Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 a review in pictures

It occurred to me while I was looking at all my pictures from last year. . .
that I document the happiest of moments. .
the friendships and family moments that we forever want to remember.
Lord, let my life truly be one of thankfulness for each joy from this last year. . .
savouring each kind gesture and gentle word. . .each encouragement. .
and let me be that for others this coming year. . .

In January, I spent time learning how to be a grammie to two little wee ones which were a few months old . ..

I also had my closet organizer come through for her annual decluttering. .
(hint. . .hint)

In February. . .I decided to become less sedentary, and though I stopped watching every step. .
I continue to walk towards better health.

In February. . .we seriously began to study how to make the old merc into a rod.

.. . and we pruned the fruit trees and enjoyed some sunny days.

In March .. .my beloved and I celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary in Maui. .
and fell in love all over again.

In April we went to tulip town on a date. . .

In May. . .we went to Harrison Hot Springs on a particularly perfect day . . .

In June. . .we went Strawberry picking. . .because we wanted to.

In July. . .our family surprised their dad (my beloved) with a weekend get away for his 50th birthday.

In August. . .we went blueberry picking. . .because we wanted to.

We also went to Manning Park. . .for our camping vacation. . . .

where the lil' farm hand spent his nap .. .learning to enjoy chocolate puffed wheat squares. . .
( I still smile at that one)
( he needed no dinner that night)

In September. . .the frame of the old merc got a good blast of sand .. .
(just to show it who it's boss is)

In September I found this delightful yo-yo quilt at our local MCC sale.

I also . .went garage sale shopping and found this little car that I've since pushed around the farm for hours. . .and had many smiles from folks in cars going by.

In October .. .William and Anna arrived in Canada. . .
immigrating from California. .

In October. . .the motor was permanently laid to rest to store up energy in the frame.

In November the grandgirlie ordered herself up a Tinkerbell cake to celebrate her birthday.

In December the lil' farm hand had his mommy make him a farm yard cake. .
and he blew out his whole row of fence candles. . .
because he could.

In December we had a snowfall that gave us a White Christmas that I'll remember for years to come.
It has been a wonderful year of learning, loving and living. . .
I am truly blessed.
Enjoy this the last day of 2008. . .
all for now . . .with love,

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

rules for treats

Eat only the ones that that are round, or long, or square . ..

or oval. . . (nearly forgot those peanuts)

. . .do a close visual inspection and eat only those that have slight blemishes and cracks . . .

or chips. . .

if unable to locate any of those. . .go for the ones with the


Upon perusing the box of chocolates. . .

eat the dark chocolate . is supposed to be good for you . . .

Last but not least. . .sample the ones that face up with smiley faces . . .
and that will encourage you to call up your best friend for a post Christmas debriefing. . .
and . . .
that will cause you to smile.
All for now. . .with love,

Monday, December 29, 2008

The beauty of drip Mode

The snow is sliding at a rapid speed off the barn roof . .

I held my breath .. .and it held.

Memories of sucking on icicles as a child . . .

nearly made me break one off for the fun of it .. .

but I didn't.

The drops of melted snow. . .

against the aura of blues in the background . ..

All God created . ..and manwoman captured .
We're still enjoying the beauty of Christmas in the bungalow. . .
we'll stop watering the tree, or it may never come down.
Yesterday I made a pot of Turkey soup .. .have you made yours yet?
All for now .. . with love,

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Day 2008 recap

Big Horsey .. . and the wee one. .love at first sight.
The grandgirlie playing wee momma with the little tiny stroller with the itsy bitsy baby manoeuvring through the kitchen and down the hallway. . .oh so precious . . .

Dreams of a White Christmas. . . come true. . .
once every ten years or so. .
This way my year!!

Plowing the driveway open for the loved ones to arrive . . .

The house is quiet again today . ..
my beloved is out scraping the snow off the driveway again . . .
I'm laundering the linens and emptying the dishwasher. . .
and savouring my favorite moments of yesterday.
All for now . .. with love,

Thursday, December 25, 2008

O Come Let Us Adore Him

I took this picture in the early 70's while we were visiting family back east.

We were on our way to worship, travelling in our warm car .. .

and passed by horses and buggies all headed to their place of worship.

It was a blizzardy morning. . . I shivered looking at them.

Our bungalow will be bustling with activity in a few hours .. .

the turkey is ready to roast and the dressing and side dishes should know the routine. .

I have become my mother . . . .waiting for the children to arrive . . .

Nothing warms my heart like warm smiling faces from those I love. . .coming in the door.

I am ready . . .

When God sent his Son that first Christmas morning for us. . .

he knew that His son would be laid in a manger . . .

worshipped by the angels .. .

Oh Come Let Us Adore Him . . .this Christmas morn.

May you find joy in Celebrating the Christ Child . ..

All for now .. . with love .. .

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

1st annual snow retreat

It was not difficult to clear the calendar . . .

Christmas comes but once a year .. .
and ice fountains even less often. . .

The welcome at Sweet Dreams was warm and inviting . . .

Time with family will come tomorrow . .
time with friends has its own value . . .
to love and be loved . . .
to be encouraged ..
and to . .

Time to reflect . .
and to imagine that first Christmas morning . .

Surrounded by beauty and warmth . .

One day. .
I will celebrate the birth of Christ. .
in my Heavenly home . .
Every now and then. .
we are given a glimpse of Heaven . .

A room prepared with us in mind . .

A peaceful place with not a worry or care . . .

A night so still . . .so calm . .

We had a wonderful time with our friends
Richard and Dorothy,
Todd, Nancy and their little guy Ethan.

When the invitation said. . .come to a pajama party ..
we took it to heart.

Ethan wore his pajamas. . .

I've purchased a lot of cozy sleepers this year . ..
but none as big as the ones we bought on our date last week.
Can we all agree. . .that my beloved is the best sport around?
Sweet dreams everyone. .
I'll be back tomorrow . .. .
all for now, with love . . .

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I'm dreaming of a white christmas. . .

. ..I'm still tucked deep under the covers at my snow retreat. . . but if you are feeling ambitious this morning. . .run and see the pie I made for the Mennonite Girls Can Cook blog.

Fresh Whipped Cream topping a Coconut Milk Cream Pie. . . in a tender flaky crust. . .
I do trust that photos of the snow retreat will soon be posted. . .we can only hope. . .can't we?

All for now, with love. . .