Monday, October 5, 2015

September 2015

September came in with some chillier nights that started to turn the leaves. 
I walk around the farm everyday and when this leaf fell to the ground in front of me, I picked it up to document the beginning of the color change.

The Italian plums had been slowly picked off the tree and we enjoyed walking past and grabbing a snack. 

I picked the tree clean with a few bags and tucked some Perishky into the freezer. 

This guy started in his 4 year old preschool class. 
He remains unconvinced of the benefits. 
 He is happy for his home days. 

He's a good helper and even is happy to clean up his mess.

The butternut squash that was supposed to be Russian Doll squash according to the stake in the plant was harvested.  
For the longest time I just couldn't figure out what was growing.
Now I that I know... I have recipes for these guys.

I love harvesting onions.  I go through so many that I'm thinking we better plant a few more rows next year.

We don't go through nearly as many potatoes and so next year we will plant less.

If you need a potato.. I have some you are welcome to.

I loved our cherry tomatoes and I'm still picking them for instant taste delights.

We lost a very dear friend to the family in September.

Sally was my mom in law Pauline's  best friend.

They had met during a grief recovery course when they both lost their husbands in the mid 90's.
Since then, they had travelled to Europe together, and solved the world's problems over morning coffee.

They looked forward to their Oscar parties, shared novels back and forth, and enjoyed lunches at their favourite little stop in Clayburn village. They supported each other in their joys and disappointments.

She passed away suddenly with no chance for goodbyes.  

Sally and Pauline were dear friends for each other and there are no regrets in the years of their time spent together. 

I'm reminded of the verses in 1 Thessalonians 5:9-11

For God has not destined us for wrath, but to obtain salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ, who died for us so that whether we are awake or asleep we might live with him. Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing.

With September comes the beginning of fall programs in church.
Church Kickoff is enjoyed the most by the kids and by those that love to see them have fun! 

The annual MCC sale is a must attend in our books.

We love to stand in that lineup to get the food we can just as easily make at home. 

Apparently there were over 25,000 Wareneki, 1,600 pounds of farmer sausage and 466 pies consumed.

We helped. 

This year the sale raised nearly $700,000. 

The quilt auction  of 19 quilts raised over $21,000.

I helped there too.

I brought home this beautiful quilt made by the MCC quilters.

Look at that detail!  

I need a new bed skirt so I'll show you the full quilt on my bed another time.

We were invited to Scot and Kathy's for a Big Green Egg cooking extravaganza.

The guys had three Eggs on the go.

Kathy set up a beautiful table where we enjoyed the delicious meal.

 There were some bedtime stories.

We were making dinner one night watching our hummingbirds when the sky broke out in this beautiful rainbow.

I wanted to get the full rainbow on the other side of the barns but my camera couldn't capture the full rainbow.  

There was a  little trimming of the hedge after a few good wind storms. 

To end off the month of September we took a few days away before chicks come this week.

We have driven past the Chief in Squamish many times and have often watched the climbers scale the front.  

It was our turn to tackle the hike from the side of the mountain to the top flat granite rock on the top.

We started at the bottom of the trail at 10:30 on the dot.
We got to the top of the first peak after lots of grunting and groaning from this girl at 11:50.

The trail  to the top is the most amazing trail we have ever hiked. 
As we hiked we wondered about the people that built the steps from wood and moved boulders into place to make natural steps.  

There were several ladders which I held onto very tightly.

The stairs were not your average stair height.  They were tall and came 3/4 up my calf.

The old growth forest is thick and even quite dark in some areas.

Near the top there were several chains to pull ourselves up and later lower ourselves back down the boulders.

I actually quite enjoyed this part.

In the last few minutes Terry went on ahead not able to resist seeing the view of Howe Sound.

One quick selfie before digging into our lunch.

After lunch we played around up there for a half hour or so before heading back down.

There were moments that I felt rather nervous.

It's funny how it is easier to stand at an edge that it is to watch someone else to stand at an edge.

I didn't go quite as close to the edge as he did. 

Heading back down I was struck by the trees growing out of the rock.

How many people have held on to these tough trunks for support?

Some branches have been rubbed completely smooth by those passing by.

The massive granite rocks moved into place to make stairs.

It took just around an hour to get back to the bottom and my legs were twitching by the time we sat down.

The next few days my thighs reminded me that I should probably stair climb train for these kinds of hikes.

We kept going north down Highway 99 to Whistler.

The foliage was beautiful and the patios were warm in the sunshine.
I found myself smiling as we sat and enjoyed our meals outside.  

The next day we decided to take the Super Fly  Zip Line at Cougar Mountain. 

The zip lines have you going speeds up to 100 km per hour.

The hardest part is saying... ok.. I'm ready.

There are two lines side by side.

This picture is taken by their photo op high speed camera.  
It looks fake but it's real.

This is taken right near base camp as the tour was finishing right above the forest floor.

On the second morning we enjoyed one more breakfast outside before heading back down the highway toward home.

We made one quick stop at the campground we had wanted to stay at.
Our truck was in the shop so camping was not possible. 

We've seen Porteau Cove Campground now and we'll be back. 

That about sums up our month of September.

October has come in with beautiful sunshine.

Have a most wonderful October!

all for now...