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Could I please have everyone line up in a single file in a orderly manner to be counted in for the walking club? This could mean some pretty risky delurking for some of you folks. Be brave.

I am really feeling motivated by all of you. I don't know exactly how this club will work but I do believe that together we can become more fit.

See this mountain? It looms in the distance looking pretty ominous to me. I want to be able to climb it without feeling like my lung is going to collapse.

This is what I would like to present . . .

Put on your pedometer and see how much you walk Monday to Friday. On Saturdays, we'll see what we individually average out to. (Take Monday to Friday totals and divide by 5) Then next week, we'll each decide how much we want to increase your activity for the following week.
If you have any other organizing ideas, please feel free to suggest on todays post and we can make adjustments . You know me and rules, I like them a bit loose.
On Saturday though I cleaned house I only made 3500 steps. Some days I'll walk more and some days less. I want to walk an average of 7000 steps per day this week and see how that goes. . . Last week Vicki offered this walking site and I'm providing it now for you since it has such good tips I'll also put it on my sidebar for easy access.
The walking Site link is at the top below my picture.

So, on Friday my beloved also went and bought himself a pedometer since I wasn't willing to borrow him mine. He wants to join the club he says. He goes off to do the chores and smirks when he comes in for lunch but won't tell me his steps. When he comes in at 4 pm to shower, there it is 11, 040. I told him fine he could join.

So, it seems that everyone who hangs out with me at the farm is willing to participate. Even Tobee offered to wear my pedometer for a bit when I was resting. I threw his little ball down the hallway and I'm sure I saw him smiling when I looked at his total.

So, I'm sitting here and though I can't yet see the weather outside, I can hear the vehicles splash in the rain. No worries. I have gum boots. I just bought these after Christmas for slogging through the soggy pasture to take pictures. (Don't worry I have better walking shoes)
It doesn't matter where you walk . . .(inside. . outside) it doesn't matter if you are just starting to become active, just make a little difference in your overall health today and don't be shy to join.
I'm off to make some Oatmeal. Have a wonderful day my friends.


  1. So reading the walking site she says the average person takes approx 2000 steps per mile. I will use that formula to figure out my steps without a pedometer. I know from experience I walk 3 miles in one hour. So I'm joining in the walking club using this formula instead of a pedometer. Is that OK?

  2. Ellen, yes of course that is Okay.
    What ever formula works for everyone is fine by me.

  3. I think something is wrong with mine? I've been doing housework and only 490 steps??

    I wonder how you check these things?

    I'm in.

  4. . . .it's okay i'm at 505 and it seems to move slowly today too. I found that when I did housework the effort didn't seem to show.

  5. Hmmm... loose rules ??
    I have a VERY active imagination and go far in an hour -- any ideas on how to convert that to steps?

  6. I just got back from my 50 min walk. I have no idea how many steps that is ... but I'm extra proud of the fact that I did it in the rain. If it hadn't been for my good walking partner friend, I would have stayed in bed and missed out on the good feeling.

  7. Okay, I'm "armed" and ready to keep track again. For some strange reason, I quit wearing my pedometer about three months ago.

    IslandSparrow, it's really hard to get an accurate count with some pedometers while doing housework. Some don't actually begin to record steps until you've logged 10 (or more) consecutive, non-stop steps. Just take a big lap around the room before you dust that next piece of furniture! Remember, with housework, you're still getting a bit of an aerobic workout!

  8. I'm in! I just got back from getting a Pedometer. It even has a Fat Analyzer (doesn't that sound fun?!?) Go BWC!! We can do it! :)

  9. I don't have a pedometer but will keep track of my steps the best I can...I'm in!
    Off to the mall, will be interesting how many steps I get in. I may even purchase a pedometer!!
    Great to see Terry joining in...he will probably outwalk us all..

  10. I'm in Lovella~! My sweet mother dearest got me a pedometer, and I am wearing it at work, although it has already reset itself 3 or 4 times until I figured out that under scubs is not a place for a pedometer. It has since been moved to my leg pocket (from my waist) so I get to add a half mile! Thank you for the motivation and incentive! Laura

  11. i too have needed to move mine around a bit in order to get an acurate reading. that's what i get for buying the cheapest one at kmart, eh? i'm getting better though...yesterday i passed 8000!

  12. no wlet's see..........hmmm, were did i put it, well i am off to look for my pedometer........yikes am i up for the challenge. i know that walking in -30 plus a wind chill factor is definately NOT for me but perhaps at the mall.;-). way to go betty r still walking in our blistery cold weather, brave woman you!!!at least i think you mentioned you walk outside.

  13. I'd like to join the BWC too but I still don't have a pedometer. I saw you can get a free one in a box of Special K cereal. Maybe I'll try that.
    Terry will probably outwalk us all but if us women could only measure the miles that our minds walk...or if we could lose weight and get fit by the amount of words we speak in a would be a whole different story.

  14. Well Lovella you are an inspiration for sure...did I not say I didn't think I'd like to wear a pedometer?? I did buy one today and I am wearing it and counting the distance I go!
    Yes Charlotte I have been walking in -30 C weather and it is a tad
    Okay let's get to it..this is like work keeping track of

  15. What brand of Pedometer do you recommend? I know nothing at all about them. Got some Christmas money burning a hole in my pocket. I walk all day at my job and just might get up the go, might now, to travel outside in the early AM to up my count. I'll need to get my ipod ready to go along too! Anyone got a treadmill to jump on? Wonder what I did with those ankle weights ... I'm sweating already just thinking about all this ....

  16. Pam, I really am no authority on pedometers, I would recommend you buy a decent one and my husband went to a sport store and followed their recommendation. Middle of the road. He knew I wouldn't want to figure out a fancy model.

  17. I just came home from the grocery store. I bought the Special K cereal and got the free pedometer in the box. It seems to work just fine.

  18. Oh, how fun...I'll have to ask my beloved to get me a pedometer. I used to have one, but that was when I had but one wee lass...

    your so fun.
    (laundry doesn't count, right? drats!)

    mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted

  19. Lovella, I'd love to join your walking club! Guess what I've been doing every week day since Jan 1st? I've been walking outdoors, in our wretched BC weather, for 45 - 60 minutes. I'm also going twice per week to the gym, so when I saw your blog walk thing I thought I'd love to join too. What do I have to do? Just let you know that I'm in? I have a pedometer somewhere...just have to find the thing...

  20. way to inspire Lovella! I am on a new kick myself, and rather looking forward to being healthy and fit!!

  21. Lovella and Pam, when I was helping Santa with purchasing pedometers for the family for Christmas 2006, I did a lot of research on them. If anyone is interested, I'd be happy to tell about mine and explain why I bought it. (Maybe I should just tell about it on my blog...?)

    Are you sure that you don't want to start a moving club, too? ;)

  22. I've had my oatmeal & the sun is I should be raring to go! But I'm a little 'under the weather', so I'll be playing catch-up later. My hubby wore his pedometer to work in fall and couldn't believe how many steps he logged each day. It only lasted about a week, before he shattered he wants a new one too!

  23. I did 7000 steps yesterday...just here at home and work! I couldn't believe it! Now I just have to to some "extra curricular" walking! : )
    What motivation!



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