Monday, February 2, 2015

January 2015

January 1st is always Portzelky making day. 
Our kids, big and small came to spend the day and take part in the big fry.
The weather was lovely and so the kids played outside and came back in with healthy appetites.

Early January we had a short winter!
I had to be on the ball or else I would have nearly missed it.
School was even cancelled for the kids because of a power outage!

As soon as the inch of snow had fallen, the flakes turned to drizzle and I looked outside the window to see freezing rain icicles....
which melted a day later.

We enjoyed sometime reading bedtime stories.

I took down the Christmas decorations and reorganized with  a few winter decorations to brighten the dark winter nights.

With winter over...
we enjoyed some sunny skies.

 My beloved started to get the itch to dig around in the gardens and moved some plants around.

Half way during the month...
he decided it was time to shave off the winter growth and 
with that thought in mind...
kept going on the shrubbery outside.

I got all the last of the perennials cut down.

We enjoyed a few days outside sipping coffee and noting bees and flies buzzing around.

We spent one very early morning to wait in a line up to get a spot for our baby grand to go to preschool.

Big sigh...

We are watching our bulbs come up and now that it is February and I look ahead to the 14 day weather trend...
I feel fairly confident that they'll bloom without their little buds having to fight off anymore frost.

Today it is Groundhog day...
what does the groundhog say in your part of the world?

all for now...
with love,