Last night with some very valued help, the closet cleaning and organizing was done. This morning my beloved and I went through the drawers and the pile is sitting by the door to go to goodwill. Phew and phew. Again, I realize how much I buy that I just don't need and have resolved to be more conscientious in my clothing purchases. Are these socks not just darling?
So, this is how it went. . .. Late in the afternoon my beloved called me from town and asked me to measure out the closet. I asked . .. yours or mine . .. He said . . .the one with one rod. So I did while he waited .. .good thing he is at least organized and I knew in an instant where to locate a measuring tape. I measured it and told him it was 4 feet. Fine.

He came home with another rod to give me two rods in my closet. While he put it up the rest of the closet organizing team cheered him on with entertainment and continued sorting.

Now, I know that not all my hangers are matchy matchy but my dad put yarn around quite a few that I just can't part with. I moved everything back into my closet. The few dresses that I have are in the spare bedroom closet with coats and jackets.

Then, I put all his things back in his closet. This picture was taken last night before he did his own closet cleaning.
Big sigh, it feels so good to declutter once a year. It does make me wonder why I don't do it more often.
Have a good day my friends, I'm off to run errands.


  1. Aww..I have hangers that my grandmother crocheted around. Aren't those kinds of touches much more important than "matchy-matchy"?

    Your closet looks so good in color and shape order...but where did all the shoes wind up going? On the top shelf?That is where I always keep mine.

    I do hope little T. got to take a sniff around the garage and Miss Elly after all that girly stuff. Just to kind of balanced things out, you know what I mean?

  2. Oh the shoes . ..I'm going to buy clear shoe boxes for Ikea and keep the dress shoes on the top shelf.
    My everyday ones will stay in the coat closet.

  3. I can identify with the hangers...I have lots of those from my dear mom-in-law. And Heidi keeps asking if I have any of those to spare (she prefers them to 'matchy-matchy' too).

    I'm just wondering if you have enough white shirts, Lovella? LOL

  4. Oh.. good job !!! Cheers for everyone involved...

    Now if only watching someone get their closets organized ... would get mine done !!!

    awww..the little precious feet !!

    Have a wonderful day , Lovella !!

  5. It looks great! You and your team did very well. Those little feet are sooooo precious!

  6. I'm very impressed! I guess I have no excuses now!

    Very kissable feet!

  7. What a neat closet, to keep it like that, right? I'm not into matchy-matchy hangers either and also have a number of them covered with yarn.
    The cutest socks on those little feet!
    I cleaned out my closet but feel like I still kept too much!

  8. Wow! It looks great!! And to think you've managed with a 4 foot closet all these years ... that alone would make you clean out,
    (not that you have too many clothes).
    It even looks nice and "airy" now!
    You can go shopping!
    I'm tempted to share a closet story ... oh, I think I will, because it's cute. That is, my daughter in law is the cute one. When she married my son, she asked him if the extra bedroom beside theirs could be made into a walk-in-closet. Well, he punched a hole in the wall, put in French doors, and they have a walk in closet! Newly-weds, empty nesters ... we could do that too!

  9. Yes, you can have my boots. This is so funny, because my man has only 1/6 of our closet. But it works for him and yes, I have some of those hangers. Attached or something???

    When should we make a trade?
    Size 7 sounds good?

    Too funny!!

  10. NICE-----------i have some of those covered hangers that my Opa made and i will always cherish great aunt made everybody some with the paper roll from the inside of a plastic wrap box, placed it on the hanger for nicely ironed table clothes, so they wouldn't wrinkle and hang meatly in the closet for when you had people over for fasba. that older generation....they sure new how to maximize what they had and they didn't need all these organization tools that we spend a fortune on........probably economics but mostly because they didn't have "STUFF". if feel like i am never done decluttering!!!! HELP

  11. Don't you love a cleaned-out closet? Do you feel like you've shed a few pounds along with all the stuff you've gotten rid of? I always feel somewhat lighter all of a sudden. If only we could keep up that beautifully clean look all year long.

  12. Good going on the closets. My white section looks about as big as yours. Terry's closet is so colourful. And about your closet size - well ours is only 7' long and that is for both of us. It just makes you keep less when it is small.

    I love the baby boy socks and feet. So cute.

  13. In afew years that little fellow will want to try on as you sort. Does anyone in your blog land have any great 'how tos' for cleaning out the crawl space. I may have to get one of my girls over with little tikes in tow and go for it. Sounds like it makes it a whole lot more fun to work as a team. We purchaced a ton of tubs at canadian tire a week ago and we are ready for the action. Oh boy!!! Kathy

  14. Ahh, it looks so lovely and organized! Enjoy...

  15. I love the little yarny hangers! Especially since they're from your dad! : )
    *big applause* The closets look marrrrvelous! Good job! Not a small task to take on...and complete!!



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