Thursday, June 1, 2017

May 2017

May was a month of beauty.

The buds opened and the flowers began to bloom. 

Combinations of colours thrilled me.

We took a quick weekend trip to attend a wedding and enjoyed the view on the there and back. 

The day after we got home, I hopped on the Ritchie Smith bus for the annual ladies getaway.
It is always so great to be able to bunk with my sister in law, Mary.

The lilacs have bloomed.

The peony bud watch began. 

The white lilac bloom together with the pink dogwood is always one of my favourites. 

We went to the Mercy Me concert.

I was picked up by my oldest son one afternoon to be taken to my Mother's Day outing.
There was a storm brewing and I noticed that his window was creating an effect that was worth capturing. 

My dear daughter in laws treated Mom and I and the little girls to a pedicure!

It was very fun to see these little girls have their first experience of doing what ladies love to do.

After the pedicure, we enjoyed a tailgate party on our way to see our local highschool preform Sister Act!  It was so great and I loved every minute of my special day!

These girls wanted to make a cake for their Mom!

Mother's Day was good! 
I felt very loved and am thankful for my kids!

The lily of the valley bloomed.

The sun started to shine perfectly through the windows at the time we usually sit and have devotions in the morning. 

The morning light seems special after so many months of gray skies. 

This son brought his mom a load of dirt.

We worked to cover her beds and those of the neighbors that she sees out her window. 

I finally decided that it was safe to get bedding plants. 

I've chosen a red and white theme for our 150th Canada Day celebrations. 

The lawn grew in lush and now needs to be mowed twice a week. 

He decided to try to paint the screens for our patio tent because they were looking dusty look even after being washed clean. 

It actually worked great!

The day finally came when it seemed dry enough and warm enough to plant our garden. 

Why is it that the one that is having a birthday always has to do the BBQing?

He did a great job of it too!
Who knows ... but I do enjoy family birthday parties and we are always thankful for the blessings of another year. 

I went to the track meet to see our oldest two run and jump and throw!

Their feet did hit the ground ...
but it was more fun trying to capture the times they didn't.

We decided to get the little guy into the advertisement business!

Just kidding but he could be ... right? 

They spent some time washing off trucks that are between 36 and 58 years old!

Grandpa is all about training them young. 

He can steer and ride this tractor like a pro.

We had good friends over for dinner to enjoy a warm evening and great conversation.

 I am so happy that it is finally dry enough to get wash hung outside. 

The dance recital season has started and these two little misses did a great job!

We went to Silver Lake when we heard that Elmer and Judy were heading there on Sunday afternoon. 

I'm happy to say we found them and they were just fine with us crashing their quiet afternoon off the farm. 

The peony buds are ready to cut and enjoy inside now. 

I snapped this last photo yesterday as we were walking in to watch K play basketball.

It reminded me of how God carries us and those we love! 

May your June be blessed with joy!

Monday, May 1, 2017

April 2017

We were so hopeful for April to be sunny and now when I look at the pictures in a review, I am realizing that even though we still had a lot of rain, we also had sunshine and lots of spring! 

Our precipitation was 173.2 mm which was a big improvement over March! 

The upside to all the precipitation and ice/snow over winter was a very clean fence.
Normally, the north side of the fence is green and grungy but my clean loving guy did an inspection and declared it fit for spring!

The earliest bloomer on the farm is this white magnolia.  

 The rhubarb has been amazing as it usually is.
I've been baking and sharing and enjoying roasted rhubarb on yogurt every morning.  

The Star Magnolia is really a two-week wonder.
If it is windy like it was when it was reaching full bloom, the two-week wonder loses a few days.

Miss N was working on her speech that she needed for school.  
It was about Mennonite Girls Can Cook.  
How sweet is that?  

We spent one Sunday afternoon hiking in the forest with no trails. 
There was all manner of creatures lurking.  

It was fun to watch free exploration and I was glad at least one adult had a firm idea of where we were.

I'd love to be back there now.
There were thousands of Trillium buds about to open.  
We found two already fully blossomed. 

The trees still bare in early April are likely now fully green. 
Recording life by way of photos makes me realize how quickly things change. 

Back on the farm, the Sorrel and Chives were ready to harvest and we enjoyed a pot of Summer Borscht as a way of celebration.

In preparation for Easter, I prepared centerpieces and placeholders.  

The bunnies were ironed and folded into submission and left to wait for little children to tug their ears.

The official Paska taster gave me the okey-doke on this batch.

Next year I will try to take a tally of how many batches of Paska left the kitchen. 

We had my siblings over for dinner.  
It was a good time.
Wondering how to entertain at your next dinner party?...
take a selfie that includes yourself.  
It's trickier than it looks. 

Our family!

The kids are growing up!
They can be pretty independent at one end of the table.

They are not so grown up that they can't enjoy a good Easter Egg hunt.
With five acres, there is plenty of places to hide those foil eggs. 

Will they remember how they ran around the farm at Grammie and Grandpa's farm?

They will remember this old apple tree for Caramel Apples and foil covered eggs.

If they can climb it...
the Easter bunny also likely climbed it. 

After the hunt was over, they divided up their eggs and treats with Oma.

The bleeding heart is one of my favourite spring perennials. 

While I snipped off the old hydrangea blossoms, I found a snail family.  

The field and lawns have now been mowed several times.  

The cherry tree is blossoming.

I wondered if there were enough bees around. 

Less than an hour later, I met one and pulled this stinger out of the soft part behind my knee.

So, spring has come!

I walk around the property a few times each day and marvel at the creation that God made. 

I let my beloved know that the ladies were coming for high tea last Tuesday and within an hour I saw this view out the front window. 

The Mennonite Girls came.
We missed Charlotte and Betty.  

We are very blessed to share our lives together through emails.
Every now and then, it is an extra blessing to be able to sit together face to face and share in ways that emails can't. 

I called in the second seating after basketball practice was over. 

They drank a large pot of tea and did very well with the egg salad and cucumber and cream cheese sandwhiches.

Eating scones with devonshire cream and blackberry jam is not something that needs to be learned.
It is love at first bite!

Tea at Grammies.
Will they remember that?

One of the things I love the very most about spring is the bright blue sky and big puffy white and sometimes dark and ominous clouds. 

Yesterday we took Kobe to Vedder River for his first swim of the season.

If that water was chilly, he didn't seem to notice.
He would swim clear across if we didn't keep calling him back.

He flopped down on his bed when we got home!
He was dog tired!

This lilac blossom caught my eye as I came into the house.
Within a week, the lilac will be fully open and the house will be scented with that glorious flower.

God has indeed blessed us with beauty after the long months of winter!

Happy May!

with love...