Monday, March 31, 2008

so long March

I am rapidly developing a theory that applies to the lives of two people I know .. .
me and mine.
While the anticipation of a vacation/sabbatical is enough to keep the adrenalin flowing throughout the chilliest days of winters end, the pictures and the post vacation/sabbatical analysis lacks energy and a sustainability upon return.
This last week if someone would have asked us to describe ourselves in the animal world, cheetah and roadrunner would have not come to mind.
While my beloved had no choice but to be thrown back in the tasks at hand, I have accomplished little more than absolutely necessary.
We have in our 30 years of marriage during the winter and spring months taken . .. .
One trip to Waikiki with friends that continues to give enjoyable memories . .. .
Two trips to Disneyland, once with our children and once with grandparents joining us . . .
One trip to the Mayan Riviera with our grown sons before they left home,
One trip to Maui by ourselves several years ago that I planned as a surprise . . ..
One trip to Maui with our sons and daughter in laws before babies began to arrive. . .
One trip to Palm Springs with friends last year .. . .
now this 30th anniversary.
I've discovered the whole winter vacation idea is mildly addictive.
We anticipate . .
we enjoy . ..
we come home .. .
and we want more.
On top of that we feel guilty for those that can't go.
Can anyone else relate to this?
Am I in the doldrums alone?
This week, I need desperately to get motivated for life on the farm.
The blossoms are opening, and the rhubarb is showing promise,
even the peonies are pushing out their promise of strong healthy stems.
This week I will purpose to start moving forward again.
The pedometer is back on.
The walk is moments away.
I've had my raisin bran, and my yogurt, and a bit of fruit salad.
I'm off for my walk.
So long March . . .
Have a wonderful day my friends.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

snow today

He said .. . "for crying out loud"
I said .. . ."oh, for pity sakes"

no bloggy walking club today. . . .for obvious reasons.
See you Monday my friends.

Friday, March 28, 2008

did I say it 'twas sweet?

One of the last nights of our sabbatical I woke up at four in the morning and went and sat on the sofa waiting for the moon to move slowly over the water just below the branch. I didn't purpose to wake up but I'm a very light sleeper and knowing the moon was full and knowing it would be beautiful if the sky was clear was enough to wake me.
I opened the patio door (as quietly as I could) and stepped outside as far as I dared . . .. (the photo explaining that is coming up)
and clicked away.
The waves crashing against the rocks and the frogs in their chorus, the breeze against my face and I was content.
This tree became our little joke .. .
every evening as the sun was setting we positioned our self with the tree slightly to the left so that it would not block the sun.
We talked.

Every night without fail, between us and the tree .. .
there was this little cement slab that became the meeting place for the local frogs.
I absolutely refused to walk on the grass after the first night in the evening.
They would sit facing out .. .except for that one ..

Some mornings we would wake really early . . . .
early enough to still see the moon before it set in the ocean.

Would we go there again?
Oh yes,
Most definitely.

This morning we have snow. Light snow, mind you.
This week we've enjoyed remembering how wonderful it was.
We'll hang onto the memories of complete relaxation,
soon, once the snow stops .. . (will it ever?) . . .
we'll start to think of camping at a government campsite .. .in our tent.
In the meantime, we'll enjoy the life we have here on the farm, just the two of us.
We are incredibly blessed to have a healthy relationship,
wonderful friends that enrich our lives,
We have children who mean the world to us .. .
and those babies, oh those babies, . . .
every day is a gift and there is always something to look forward to
today and tomorrow and on the weekend.
I'll make fun . .. . .
because that next vacation is a long long long way off.
Have a great day my friends, I'm off to get my roots looked at ..
again? you ask?
I wrote it on my calendar wrong.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

above the clouds

While we were in Maui, the moon was full and I spent a few early morning trying to capture the moon above the water. This proved to be rather useless and yet tomorrow I'll show you the best I did at 4 in the morning tomorrow. Terry took this one before it was fully light.

After many days of reading and relaxing we decided we were going to be adventurous and wanted to do the zip lines but when we arrived at the place they were fully booked. We didn't realize that we needed to book in advance. Since this was on the way to the crater we decided take a ride up the mountain.
These folks were at the top of the mountain beginning their horse ride and I was looking through my view finder when I spotted them and clicked.

It was about this time that I said .. . I would like to stop at the visitor center to use the ladies room.
He said .. . okay
I said (looking through the view finder) . .. we just drove passed it.
He said . .. where?
I said .. . ( I saw it through the view finder)

This road didn't exactly have big shoulders and I'm always totally paranoid about turning around where cliffs are in view.
Somehow this knowledge gives my beloved a desire to turn around at the smallest excuse.

He said .. . don't worry we'll turn around.
I said . .. no .. please don't
He said .. . it's not a problem

We did and I hurried to the ladies room, handing off the camera as you can see.
When I came out I was laughing really hard.
(He seems to rather take pictures of me leaving instead of coming)
After I finished using the toilet and started to flush, I noticed a sign on a brass plaque at slightly above eye level that said .. .
don't flush anything down the toilet .. .(you know the one)
but it also had it in braille.
Now doesn't that seem funny?
I mean, does a blind person go to use the toilet and then before flushing scan the walls for instructions?
If you go to the crater in the next while please check this out .. .
Behind me you can see the sand hills that are slowly growing in the crater.

Again, pictures of me from behind.
It was amazing being on the ground and yet looking down at the clouds.
I was freezing up there at around 40 degrees.

On the way back down, I firmly said I needed to stop to take pictures.
He amused himself while I did this.
We stopped for one photo op looking down towards the airport.

Tomorrow I'll wrap up the week with a few more photos.
Next week I'll get back to daily routines and the things that happen on the farm.
Have a wonderful day my friends, I'm off to have my roots looked at.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

the ocean & grill'n

We watched these surfers everyday. They were most entertaining. If you click on the pictures to enlarge them you will see the determination in their eyes. . . well you almost can.

I couldn't stop taking pictures of the water. Everything that went by was photographed. I kept one eye on the page of my book and one eye on the beach and the waves.

Feel the spray?

Hear the crashing against the rocks?

I'm rushing out the door this morning and seeing these pictures makes me groan. Was this only a few days ago?

We had a few really nice dinners out. We went into Whalers Village for dinner several times. We had one firm rule and that was .. . .never ever eat indoors.
Very firm.

Most days,
I had my personal chef .. .
run out to the grill.

Grilling chicken while the sun was setting.

Candle light dinners that lasted hours. . . .
Only coming in doors because we couldn't figure how to get the bed on the patio.
Sorry to rush, but I'm late, . . .
I'm still not wearing a watch .. .
I probably should be.
I already am confessing now that I'm not wearing my pedometer until next week.
Have a wonderful day my friends.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Napili Bay

After the second night home and feeling completely out of whack time wise and spending more time on the phone than I did on the plane, I'm starting to realize that it's ridiculously cold here. Yesterday I put one of the cute little tops on that was purchased for the vacation, added a sweater and was determined to acknowledge the arrival of spring. Half way through the day, I changed into something more in keeping with the thermometer.
This is where we stayed in Maui. Oh bliss. Um, sorry that the picture is a bit blurry. We went for a bit of a drive one day and I took pictures of quite a few resort signs so that later I could check them out on the Internet. As we drove by our own resort I took a picture of our sign as we were racing through the small windy resort area. My beloved had a hard time slowing down his driving, still thinking he was in a hurry for something. We never really did pin down what that was. We tried.

Our room was actually facing Honokeana Bay which is right next to Napili Bay. Click here to see a map if you are interested as well as a virtual tour. We kept a pretty close eye on the swanky houses across from us and while Terry bemoaned the fact that we forgot our binoculars to watch the many many many whales that where on their way to Canada, I also felt sad that I couldn't see what I wanted to see a bit closer. Am I bad?
Every day we did the same thing. We slept till we were done, made a big pot of coffee, ate our Raisen Bran for obvious reasons, sat on our lanai till we were done, and then slathered ourselves in sunscreen and I picked up the two towels, Terry picked up the two beach chairs and the bag containing the daily reads and water bottles and we headed to the beach.

Or the pool.
At precisely noon. . . (according to the position of the sun). . .(unbelievable how accurate we were) ... . we would go in for lunch. This was a variety of tasty treats.
We had nachos, quessadillas, wraps, egg salad sandwiches, salads and usually some fruit salad.
Oh and a cookie. . .one cookie everyday for lunch dessert .. .no matter where we are.

At some point in the day we usually went to the market to buy some more food.
We had planned to eat most dinners out but with the view we had of the sunset from our lanai we opted to more often than not either go and bring dinner home or throw something on the grill. (I'll show eating pictures tomorrow)

Mid afternoon was pineapple drink time.

I have these pictures a little out of order.
Pretend now that we are still talking about what we do in the morning.
This is the actual Napili Bay.
This is how we set up our little camp to read and as the tide would move in we would move farther up the beach. My favorite ocean swimming days where when the waves were exceptionally wild.

If we didn't sit at the beach we went to the point where Honokeana By meets Napili Bay.
There was a small bit of shade there that we parked ourselves under the one wide tree.

If you see that wider tree in the center of the picture, that is where we sat.

Below that was a rocky area that was quite fun to poke around in. It was good to stretch once in a while and see what was lurking under the rocks.
I did think of the Bloggy Walking club and I even counted the number of steps once in a while. I was glad that I didn't bring my pedometer, it would have been a sad state of affairs.

This was the nicest sunset we had. Some nice person offered to take our picture.
So, I'll leave you for today.
If you haven't taken a vacation .. . . with the one you love .. . just the two of you . ..
for quite some time .. . .
by the time I'm done with my vacation account .. .
you'll be wondering why not.
Last summer we camped in a tent, this spring we stayed at a resort, in the end, the result is the same,
being alone .. . .together.
Have a wonderful day my friends, I'm still doing office work, and laundry.
Yesterday I didn't even do a decent walk, and I hope that I'll get to it today.