at the river

This morning we were treated to a spectacular sunrise. My beloved was pouring coffee when he saw the glow against the barns .. .
Coffee can wait .. . .the sunrise does not.
Fortunately for me .. . .he waits too.

Yesterday we went to the river for a walk. The trail system is wonderful.
We walked first on the trail beside the river and then took the dyke back to the truck.

It was a calm and crisp day. I couldn't get over how calm the river was. It appeared to be more of a lake than a flowing river.
In a few months I'll retake this same picture and show you the difference.
Once the snow starts to melt in the mountains the river becomes the mighty Fraser.

We stopped for a photo op on the old train bridge.
When I was growing up if we wanted to cross the river we waited for the light to change before crossing since it was a single lane bridge.
Between the waits and the trains, it could be quite a long wait.

The amount of train traffic that crosses it now is amazing.
My beloved was setting up the camera and we heard a whistle blowing in the distance and he asked . . .is that train coming here?
"I don't see it" . ..I replied.

He continued to adjust where I should stand.
I saw the train coming in the distance and finally said. . .
"Oh . . . there she comes"
I thought we had plenty of time.
He did not.
We came back.

That is the same mountain in the distance as the sunrise mountain this morning.

We saw such beautiful eagles. This is the closest I got.
We walked for a few hours.
I loved it.
Such a cheap date .. . .
Got your pedometer on?
Have a wonderful day my friends.


  1. Beautiful , Lovella ! I love cheap dates !! smile

    I have memories of that bridge and being so nervous crossing it when I first got my had to turn your wheels just right to get them between the rail tracks - and yes the waiting lines waiting for the trains to cross first.

  2. Such beauty where you are! I think I'm going to have to make it out west someday!

  3. Oh yes...I remember that bridge. I played on a school volleyball team 'way back when' and rememeber being late for a tournament, because of the long wait at the bridge! Great pic's...glad you yeilded to the train!

  4. I have to say that I love Canada more and more the longer I live here! There's so much beauty - the most beautiful place I've ever lived! Thanks for sharing your corner of it.

  5. Fantastic photos!

    Oh, yes, cheap dates are sometimes the best!

    That train bridge brings to mind the bi-directional tunnel in Whittier, AK, that is single-lane-wide and shared by trains, buses, trucks, and cars, and each wait in queues for their turn to enter. That was a long wait and I was just a bit nervous entering it.

  6. it looks like a lovely time. i am jealous about those sunrises. you don't see them like that in my part of germany. too many hills. oh well, one day i will be back on my beloved prairie and then i will see a sunrise again.

  7. Guess what? Your town and my town are having almost identical temperatures/humidity today.

    It is harder to want to walk around in cold wettish weather.

    That sunrise was amazing. Kudos for grabbing a shot of it, and promising us a before and after shot of the Mighty Fraiser too!

    Freezing in the library and thinking of you~

  8. Excuse me, but I think you were just down the road from us- and you didn't visit! Stop bys are welcome, so next time drop in and see the place!

  9. What wonderful captured it all so well, Lovella..
    Cheap date..the best! With all that walking you must have had a pretty good total on your pedometer at the end of the day.
    Guess what...hubby is now wearing a pedometer too..'smile':)
    I'm with you Ellie...those prairie sunrises and sunsets are a sight to behold! Now if I only knew how to capture them as well as you do, Lovella..

  10. I look forward to walking with my DH again.
    It has been so long since he was able to walk any distance at all.
    His heart's desire is to walk. Just walk.
    Yay for new knees!!!!!!

  11. I confirmed today what I feared was true. The free pedometer from Kellogg's doesn't work right. So I will have to guestimate my steps until I get my birthday present early--maybe this weekend. But I have been walking every day!

    I agree with everyone--the cheap dates are the best!

  12. Glorious photos! It's so neat that you have a beloved who enjoys your early morning company and can wait for coffee. Now what does that red sky in the morning mean for you folks?

  13. What a perfect way to spend time together. My hubby thinks I should help him walk in the barns a bit more.(Quilt) Not!
    I love being outdoors.

    I remember that bridge oh so well, on our way to my grandparents. It was always a highlight to watch it open for boats.

  14. Such a beautiful sunrise!

    Tomorrow is my date night! I think we're going to a movie - and, of course, Tim's afterwards.

  15. Beautiful!! What can inspire us more than a sunset, sunshine & a snowy mountain! I'll take the cold any day to enjoy these bright crisp days :)

  16. Lovella
    That first shot is amazing...what a nice camera...I so want a digital nikon ...but with the adoption(s) I don't see it happening. Hmm, maybe I can pray about it ;-)

    mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted

  17. This sunris is just gorgeous.I love the photos.

  18. That picture of you two on the train bridge should be framed. Beautiful!


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