walking in the sunshine

Oh the beauty of the clear blue sky. Yesterday was marvelous. I went for a walk to get the mail and stopped along the way to take some photos. I did quite well yesterday with walking. I'm amazed at how that little pedometer encourages me to step instead of sit. I did well over my goal.
In the evening we took our Charlotte's Maple Twists and went and heard our young friend tickle the keyboard with precision in his final preparation for his ARCT exam. We were so impressed with his confidence and it was wonderful to see his parents glow with pride. They deserved this moment to be able to show us what he has achieved. Well done!!!

How many steps do you think I need to take to eat a good size portion of that maple twist. I had forgotten how good they are. Have you made them? Refer to my bread section and get busy. The recipe was requested and again Charlotte, thank you for that delicious recipe.
It's date day today . . .so I'm off .. . .for the WHOLE day.
Happy stepping.


  1. Are those pussy willows that I see?? We are a long way off from that!!
    We have sunshine and -17 C...not bad!
    Enjoy your day, Lovella.

  2. The maple twists sound (and look) really good! And, I'm thinking they could be modified just a bit to add other (maybe savory) ingredients as well. I'll let you know if I make them sometime.

  3. I made the maple twists a few months ago for our Bible Study group and they were a huge hit! Several ladies asked for the recipe. I will definitely make them again when I have lots of people to eat them - don't want any tempting leftovers around! Thanks for posting such yummy recipes! Elsie

  4. Oh I'm afraid to calculate how many steps for a maple thingee! Have a fun date...

  5. Just so you know:
    We have had cold rain the last two days.
    I told you I would see what could be done about sending you some of our sunshine.
    I did not mean for you to send us your cold rain as a swap.

    Details, details. Those Maple twisty things are awfully good and a Bible Study group is the perfect place to share the delight.

  6. Like Jill, we've had pretty cold weather the past few days, and the rain will be here this evening. It certainly doesn't motivate me to get out and walk much, but I have errands to run and a nice long visit with my favorite hair-dresser today. I think I'll get some Spring highlights put in...maybe that'll motivate me to get outside and walk!

  7. Beautiful photos - I especially like the second one with the frost.

    I have not made those maple twists yet; I don't dare! Too many calories. Perhaps I could make it for someone else one of these days however.

    Our Tuesday was cloudy but today is sunny again...I do love the blue skies! When it isn't 90 degrees outside.

  8. maple twist!!!!!!!!!!!!
    oh the dilema,your killin' me

  9. Yes, I too made the maple twists for some friends.. I couldn't have them of course although I'm sure I gleaned SOME calories just from the mouth watering smell... so there were only five people eating the twists warm from the oven and they all disappeared within a few minutes !!
    ( the twists disappeared .. NOT the people !!)


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