tried to buy a set of those coloured pyrex mixing bowls lately? I've seen them in antique stores $40.00 and up! I felt lucky when I found some at a garage sale.

  4. Us vintage brides and our Corning wear...mine was the pattern with the orange tulip and two blue birds...being a bluebird myself it had to be. No Canada mark...these were 1976 era. Wonder if different Places made them.

    1. Yes Jill, Yours were likely made in the US. None of them are made in either of our countries anymore. It is not hard to guess where they are now made.

  5. Yes, I have about 10 pieces and use them all of the time! They were made in USA.
    Farm Gal in VA

  6. I too have casseroles in that corning "cornflower" pattern that I still use. I bet that new-to-you loaf pan would be the perfect size for meatloaf for two.

  7. I had to check immediately what my "1973" shower gift Corning ware is - it's stamped as a 6 cup, Made in Canada, and says "For Range and Microwave"!!! Wow - I didn't know there even were Microwaves back then???? Maybe this isn't as old as 1973??? Hmmmm. Anyway, it's one of my favourite casseroles - just the right size for most things and also still good as new.

  8. I'm still using vintage corning that came as wedding gifts 41 years ago. Now I must go see if they say 'made in Canada'. I like that! Great find, Lovella.

  9. How lovely! It reminds me of all the casseroles my mother used to make. Your new find looks to be in mint condition. Good for you! :o)

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  11. Lovella, I had to go check..yes I have 2 corning ware dishes 'Made in Canada'! They were wedding gifts from 45 years ago so I know they are old:) I like your new looking blueflower casserole dish, you snapped up a good one. Will we be seeing it in future mgcc posts? :)


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