Thursday, August 29, 2013

Amish Wisdom with Sherry Gore Today!

Earlier this year we had the privilege of joining the Amish Wisdom Show with Suzanne Woods Fisher to share our excitement about Celebrations Mennonite Girls Can Cook before the book was launched.

Since then...
the show has a new host and we have been invited back to chat more about how the book is doing and what we've been up to since it's launch.

Meet Sherry Gore.
I thought it would be lovely to know her a little bit so I quickly ordered her cookbook which arrived around dinner time last evening.
I can tell you already I would love to eat at her house and had a passing thought that perhaps we should have travelled to do the interview.

Perhaps I'll whip up some of her Mud Hen Bars or Hello Dolly Apple Bars this morning so I have something to nibble on between questions. 

So many of our recipes are similar and I already enjoyed the beginning read of her cookbook which includes some Amish History and what it means to belong to an Amish church.

Monday, August 26, 2013

the blessings at the lake house

An invitation is always a gift!
When the invitation is a special treat to be with special friends...
it is an extraordinary gift.

Anneliese and her H invited us all to the lakehouse for the afternoon and dinner.
When we arrived....Anneliese was busy putting together some salads.

Chairs had already been set out for visiting ...

...and I just soaked in the beauty which was both intentional and natural.

Just last week I was wishing we could participate in a elegant picnic and here it was.
We may not have all been wearing the required white outfits but the food was delicious and the friendship around the table was more than pure white perfection.

There was six of us with our husbands.
Four missing and missed so much.

We went to have a look at the fallen apple tree and set ourselves upon the trunk for a photo opportunity.

The fair has nothing on the free tire ride.

The smiles and the laughter were authentic.

I was dizzy.

I want a tire swing...
no surprise there.

Harv and Bev brought Salmon that had been recently caught on a fishing trip and Harv prepared it in his smoke house grill.

There is that moment before we all sit down when we just enjoy the table before us.
(Bev's Photo)
We sang the doxology...

....and broke bread together ...
and fellowshipped around the table.

Ellen and and her "dear"  left a bit before us.
Off they went...
hand in hand to cross the border.
It was a gift that they came.

From the kitchen I enjoyed seeing the men enjoying conversations.

Just as the sun was setting a full double rainbow across the lake was provided by God.
We each felt a dozen sprinkles of rain and given a rainbow of unproportioned beauty.

His promises are always true and I took that home with me.

Thank you Lord for the blessings at the lake house!
I am grateful.

all for now...

Thursday, August 22, 2013

the blue moon

I saw the moon on our way home last night and thought I should make an effort to take a photo of it...
since it was beautiful.

I couldn't find the attachment for my tripod...
so held my breath and snapped.

Maybe I'll have to look for that tripod attachment and do this more often on a warm summer evening....
even if it is only once in a blue moon.

For those interested my camera settings were
ISO 200   F8   1/200

Monday, August 19, 2013

the ways we entertain them

I have kind of figured out that being 5 1/2 and under is the best.
They have no expectations of us spending money on entertainment.

They just made their own fun and when the woods provide branches to swing from...

and they come back and tell me quite soberly they saw a grizzly bear...

and I tell them with mock horror that they should probably stay close by me ...

and they are forced to confess that they were trying to trick me...
we all laugh and laughter is the best kind of cheap entertainment.

They spotted the chenille pipe cleaners in the craft supply box and asked if they could make...
"a" bracelet.
Sure I said...and then they made at least 20 each.

That took them a long time and every time they asked if they could make another...
I thought about it for a moment...
and said...
" more".

The campsite had a new playground area that we visited often.


Now and then the coloring and activity books came out.

...and the playdough.

When they finished all those activities...
I brought out a big bag of peanuts and asked them to shell me a pile of peanuts...
and even that seemed like a lot of fun.

I love summertime!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

campsite with a lakeview


It rained...and it poured.  It thundered and lightened!  Crafts in the trailer was a good thing and I was ever so thankful we were not in a tent!  Three hours of entertainment and it was all free!

Friday, August 16, 2013

preparing the lantern and Kanneloni Macaroni rides her bike into the lake!

We heard there would be a lantern festival again on BC Day weekend so we decided to take the bikes down to the day camp and gather our lantern building supplies and bring them back to our campsite.

(Notice the wee baby in the bicycle seat complete with a dolly helmet...
more on that coming)

Little Miss Muffet decided from the get go that she would travel via Daddy's shoulders.

It didn't take long though and Kobe and his leash seemed like more fun than the bicycle and the shoulder ride.

Stuart found it easier to ride the girls bike than it was to carry it.

That bike got a run for its money!

Down at the day beach the lantern building was well underway.

We took our $15 worth of supplies and headed back.

Kanneloni Macaroni rode on a bit ahead and as soon as she was around a curve I heard her calling and crying for help.

I sprinted as fast as my grammie legs could go and there she was in the lake...
treading water face above water.
Her bike was submerged and I jumped in since I was at the front of the walkers.

For a four year old she is one pretty amazing swimmer.
Having just passed yet another class she put her survival skill of treading water to good use.

I was never so happy to be soaking wet in my clothes...
with my sweet four year old grand safe in my arms.

Her biggest concern?
Her Kya was still strapped in her bicycle seat with her helmet on in the water.
Since I was already sopping wet...
I hopped back in the lake to save the little doll's life...
and then...
we headed back to camp. 

Lantern supplies...
wet Grammie and Kanneloni Macaroni...
wet Kya.

While Grandpa and  Uncle Stuart / Daddy built the framework for the lantern...
and Kya hanging on the clothesline to start to dry out...
Kanneloni and I headed for a nice warm shower.

Around this time we got back and I asked "what's that"?

They were not sure...
since they had not really discussed the plan for the lantern.

The good thing is that the age of the grands allow the adults to build the lantern anyway they want without any guffawing from the peanut gallery.

It seemed...
they wanted to give the burning candle plenty of space to burn.

They were mighty proud of their lantern.

I had no part of it....
at all.


The lantern was set on the campfire pit to wait for the evening festival to begin.
The fire ban had begun the evening before so it seemed the safest place to sit.
As you can see...
it couldn't be put inside the trailer because of the girth.

The lantern never did get it's big chance to float.
As soon as supper was finished  the biggest rain drops began to fall and the lantern's very delicate cover dissolved in a mess.

The skies opened up...
the thunder and lightening began...
and within an hour the campsite was a lake.

Why don't I have any pictures of that?
We were in survival mode in the trailer....
all of us!

Did I care?
Not one speck.
I had my Kanneloni Macaroni safe beside me and that was all I cared about.

I was so thankful...
so thankful!