November 2015

We picked these early risers up one morning before school and took them out for a breakfast that kept them going and then some...
until snack time.

I was wide awake by the time we dropped them at the curb. 

There was the day that the girls came over on Sunday afternoon to make cinnamon buns.
they know how pretty good already.  My guess is that they won't have to call for instructions by the time they have their own kitchens.

We had lots of crisp cold mornings in November.

It was a bit of a novelty for us west coast dwellers.

I walk in the mornings around the perimeter of the farm.

Kobe always walks with me for as many laps as she feels is necessary and then lets me lap her a few times because she knows I need the exercise more than she does.
One morning someone's big scary dog came towards us.
Kobe went into crouch mode ready for the attack.

The big scary dog was running from something and didn't take the time to stop and bite but just kept running right past us into the next field.

There was one big rain storm forecasted and so the lawns got one more mowing to get the leaves cleaned up.

The eaves troughs were cleaned out and we were ready.

It was a bit of a non event and rather disappointing for a weather event lover.

The sky was beautiful when it was all said and done.

Have I talked about our over wintering hummingbirds?

I was wondering how long to keep the feeders filled and all the information I found said to keep feeding, the hummingbirds will not stay for the food.

They seem to have gotten quite bushy.. 
or chubby...
or both.

Then this happened!

One morning we woke up to icy sugar water.

The farmer began a routine of thawing the water every morning and then added a bulb to the base of the feeder to keep it from freezing.

Since last week's chill, we are down to only a few hummingbirds.  =(

One afternoon I took a turn driving to ballet.

I stood at the window awhile and watched the practice.

One Sunday after family brunch we went for a walk to do our annual Christmas picture.

It's always just the littles, my beloved and I.

It takes the rest of them to take the picture and keep everyone corralled and focused for the moment when the shutter closes.

My Mom and her sister Mary were always very close.  I was touched by how often my dear Aunt would tell me that she missed my Mom.  

After twenty years they are reunited in heaven. 

On preschool bowling night,  this dapper lad invited his "crampa" to come with him.
He came home in a bit of a sugar frenzy holding quite firmly to the last bit of slurpee he wanted to put in the refrigerator overnight for safe keeping.

As the story goes, there was one grandpa that bought a slurpee and soon after all grandpa's followed suit.

Anneliese, Judy and I represented Mennonite Girls Can Cook one evening at Lepp Farm Market at their Taste of Christmas evening.   We appreciated the invitation giving us opportunity to raise a bit of money for local needs.

We were invited by this family to meet them at a tree farm.
They discovered an amazing farm and so we dropped what we were doing to join in the tree hunting fun.

We found the trees and had them cut down just as the sun was setting.

Short tree = bungalow
Tall tree = vaulted ceiling home

I am always amazed at the time it takes to decorate the tree.
The boughs need to be lighted and carefully decorated so they don't droop and the spaces need to be filled just right. 

With the house decorated for first advent we went into Vancouver to do a bit of Christmas shopping.

We take our lists very seriously and enjoy sending query texts to the kids to see if we are on the right track. 

"Is this the plain black jacket you were hoping for" ?  

Can you believe this is real and very expensive in a designer department?

We decided to stay the night as a gift to us and crossed the Lion's gate bridge as the sun was setting.

Sutton Place was decorated so beautifully.

I appreciate beautiful flowers.

We walked the streets lit with mini lights and stopped for a relaxing long drawn out dinner. 

This last weekend we celebrated sweet girls 8th birthday.

She had a cake in mind and called me a few times in the weeks leading up to her birthday to discuss her cake.

I loved watching her read the recipe and work her way through.

I helped a bit but the cake was her idea and it tasted great!

I started blogging before she was born.

I have loved watching her grow and become a sweet little girl.

She is spunky, cheerful and creative.

Every year she sits in front of their Christmas tree and opens her presents. 


That is the way November was in my world!

It's always so good to review and see how I am blessed far beyond what I deserve.

I'll be back in a few days with this month's book club link up.

Have a blessed December my friends! 

all for now..
with love,


  1. A wonderful month filled with great family times. Love that cake!! Your tree is so beautiful.

  2. A month is full of so much - life and death and change and celebration. A great recap, Lovella.

  3. A full and beautiful month! The grands are growing up so quickly and are special joys in your life. I am not surprised to see that there will be at least one baker in the group. Awww...your precious auntie is safely home and having the time of her life. I am sure that it is great comfort to you knowing that she and your mother are together again. I am pacing myself with Christmas decorating...enjoy a blessed December!

  4. Love seeing all the pictures and hearing about your month. You really must have such mild winters. I LOVE the pictures of the hummingbirds. So adorable. Laura and I love hummingbirds. I think she wants a pet one. I'm sorry you lost your Aunt Mary -- that must have been hard, but also comforting to know she is with Christ and with your mom. So fun to see the girls cooking!!!! Can't believe how they are all growing up!!

  5. What a lovely way to remember your aunt Mary. So nice to think of the reunions in Heaven! Your grands are darling and I love your peaceful and (sometimes zesty) recaps of your month. God's blessings on your Christmas!

  6. A lovely post for November. I enjoyed all your photos, the frosty landscape and the hummingbirds. I wish you and your family a beautiful December as you prepare for the Christmas holiday. Blessings.

  7. I drive past your place to work every day and often see you (and Kobe) walking the perimeter of your property :)
    We have hummingbirds too, but not as many as you do! My husband brings our bird feeder in overnight to keep the liquid from freezing.

  8. So wonderful and so fun to read even where I had previous peeks into your world! I'm so glad you are still blogging - some at least. =)
    I love the photos of the girls baking and the successful Christmas tree hunt and the hummingbirds at the feeder at sunset!

  9. Oh what a busy and wonderful month you've had - your pictures tell the story. The frosty leaves - so pretty, beautiful birthday girl and her cake, hummingbirds in November, the perfect Christmas trees, peppernuts and so much more - oh my! You deserve all these blessings dear Lovella! Here's to December ...

  10. It suddenly occurred to me that I had not yet read a month-in-review on your blog...and came over to see if there was one. YES! It's always so fun to see all the 'bits and pieces' of life that make up the days and months. You had many precious moments in November. Great pic's...of leaves, and hummingbirds, and sweet grands, and hunting for a tree and then the tree in all its glory. It is beautiful! Your aunt will be missed, I know.

  11. A month filled with such a variety of events and celebrations ... A lovely photo of Aunt Mary, and yes.. the sisters are together!
    Love your kids in the kitchen .. that cake is pretty impressive - I can see you have a 'girl-in-training' to take your place in MGCC in a few years ! smile

  12. Your tree looks beautiful! We finally got ours decorated last night, it DOES take a while. I had to laugh and wonder what made that big dog so scared to run right past Kobe...dogs are funny!


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