Friday, February 29, 2008

the barbed wire fence . .. ouch

This morning I chatted on the phone with Jill about blogging etiquette. Jill and her daughter Laura had been wondering about some of the issues of blogging and she wanted to run some of their ideas by me. If you are like me you are likely hoping that you won't offend or cross through someone else's barbed wire fence without permission.
We decided to team blog today and I would encourage you to run over to Jill's blog today and read a list of the blogging etiquette that we discussed over the phone. Some things were of greater importance to her and some issues were at the top of my do and don't list.
I think we all of us blog writers enjoy the sense of community that we are rewarded with. As individuals we will be as unique on bloggy land as we are if we were to become friends in a different forum. In the year and a bit that I've enjoyed this hobby I've learned much about myself and also I've learned a bit of others. I would very much value your input on this post. Perhaps after reading Jill's post and my post you may also want to post on this issue yourself and share the etiquette that you value most.

One of the things I'm not entirely sure about is the link list. I'm always surprised and delighted to find my name on someone else's link .. .especially if I enjoy that persons blog. I'm especially surprised if I had never heard of their blog before and don't have a personal connection with them. I think it might be considered a wee bit polite to at least leave one comment in the other persons blog as if to say . . .hey I live across the street .. .come by some time. I'm not innocent in this either but I plan to do this properly in the future.

Speaking of living across the street. I've noticed that some people have no issues of telling what town, state, province, country they occupy and others feel quite protective of this information. This is further complicated when folks know you and know where you've been and then say . .. hey is that the _______ bridge or the ________ river or even say usually innocently which town you live in. I try to respect that privacy and I'm sure I've goofed this one up myself.

Also, related to this issue, it makes me uncomfortable when someone attempts to become a detective and finds my mailing address. I've been very blessed to have meet some wonderful girls through blogging and we have become email and phone pals but their is an understanding between us that an address is requested not found.

Oh and about the link list. What really is the proper way of updating this without being rude? I'm asking you. If someone is linked to you and is an avid blogger for awhile and then the hobby fizzles out .. . what do you do with their link? I'm a sensitive girl myself and wouldn't want to hurt another's feelings, but I would love to have a link list that is current for others to enjoy, without clicking in and out looking for a new post.

Another etiquette question I have is about tagging. Is it really rude not to play the game? It was so easy in elementary school to say . ..I don't want to .. . After telling the weird things about myself once or twice I just can't think of anymore. Perhaps you should contact my family and ask them .. .oh wait .. . .no . .. I've already said that may be a no no. (smirk)

Another small thing I think about is I have no problem with people lurking that don't know me from a hole in the wall .. .but if you know me and you read my blog . . pretty please the next time you see me .. . .let me know. I'm honoured that you find my corner of the world worth the few moments a day that you stop by.

Don't forget to run over to see Jill today .. .her list will be worth the read. . . .
also stop by Laura's blog as well to see her take on blog etiquette.

Please tell us what you think .. .what is important and what is not? Of course we all have different ideas since culturally we will all have different life experiences. I'd truly love your input on this. If they don't quite have their post completed .. .they will .. .pop by a bit later.

Have a wonderful day .. my pedometer is on but so far it's barely budged. .. .Oh dear .. .time to get moving.
Tomorrow is pedometer stat club day .. . Oh boy .. . I've had good days and bad days and we'll see what the average comes out to.

Thursday, February 28, 2008


I'm gearing up for our anniversary next week .. .
(this is not our anniversary post)
I'm just having so much fun going through all our old slides. The hairstyles, the glasses, the clothes .. . oh my.
I did find this little gem from the summer of 1994.
Our church had a "brides of the decades fashion show".
It was absolutely the funnest event. It gave us girls a chance to wear our wedding dresses in church one more time.
The bride on the left is my friend Flo modeling her wedding gown and her daughter Stephanie is modeling her grandmothers wedding gown.
My mom made my wedding gown and veil and hand stitched on all the yards of lace. I've tried it on literally dozens of times and the funny thing is . . .
every time I mentally reconstruct it to be in today's styles.
When is the last time you tried on your wedding gown?
Do you still have it?
I'll have a few more wedding pictures over the next week to amuse you with.
I'm off for my walk. Do you have your pedometer on?
Have a wonderful day my friends.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Are Shreddies Canadian?

Good morning .. .

Remember the commercial when we were young for Shreddies Cereal?
The jingle is in my head but for the life of me I can't remember the line?
Anyways. . it doesn't really matter (as opposed to what I generally think matters).
This morning as I was making the coffee, I opened up the cupboard door, smiled,
and put this box in the counter.

My beloved glanced up from what he was reading and looked at me.
I said .. . .I saw these yesterday when I was doing groceries .. . .I was hungry for them.
He said. . . I was going to say .. . .I'm kind of hungry for cold cereal.
Don't you just love that when you think alike?
Oh and .. .they were yummy.
So, my pedometer is on today. Yesterday I had my first pedometer malfunction since the bloggy walking program began. . .
I went to the mall with the lil' farmhand and his mommy and I took the pedometer off in the change room and popped it in my purse so I wouldn't lose it. . . .
A few hours later I realized I hadn't put it back on .. .
That is my excuse and I'm sticking to it.
I'm off for my walk and then .. . .
Stuart emailed me last night saying they'll be having care group at their house and they would appreciate a batch of Paska. . .
so .. . .
I'll be setting up Paska camp again.
Have a wonderful day my friends.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

first day back at work

The lil' farm hand showed up for work again yesterday after his much needed vacation.
We initially thought he was asking for a couple weeks off rather early in his employment but that little guy has quite a way with his employer and off he went. . .
with a smirk on his face.
Yesterday's job was not for the faint of heart. . .
it's a good thing he has a strong constitution.
He took him out to see what his grandpa was working on.
He practiced making sounds by gently putting his lips together and then flapping them.
How is it that little boys know how to make motor sounds by the time they are two months old?
After awhile I talked him into helping Grammie for a bit.
We walked to get the mail.

His job was to rest up and be adorable.

We made sure we were back in time for the all important coffee break.
He took his work boots off and soaked up some vitamin D and kicked in the "fresh spring air".

Later on I packed up his paska to take home. . . .
along with a batch of special paska icing.

When the sun sets and the day is as wonderful as that,
I feel very blessed.

My pedometer is on again .. .
I need to run to the market and buy some more paska making ingredients .. .
there are a few freezers that are begging to be filled.

Have a wonderful day my friends.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Birthday recap

I'm happy to say that I've been treated with some good lovin' this weekend.
I suppose the older you get the more days the celebration goes on.
I've been treated to birthday lunches . .. .
My two sister in laws Mary and Heidi invited me to Earls . ..

Since sisters from birth never did arrive .. .
God blessed me with sisters by love.

On Friday we drove to Seattle with friends and indeed we were by the Space Needle.
We were at the Key Arena where we went to a Sonics Basketball game.

This was a first for me. I had never been to a NBA game before and I was amazed at the constant entertainment.

These two brothers were quite the amazing contortionists.
They've appeared in the cirque de solei before.

I was quite properly entertained all weekend.
Oh and on Saturday we went to a wedding of a couple in love in their autumn years.
It was very sweet.
In the evening we went to dinner with friends.
I have no pictures of me at my parties since I am the one that takes pictures.
It's not like you never get to see me. .
Yesterday we went to Terrence & Bea's and lil' farm hand's house for the afternoon and evening.
Stuart and Karlee and lil' miss N and also my mom by love came.
We ordered in Chinese and enjoyed the delicious cheesecake that mom made.
So, it's all good. The birthday is done for another year.
Thank you so much for all the wonderfully kind words on my birthday. .
you all make me feel incredibly special.
Today, I'm whipping up another batch of practice paska .. .
I'm going for a walk .. . .
I'm paying some bills. . .
Doing some laundry .. .
It is Monday after all.
Pedometers on everyone ..
Have a wonderful day my friends.

Saturday, February 23, 2008


Fantastic News!!!
I'm forty-nine.
I've almost made it to the all important big one.
I'm still not completely sure what everyone is so excited about when they get to the big one. . .
but I suppose in a year I'll know .. .and I'm sure I'll tell you.
I got this card from my SIL Heidi.
I had been thinking of choosing a word to use as my goal this year.
I love what this card says.
enjoy more. . . ..
dream more. . .
live more. . .
laugh more. . .
relax more .. .
imagine more. . .
smile more .. .
hope more .. .
believe more. . .
create more. . .
love more. . .
off the top of my head. . .there are a few "more" I could add.
I'll do a post of this sometime soon.
"more" will be my word for the year.
Oh and about the tiara. . .
last year our friends Todd and Nancy gave it to me. . .
and this year I decided that I will do a "personal self photo"
every year to see how I'm coming along .. .
I wore it on last years birthday post and I thought it could be quite fun to see
"my advancement"
over the next years. .
( I do wonder how long I'll be blogging)

Oh and for those of you tuning in for the bloggy walking club .. .
here is my average for week six.

I had a slow day yesterday but I spent some time sitting while my hairdresser dealt with those stubborn roots .. .

and then I spent some more time sitting here.

I'll post more of my birthday celebrations on Monday .. .

but here is a hint. . . .

Oh and just so you know. . .
my day has started in a spectacular way.

My beloved took me out for coffee this morning and when I went to get into the truck . ..
this slide scanner was sitting in my seat.

Now you've got to know.. . .I've been hinting and begging and going on and on about how some girls get these for their birthdays. .. .

What I would love to do right now is sit down with the zillions of slides that we have and begin to scan them into our computer .. . .
but . ..
we have a wedding to go to this afternoon .. .
is it wrong for me to wear the tiara?


Have a wonderful day my friends .. .see you on Monday.

Friday, February 22, 2008


This little bowl and saucer were inherited from my beloved's grandparents. I wonder how old they are ..
Were they collected as a set from gasoline stations at one time .. .
or were they purchased as a whole set.
They just don't make sturdy dishes like this anymore.

Does anyone else have this set?
I have three saucers and 3 bowls.
They help to make the morning ground flax seed with hot oatmeal go down
just a bit easier.
I can't imagine they would have ever guessed how often I think of them when we use these bowls every morning.
Always kind thoughts.
Grandpa .. . .quiet as a mouse.
Grandma .. . .chattering up a storm.

Anyways .. .
just a quick hi this morning. . .
did you have breakfast?
Do you have your pedometer on?
Do you have anything exciting planned for today.
I do actually. . .
I just have to run and have my roots looked at first .. .
and then we're off. . . .
Pop by tomorrow with your bloggy walking stats for the week.
Have a wonderful day my friends.
(oh .. . and imagine my delight at pressing the spell check button and see that it's readjusted it's attitude. . . . .woo hoo it still has issues with some of my words. . .but it's my blog and I'll say bloggy if I want to)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

staying home and being good

He's They're back.
Oh . . . it was fantastic to see smiling faces.
We reminded the lil' farm hand who we were ..
and he was good with that.
We brought them all back here for lunch before they headed home from the farm.
I had a moment of dejavu when I heard the rustling of bags and gifts were passed out.
My parents never came home from their far away trips without bringing us
It started out when we were younger as
"gifts for staying home and being good". . .
and later it was just because.
So, besides some petty yummy South American candy. . .
I got not one pair but two new pair of flip flop sandals.

This morning the sun is shining and I took them out to show them what Canadian sunshine feels like this time of year. . . .
they wanted to go back in .. .
poor things.

Oh .. .and did you see the moon eclipse last night.
Pretty amazing show .. put on by our creator Himself. .

All is well in my neck of the woods today .. .
I'm off for a ladies luncheon.

My pedometer is on and I'll get my walk in before it's time to go.
Have a wonderful day my friends.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

oh happy day!!!

Coffee break on the farm yesterday afternoon was nothing out of the ordinary .. .
(a chuckle and a smirk here)
My farmer , gardener , beloved called me at 2:30 in the afternoon to see when coffee would be ready . . .
I said. . .come see .. .
He said .. . I'm on my way. ..

We couldn't sit inside to have our break together. . .
the sun was out .. .
as were the bees. . ..
(and a few flies .. .grr)

Oh .. and as I was getting ready to bring out the coffee .. .there was a hummingbird helping itself to a taste of my tulips on the porch.

How many steps do you think this empty plate represents?
I tried to figure it out. . and I can't. . .it was too painful.

Oh and by the way .. .the Paska recipe can be found on my sidebar.

I did take some new pictures of the process yesterday and I'm planning on reposting the recipe with new pictures the beginning of March. . .when the real Paska. .(Easter Bread) season begins.

(can't blame a girl for practicing a bit .. can you?)

Oh and yesterday I had two delightful surprise phone calls from far away friends.
The first was from Jill down in Texas.
The second one was from Charlotte in Manitoba.


But the sweetest news of all is that I'll see landing gear.

Our lil' farm hand is returning today from his great adventures from way down south.

We're off to retrieve him and his folks from the airport.
It's still early here but I can't sleep.
I have my flight tracker on and I'm watching them come .. .
woo hoo.

I wonder how many steps my pedometer will count today. . .
surely dancing from joy .. .counts for extra.

Have a wonderful day my friends.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

winterspring cleanup

Shadows are a wonderful thing. Shadows give us instant gratification. . . if you can coax yourself to move from the dark into the bright light of the sun. . .well ..
it is wonderful.
I have one winter rose bud that fancied itself robust enough to make it through the winter.
I've given it a smile as I've walked by .. .thanking it for it's
winter time duty.

I marveled at the shadows cast by the worker and company.
I considered asking him if he could pose differently for my amusement .. .
but he seemed intent on getting the job done.
Terry had a friend email him concerned about his safety on the ladder in my last post.
The tree is only ten feet tall ..
the ground is not frozen ..
the ladder is a new model .. .
how bad could it be?
My chives are dreaming of baked potato and sour cream parties.

My parsley has thought of nothing else since it's last encounter with Pasta Sauce last week.

The boxwood is now feeling utterly square.

I feel quite smug. . .as it was my idea five years ago to plant it close to the house to break up the nasty looking foundation .. from our deck.

I reminded my gardener of that once again.

This was about the time where I heard the old but true line ..
"I don't smell no coffee".
I scurried off to remedy that.

He asked what to do about the out of control clematis that climes up our light pole and then gets lazy and slinks back down to the ground each year.

We chopped it back .. .
and felt quite good about it.

Pruning on the farm is complete.
Check that one off the list and enjoy one more day of glorious sunshine.
I'm off to thinly peel an orange and a lemon.
Guess what I'm going to make today.

Pedometers everyone. ..
get your hearts pumping and tally your score ..
it's only Tuesday.

Have a wonderful day my friends.

(reeely .. .haw harde isit to ficks spel chequ blog ficksers?)

Sunday, February 17, 2008


Sitting on our back porch sipping our coffee with the sun shining on our pale faces .. .was pretty much perfect. It is certainly true that when something is withheld for a time it becomes increasingly more desired and precious. We felt content.

Later in the evening we watched 60 minutes and they had a segment on contentment and the country Denmark is currently the most content overall country. They interviewed a group of young people and asked them what they attribute the country's overall contentment level with . They felt their expectations were lower than Europe or America. They even admit that generally speaking people are heard to complain often. When something good happens, they appreciate it .. . .a lot. Interesting isn't it?

They didn't feel that they would be anymore content with more money. They feel that most people place the highest value of contentment on family relationships.

Canada scored higher in the happiness scale than the US. Good to know. Really how are these things measured? How do we feel as if we are content? I confess until yesterday, I complained bitterly about the weather . .day in and day out. This is mostly for show, since when making small talk in line ups and casual conversations it would seem unrealistic and a bit odd to be joyous of another drizzly day.
Perhaps that explains why when the sky looked as it did yesterday we felt utterly content with our surroundings.

This caused me to wonder of my own life. . .what if anything would make me happier. I understand happiness to be rather superficial depending on the circumstances I find myself in. Momentary unhappiness is caused by things like pouring water in the coffee maker when it was already filled, and thus caused messy flooding on the counter top. I'm generally a bit unhappy when I leave a batch of cookies in the oven for double the length of time and ruin them. I felt a bit unhappy when i recently spent hours baking a cake that was destined for the garbage from the moment it began . . . .Oh vey!! Does this then make me a person who is discontented?

Generally speaking I suppose I am blessed to be content. Certainly as with most people there are circumstances in my life which I would choose to change if I had the power to do so. Everyone has stuff. Challenges in our lives and how we choose to deal with them make us who we are.

The deeper question and one that they didn't discuss is whether we have joy. Joy is infinitely more important than happiness. Joy deep within the soul remains even when our circumstances go awry.

Believing that nothing touches my life except being passed by the hand of God allows me to rest in the assurance that my life is in His hands. As a child of God I trust God's heart even when I don't understand all that He allows. In believing and understanding this truth for my life . ..I have joy.

So . .I'm wondering today .. .if you are not one of the folks from Denmark .. .would you still say that you live in a state of contentment today? Just for today, what would make a difference?

Alrighty. . .you know the drill .. . line up and get your pedometers fastened with duct tape or whatever else works for you. This morning on an advertising clip promoting heart health, they had several points which claim to be beneficial. One of those points was wearing a pedometer. Another thing that they said was vital was to have friends, at least 10.
Well, I have both . .. (including you of course) .. . so I'm set.

Have a wonderful day my friends .. . The sky is blue .. . again.