Wednesday, March 31, 2010

1959 #2

Did you give pause for thought of Earth Day last Saturday?
I confess. .
I didn't.
We noted in the bungalow that the media reminded us to turn our lights off after the fact and more was made of how our province digressed from the previous year's drill than the effort to give us the heads up the morning of.

I wasn't overly concerned though.
I had just read recently in my "new" 1959 Life Magazine that using electricity is all the rage.
To think ..
that in my lifetime we've been convinced to buy every electic appliance possible . .
and now we are being subjected to tut tuts of over using our supply.
I paid careful attention to the short little article touting it's natural goodness . .
and promptly went to throw in a load of wash as I started the mixer and ran the blender full of citrus goodness.
The oven baked merrily along in the afternoon . .
with the scent of Paska filling the bungalow . .
and to top it off . .
I tucked a few loaves in my electric freezer.

Those advertisements on the month of my birth must have become deep seeded in the recess of my brain . .for try as I might . .
I just can't stop the small indulgences in my kitchen.

Today. . I need to run my electric sewing machine in to have its computer recalibrated as it seems.'s forgotten how to make a button hole.

I'm not prepared to hand sew button holes . .
not yet.

All for now . .

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

building nests

The last few weeks we've been cleaning up small branches every few days from our lawn.

The crows are busy these days breaking branches from our trees. .

to build their nests.

We often wonder ..

why they don't take the branches from the ground.

Do they break one off. . .

test it for agility and dexterity and if it fails to meet their nesting standard. .

it gets dropped?

Judy over at MyFront Porch has been posting these sweet little nests and I was reminded again this year by Kathy one of our MGCC that it was time to make these sweet treats.

Yesterday was a Grammie day here and in the morning

grand girlie and I did the crow work of building the nests. .

and waited for her Daddy to come to do the fun part.

Those touch of cocoa rice crisps have come in handy a few times already. .

and that bit of green grass to make a soft place for eggs is always a good idea.

There are two nests tucked in the refrigerator waiting for the lil' farm hand and Kanneloni Macaroni.

Hopefully. . .

there will still be some of those mini eggs and peeps left when they get here.

All for now . .

Monday, March 29, 2010


It 's a good thing that life is more than work.

On Saturday afternoon there was a game of follow the leader.

There was lots of smiles ..

and some intended crashes . .

and some smiles about the crashes.

We learned that when you take a corner sharp . .

you should say "urrrrrrrch".

The more corners you can take the better. . .

becuase you can say "urrrrrrch" often.

I still have the job of underducks with the baby swing.

He doesn't know it is a baby swing.

I've been watching the limb to see if it can bear the load.

So far .. .so good.

I think. . . grammie and the grands are going to have to take grandpa shopping. .


It was a nice day on a Saturday afternoon in March.

The kind of day that needs to be documented . . .

for the rainy days of April.

All for now . . .

Friday, March 26, 2010

getting around

Kanneloni Macaroni came over yesterday for her Easter frock fitting.

She crawled around the bungalow investigating what might be interesting.

She was in chipper mood since she popped out a top tooth in the morning.

Everywhere she goes .. .

she likes to see it from the perspective of a little height . . .

so once she crawls to her destination . .

she stands.

At eight and a half months ...

she waves . . .

and giggles . .

and occasionally calls the lil' farm hand for a bit of a lift.

I love the innocence . . .

this is one time in a girls life ..

that she can let a boy carry her ..

and not worry she might be a might to heavy for his muscles.

All for now . .

Thursday, March 25, 2010

to darn. or not to darn

Tell me the truth ...

would you darn it?

The left sock is laying peacefully in the trash bin .. .

the right sock hopes it looks still youthful enough to find a new partner.

There is something to be said for buying boring socks by the bundle.

Do you wear socks once your pedicure is peeking?

All for now .. .

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

the cost of peppers

$2 a bag.

$ 2 a head.

$6 a box (obvious I know)

. . .a little pepper barn that trusts you'll leave money when you leave . .


All for now. . .

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

ready. . .set. . .

Is it just me or does a part of every project we love to tackle also have an element of "glad to get it done"? As I mentioned several weeks ago . . I purchased fabric for the grandgirlies to make them each a fresh summery cotton dress.

I washed the cotton . . .

I dried the cotton .. .

I ironed the cotton . . .

I folded it on the proper grain . .

and then it sat.

Since I was using one pattern to make two dresses . .

the pattern needed to be traced for the second dress for many of the pieces . . .

and every time I began the task ...

something more tantalizing beckoned me to come hither . .

and so . . .it sat.

Yesterday however . . .

"I did it" . ..(funny how the phrases from the wee ones bring a smile to my face)

and the patterns were pinned onto the fabric . .

and I cut them out.

Sure. . .

and I could have done it quickly. . making it all out of the same fabric . .

but when they go into Sunday School .. .

and their teachers flip the hem to see if it is homemade . . . (as my mom always did with her two year old sunday school class and would find it so endearing that someone had sewn the little dresses)

they'll be treated to coordinating fabric.

The edges are neatly serged . . .

and now I can truly . .


All for now . . .

Monday, March 22, 2010

Life in 1959 ~ part 1

I have been sorry that I hadn't saved the daily paper from the days that our sons were born. I wonder now why I haven't. I have saved papers from other important world events and have often wondered ...

what the paper might have been like the day I was born.

My answer came this last year when I turned 51.

My friend Linda found this Life magazine in a antique store in Washington state and managed to keep from giving it to me until my birthday.

I would have never guessed that the magazine had exactly published on the date of my birth and I've found it fascinating to see what the scoop was back then.

I must confess. . .

the advertisements have been just as fascinating as the articles themselves. (you can click on the pictures to enlarge them to read the ads)

Yesterday ... I looked through the magazine again and took pictures of the pages and thought that I might post some of them from time to time.

One thing I know for certain . .

is that my parents did not buy this magazine on the day I was born.

I doubt that they ever bought an issue from any year but I can't really say for sure.

$.25 seems like it might have been a bargain but I know that even that amount would have been spent on feeding their four hungry boys that came before me.

The other reason I know for certain that my parents would not have supported a publication such as this is that it had enough alcohol and tobacco advertisements to make them surely decide that it was not appropriate material for their impressionable children.

The front cover would have discouraged them yet further from investing in a magazine that touted men and women joyously strutting about in skin tight leggings wearing boots and dancing about with their tambourines as though they had nothing better to spend their time doing.

No . . .I know that my parents would have frowned on such a worldly magazine on their coffee table . . .

and then I thought. .

how things have changed since 1959.

All for now . . .

Friday, March 19, 2010

Yesterday's News

"So" . . . some of you have asked. . .

"how did this happen?"

You wonder. . ."did you call for an interview?"

Well. . this is how it happened. . .

Tuesday afternoon when I got home from my shopping trip with girlfriends, there was an email in my box waiting to be opened from a reporter asking if I would be available to be interviewed the next morning.

The week previous. . .the reporter had emailed me to see if an article about MGCC was at all something I would be interested in interviewing for. I had of course thought that would be fun. She said she'd get back to me after clearing it with her editor. I expected it could be days. ..weeks. . months. . or . .maybe never.

Wednesday morning at ten AM . ..the phone interview began.

With one hand I held the land line and with the other phone I held my cell phone hoping that my beloved would realize that help was needed in the bungalow and come rescue grandgirlie from my sudden lack of my attention to her sticker book.

The interview was a delightful conversation about the blog. . .

about the girlfriends that share it with me . .

and the Paska recipe that gave me the idea in the first place.

Soon after the interview was complete. . .

the call came to ask if a photographer might be able to pop in. . .

to take a picture or two.

Clearly ...she could not see me over the phone or she would have seen this "grammie" without makeup, wearing sweats and in need of a fresh shampoo.

"sure". . .I said. . phone in one hand. . .while balancing the blender out of the closet in the other hand.

I told grandgirlie that she was in charge of stirring the green pea soup on the stove for lunch while I pulled out the lemons and oranges for the paska.

She ran the blender. . . while I chopped the citrus. .

She added flour. . .while I cracked the eggs.

Together we got the paska on to rise and served the menfolk their lunch.

As soon as lunch was served . . .

I dismissed my wee sous chef for the day and I began to scrub and shine and bake.

The photographer came. . . .and I watched in fascination as the he took pictures of the Paska . . .properly.

I mentioned that I usually cook and snap and serve all within the same breath.

He told me stories of his food photography opportunities.

So that was then and this is today and . . .

now I feel a little like I'm standing here on my wee podium wanting to say thanks to those that made this day possible.

First of all. . .

to my brothers who ate my cream puffs and hard cookies when I was but a wee lass .. .

and through their constructive criticism made me press on to the goal. .

I say. . well done boys.

To my Mom. . .who gave me free reign in her kitchen from my earliest recollections. .

with never a tsk nor a sigh .. .

allowed me to hold that spoon in my hand. .

standing on a stool.

I thought of you so often yesterday mom. . .I love how you raised me.

To my beloved who told me to stay home as a young bride and raise little boys. . .

I say. . I'd do it over again in a heartbeat.

To the girls that are equal partners with me in this blog. . .

you share your treasured family recipes. . .

you take pictures that make our mouth water . . .

you strive for excellence . . .

you encourage me more than you will ever know . .

and. . .

you are women who model grace and show me everyday what it is to have a sister.

This blog reflects who you are and what it means to be a part of a team.

I could never do this without you .

Thank you for dreaming with me.

Thank you for being patient when I send you yet another new instruction.

Thank you for having a heart to serve others.

Together. . .

we will press on.

We will continue to be servants of Jesus . .

and we will . . .

feed his lambs.

All for now. . .

Thursday, March 18, 2010

the paska picture taker

If there is one thing I've learned. . .

is to never say "never".

Who would have thought ..

that someone would contact me .. .

and send a photographer to shoot the Paska.

So . ..

I'll tick that off my bucket list.

Yesterday was a bit surreal around here. .

today . . .

only God knows.

More on the story behind this story . .


All for now. .

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wishin' him luck!

Who would have known there was that many wires in a truck?

I surely didn't.

When I saw the wires laid out. . .

and the map before him ..

and the creased furrow between his brows. .

I took my documentary pictures. . .

whispered . ."good luck" under my breath ..

and headed back to the bungalow to make Green Pea Soup.

(that is how a Mennonite Woman cooks for St. Patricks Day)

Wishing you a Happy St. Patricks Day. .

All for now. .

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

mid march

I was so delighted to have weather updates from here and beyond.

I just love blogging.

I asked for a smile yesterday and every time a new comment came in .. .

I smiled. . .thank you dear ones.

The sun did manage to come out for a good part of our day and when I heard the summer sounds of the lawn mower outside my kitchen door .. .

I thought how sounds are much like smells ..

comfort to the soul.

I made some split pea soup and put some bread on to rise . . .

and my Monday was happy.

Tell me the truth ...

are you not just dying for rhubarb tart already?

I confess. . .I walk out to the rhubarb patch eagerly waiting for the stems to thicken and grow to an appropriate length.

I estimate another week maybe less if the sun comes out a few more days this week.

I'm out and about today . .

I have a personal shopping day with a few girl friends.

I'll be offering my humble opinion on "what not to wear".

A girl needs a girl to be honest in the change room. .

and I love my friends to feel as beautiful as they are.

A stop or two for coffee. . . a wee bite at lunch . .

and maybe . opportunity for a future post.

All for now . . .

Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring Break

No no no . .
I'm not taking a blogging break in search of the luscious feeling of warmth on my limbs.
I'm here.
I must say though. . .
I do have a bit of a inclination to bookmark the weather where my friends .. .
live ..
and go.
Sure. .and I admit I'm a bit of a weather nut.
I would think that you all would have your own weather .. .and the weather of a few of your favorite blogging friends from afar on your google page .. .
but perhaps you don't.
Yesterday I discovered that when I click on my own weather information. ..
it turns to a map. . .
and when I click on the little minus sign of the map. .
I can see the temperature at a glance near. .
and far.
The more minus I click . .the further I can see ..
how fun is that?
Sure. . and who wouldn't look to see how far south they would have to drive to see sunshine.
I did yesterday. . it was too far.
So . .for now. . I'll just enjoy a bit of 10 C. wet coast spring break outside. . .
and then I'll go inside where the temperature average 20 C.
Do this weather nut a favour.. .
tell me how warm it is where you are.
I'm not looking for locations . .unless you feel inclined to share ..
but just to know that there is warm sunshine somewhere. .
would make me smile.
All for now. .

Friday, March 12, 2010

Pot Holder Project

A few weeks ago I found a package in the mail for my birthday.
Enclosed was a pair of tea towel Pot Holders.
I was amazed at the crafty smart idea and promptly called to say thank you and ask about the beginnings of the idea.

It turns out she had seen a tutorial on Vee's blog .. where Vee had posted the potholder she had made for her sister. I ran down and picked up a few three packs of tea towels like the pot holder I received.

Like my gift giver said to me. .
the hardest part is cutting squares.

She was right of course.
The squares were cut . .
a square of heat resistant fabric placed in between . .
and sewn together ..
lickety split.
The tea towels were not quite long enough to make three even pairs ..
so I made one small pot holder to use as a trivet . .
waste not ..want not.

I think I'll make a few more . .
such gifts are welcomed by anyone who loves to cook.
So . .keep your eyes out for tea towels on sale. . .
All for now. . .