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Stop the packing away . . .just before new years I received a parcel from blogger friend Sara who had won my bloggy giveaway in December.
That little hen had herself 3 beautifully decorated eggs.

What a wonderful treat to receive the little parcel pickup note to go to the post office.
I wasted no time and ran right down . . . .hoping it wasn't some gigantic government agricultural survey form to fill out.

The packing stuffing was flying hither and to.
Inside was another perfect little box.

And then there was these. Sara received them from her mom 30 years ago.
Wow, and now they are going to live in Canada at our farm.
How very sweet. They really are beautiful.
Thank you so much Sara for that unexpected treat.
They fit perfectly on our tree, and I assure you they will be put up with delight next Christmas.
She also sent this darling card. It was so perfect with my decor, I'm tucking it away with the decorations to use it again next year.
Thank you so much Sara . . .
We had such a good time with our clan yesterday. Babies babies everywhere.
There was six babies under a year. We were going to take a picture of them all together but between feedings and nappings it didn't happen.
We were 27 at our bungalow yesterday. I made Portzelky and Vegetarian Lasagne and everyone else brought something to share.
I loved having everyone here. It was a tad tight. Next year 6 of them will be running around.
So . . . .from here on in we are going to host the summer events.
I'll make the Portzelky and deliver . . .
Have a wonderful day my friends,
I'm off to dismantle the decor.


  1. Sounds like you had a fun time with family!
    Mail surprises are so much fun, what nice tree ornaments.
    Enjoy your day!

  2. Oh.. I LOVE gifts with 'history' attached... How beautiful the eggs are!
    Hmmm... if there is anything busier than six babies under a year .. it would be six babies under two !!!

    Very wise decision on your part to host the 'summer event' next year !! smile

    Six babies under

  3. 6 babies under a year ~ wow! I remember being a mother of one of the trhee babies under 3 months, that was fun!
    Packing Christmas away is a little depressing for me. I get over it quickly enough, but it is work that brings no joy. I hope your day goes well!

  4. Happy Ninth Day of Christmas!

    Sweet egg ornaments...what a delight, and story to boot.

  5. Lovella, you are so welcome! It's fun to see those eggs in their new home.

    Wow, six babies! Next year will be even more fun....!

  6. It wasn't a tight space- it was cozy! I agree though that next year we will have a more "mobile" group on our hands... could be interesting! Thanks again for the delicious food- off to the doctor with my little man.

  7. wow what a house full......babies are so much fun especially when they go home for night ;-). what a nice surprise to get in the mail. who doesn't love surprises!!!
    getting ready to make homemade pizza for 15 people tonight.....one last party before relatives head back for the states. sad to see this season end. it will be good to get into a routine again though. have a great day

  8. What lovely little ornaments!

    I dismantled today too - a family tradition - put the decorations up on my son's birthday,Dec 10th, and take them down on my sister's b-day - today.

    Smart move on hosting the summer events.I had a family shower with around 35 here - It was crowded and all the little girl nieces (we have 6 between 6 and 9) were playing a game in the bathroom. Don't ask me what the game was - but there were a lot of little footprints in the tub!!

  9. It sounds like we're doing the same things these days! We both had a big gang in yesterday...we're both packing up the Christmas decor today. Very cute eggs for your tree...and they come with a lot of history!

    PS Are you still eating portzelky...or did they all disappear yesterday?

  10. Well congratulations on your big event. It's a huge undertaking, but the memories are so special.

    I can't imagine all of them in your tiny bungalow, but then there is lots of energy and that's what keeps the party going.

  11. I think squeezing family in anywhere would be great right now. Sure miss family and friends this time of year. We had a few years when everyone was in the same place and it was wonderful. We all knew it wouldn´t last long so we enjoyed it to the fullest. I am so glad you have your kids close and many relatives too. Enjoy!! Happy new year!!

  12. I have those exact same eggs... and yes, they are antique! I bought mine from Current (the card company) several years before we were married 27 years ago. So they must be 30 years old at least. I hang mine with tacks from the window panes each Christmas. But you know what?! I never missed them this year and would never have known we didn't put them up until I saw your post! I MUST find out where they are hiding! I love mailbox treasures, too. You received a really nice treasure!

  13. Nothing like a package in the mail! Gorgeous card and beautiful eggs. Your family is growing; what a great reason to shake things up a little for next year. I love that you all make a point of celebrating together ... but who wouldn't come when there's portzelky involved and new babies to see?

  14. Happy New Year Lovella.
    I would have been in HEAVEN with 6 babies! :)

  15. It sounds as if you are truly blessed...friends, family...good food...and a bunch o' babies!! : ) What more could you ask for?



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