can we make it twenty?

Fantastic news, we've had nineteen straight days of rain. Now far be it from me to brag about our healthy water supply but I do feel rather proud of the fact that when I had my beloved check behind my ears, he didn't find any mold spores. Woo hoo.

I have a busy day ahead with cleaning and a luncheon to make but I thought I should just say a quick Hi and tell you that we will start the walking club on Monday. Okey Dokey?

Yesterday we tried one more mall to find cute baby clothing. I should mall walk regularly since the evidence shows a good amount of stepping. My goal will still continue to be 10,000 since most days I don't go to the mall. I'm thinking about how we will be a club. I'll let you know what I come up with and maybe you have some ideas too if you want to join me.

Okay, I best be off to clean up the bungalow and fix some lunch. Have a great day my friends.


  1. How about club members leave a Friday comment on your blog abou their total number of steps for the week?

  2. 19 days of rain is quite a lot! It sounds like you live in Scotland. :) I think you're going to be quite fit before you know it with all that walking!

  3. We're on day 20?!? No wonder why I've got the January blahs. Yikes! Let's hope we don't make any records this year.

  4. I new that you would find data to support the benefit of shopping! Woohooo....

  5. 19 days of rain?? rain here and the sun is shining beautifully!
    Enjoy your day..find "sunshine" in other things!

  6. whew! i'm glad the walking club won't start till monday because i've really got to step it up before then! i'm embarrased to admit that my step count SUPER low yesterday :(

  7. I wanna be in the club too...I gotta get me one of those walkin' fun! :)

  8. Hmmmm... a walking club .. sounds like a really good idea !!
    How about I stand and cheer everyone on?? How many calories does that burn ???

  9. Someone in this house is suffering from the lack of Vit. D and sunshine! Its obvious! If we could shine flashlights on him to make him a happier camper, we would! I just don't think that the light in the eyes would do the trick.

  10. Oh dear - that's a lot of wet!

    We have had quite a bit here too but the sun breaks out every now and then.

    Our snow is disappearing but more is on the way - which is now surprise!

    Looking forward to hearing about the walking club

    oh yes,

    and walking!

    of course

  11. I am getting quite sick and tired of this wet drippy weather. I didn't know how many days of rain we have had though. Thanx for the stats.
    I'd like to be in that walking club too but I don't have a counter. Also women, we need to be lifting weights - that's what the doctor on Opray says. Something about women getting older and not having enough muscle. I can't remember why exactly, just that we should be.

    Well Lovella, have a good wet day.

  12. One of the main reasons i no longer live in Abby. If my memory hasn't failed me it rained once, for a short time, since September. AND I haven't worked in the rain since I moved here over 1 1/2 years ago. Enjoy your walks in the rain! :-)

  13. OK I have exactly the same meter and I will wear it on my ski pants this week and see what happens? (no you know why I have two counters)

    Sounds like we could record our numbers daily and see where it goes.
    We'll figure it out as we go.

    Then we'll talk about core work, that's another area.....

  14. A club is "a group of people organized for a common purpose" of the dictionary definitions. So there is no reason you can't have a club with members spread all over blogland, Lovella. I might even be convinced to buy a pedometer...we'll see.

  15. I got a pedometer last week and now that I'm chasing kids again the steps sure add up quickly. So far today I am at 10,656 and that's mostly from housework and going up and down the stairs doing laundry. Walking around while watching TV sure counts up too! Thanks - I'm anxious to see what you come up with for the walking club. Count me in!


  16. I'm so glad to hear you are not growing mold spores upon your person! That is quite a lot of rain, but of course, you know we are often rain-deprived down here closer to Mexico...

    I did better yesterday with my step count - 8540 - because I went for a real walk at one point. Right now for today it's only about 4000. I like the mall idea - I may have to resort to that, and window shop at the same time. Good way to keep up with the sales too!

    The little brochure that came with my pedometer (it looks just like yours) says to avoid getting discouraged, try recording your weekly step count rather than a daily one. So if one day is really low, you can make it up over the rest of the week if you like.

  17. The walking club sounds like a great idea.

    I don't think that the residents of Florida ("The Sunshine State") would care much for 19 straight days of rain, but an occasional downpour would be nice (we finally had one last night) as our aquifers are getting a bit low.

  18. Please send your rain our way! We have have a couple of days, but could use more.

    I would like to be in your walking club. I will be walking on the thread mill more than likely, since it's dark when I get home from work.




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