Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Judy and Marg's party

we took a day to celebrate Judy and Marg's Big Birthday.
Ellen came from across the line as far as my house...
and together Ellen, Anneliese and I  travelled to Harrison Hot Springs.

(Ellen and Kathy in photo)

When we arrived at the Copper Room..
there was a table set and the birthday girls clearly had arrived before us.

Look at those  little aprons.
We knew where our spot was...
if we knew the color combination of our apron.

 These girls...
know how to have fun...
and they know how to make us have fun too.

I tell you...
there were cameras pointing in every direction.
If one person takes a picture...
all of us do...
and it is hard to know where to look.
You would think we would have that part organized by now.

We missed the prairie girls...
and mentioned that more than once.

(Marg, Ellen, Kathy)

There were presents.

(Judy, Bev, Julie, Anneliese)

Who doesn't want to sit beside the birthday girl.

Judy...and Bev.

There is nothing sweeter than the perfect gift...
for the birthday girl.

If you know Marg...
you know she has cute shoes.

We talked our waiter into taking a picture.
Or eight.

I found a fascinator a few weeks ago and bought it for Ellen.
She is a mother of the bride.
I told her she doesn't have to wear it to the wedding...:)

After our lunch....
we went and put on our swim suits.

I am not sure if it was symbolic on purpose or not...
but we did not let go of each others towels...
and kept the lineup unbroken.

Once at the pools...
our fitness instructor pointed us in the direction of the pool...
and we did our fair share of laps....
bobbed in the hot pools.

Marg and Judy...
did not dissapoint us and provided us with a few more giggles.

offered to sacrifice pool time for the job of photographer. 

After a few hours of relaxing in the mineral pools...
we had cake....

....and coffee.

Those girls ...
sure know how to throw a wonderful party...
and I was so happy they invited me.

all for now..

Monday, January 30, 2012

Manual Monday ~ Aperture

I am still concentrating on the Aperture setting on my camera.
In this shot I wanted the background blurry.
The aperture is wide  (small number).

If you are using Auto settings..
try this.
Turn your setting to AV and then turn the main dial to f/20 and slowly turn it one stop at a time until you reach f/4.
Look at your photos and see the difference it makes.

I am not entirely happy with this photo.
It would have been better if it had not be backlit when my focus is on the pot....
but at least I know that...
Any hints how to improve the lighting?

That...is what I learned this week.

I'm off to enjoy a day at the pools.
you will see with who.

all for now...

Friday, January 27, 2012

BC Agriculture Gala

The Fraser Valley is rich in Agriculture and when you add the rest of British Columbia into that equation...
it is evident we live in an area that feeds a lot of people near and far.

Being farmers ourself..
we thought we would seek out this gala that has been celebrating farmers for years.

The flowers all grown locally in green houses...
became beautiful centerpieces.
That arrangement now sits on my table at home.

These were our table mates.
You will recognize Judy from her Front Porch.
Her and Elmer agreed to attend with us and we decided it was an event worth repeating...
with the same table mates.

We are second cousins...
well technically my beloved and her beloved are second cousins.
Judy...is one of the Mennonite Girls Can Cook...but you probably knew that.

The guest speaker who had thought through a talk on inspiring farmers to do our best...
found himself with a concussion the day before and so Colin Angus stepped in with his slide show and gave us a most inspiring story of his own.

His book is worth a read...
according to our table mates.

Who rows across the Atlantic ocean.
He does!  


It was quite delicious.

A menu showcasing agriculture across the province.

The dessert was made by a class of students who are sponsored by agriculture.

Farming in British Columbia.
It's a good thing.

all for now..

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

on her own

Kanneloni Macaroni is a girl who knows what she is capable of and doesn't appreciate being underestimated of her learned skills.

I am not sure who needs to learn more...
me .... value of patience...
or her ..the value of time.

I expect it is a bit of both.
I found this little stool some time ago and it is kept where a bit of an extra step is necessary for DIY (do it yourself) jobs.

On one particular day...
when rushing seemed important..
I helped.

She said..."key-key do".....and hopped off...and with a smile...hopped on .... to prove her point.

Indeed she can.

all for now...

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

such value...so wasted in my inbox

I signed up for this super saver option that sends me suggestions each day for the  "gr_ _ _ _ _" of the day.

Before we get going here...
this is not a post to talk about the artwork in the photo above.
I'm not brave enough to open a forum on that artwork here on my blog.

I have bought quite a few "group _ _ _" for me and my beloved and have also purchased some for friends  and family and have smiled as I think of them opening their surprise via email.

I've heard talk that this will soon be a super saver option that will go up in fumes.
It seems they are going to run out of businesses eventually that will take the bait in procuring new business.

I did buy one set of "group _ _ _"  for a lovely little soap store...
but when I went there and talked to the store owner...
I almost told her I would pay full price as she told me the very long version of how it had become very expensive for her....
almost making her business unable to remain open.

I never did use that full "group _ _ ".
I didn't have the heart.

when this one came in the mail the other day...
it just made me smile.

Who...tell me who...
would assume to purchase this super saver value for someone else?

Buy 5 additional as gifts it says.

I suspect those that bear the art that I know....
would be rather disappointed to find one of these "group  _ _ _" inserted in their greeting card.

I mean...
I totally understand why someone would buy this particular super saver "_ _ _ _ _ on" for themselves...
but 5 for gifts?

I said...."ha ha".

I love the top paragraph in the photo above.

Really "among sailors?"

and can "frighten young children"?

and maybe...(though they didn't mention this...but middle aged women too).

So there you have it...
just an amusement from my inbox.
Such value ...
so unable to be used.
I let that one pass.

I think I'll go visit my "g _ _ _ pon" storage bank and see what super saver value is there waiting for me.

Don't leave me unloving comments okay?
Try to have a sense of humor!

Monday, January 23, 2012

phases one to three

The Blizzard

We had a full week of winter here in the Fraser Valley.
I expect that the remainder of our winter will be rain and our attention will turn to Primulas soon.

It certainly was not the worst storm I've seen.
From my vantage point with 5/6 of my person within the bungalow I kept waiting for the white out.
I was wanting to show you the gusts...
but kept missing them.

While I was fixing our eggs for lunch I took a few quick snaps...
but again..
nothing jaw dropping.

The Calm

Once the wind settled down and before phase three commenced...
I pulled on my rain boots with the fleece liners..
put on my hat and winter coat and went to see the surrounding mountains in the distance.
The scene above is of the mountains to the north and the population of west end of the city.

Towards the end of phase two...
the raspberry canes that had shaken free from their frosting...
waved gently in the breeze.

The Freeze

On Friday morning we were promised phase three of freezing rain.
So sure they were of the onset of the ice coating everything...
that schools were cancelled in anticipation of the perilous conditions and the children had a free day.

I kept looking out the window...
hoping it would "start....already".
What good is a freezing rain event if it happens in the dark?
It began an hour before sunset and I coaxed the camera on the tripod to focus and shoot something worth posting.

The Thaw

We woke Saturday morning to dissolved icicles in the form of puddles all about...
and I declared it over.
As I write this on Sunday afternoon..
it is raining and windy.

It was so tempting to turn it all to AUTO...
but my new resolve kept me turning knobs and pushing buttons and then looking at those always mystifying histograms.

I said yesterday...
"I need a new lens".

He said..."well you just keep practising."
Ha ha!!

I intend to showcase what I am learning on Monday's.
Next week...I'll  begin to note which settings I used so that those of you who are "less" amateur...
can give me helpful hints.

Friday, January 20, 2012

on the weather

Thanks to the Weather Network for the image.
I just had to share this weather map with you of Canada and the US.
It is not often that all of Canada is freezing.
 It looks like Nova Scotia and Newfoundland alone are above freezing.
Kathie...is it freezing in PEI too?

By tomorrow....
the Fraser Valley should be above freezing temperatures ...
and by next week....
we'll be wondering about flooding from the rain which they are forecasting.

I've been thinking about my parents and the modes of transportation they used during the winter months when they first got married in the early 40's.
For the first years of their marriage...
they lived in Glenbush Saskatchewan.
My Mom told stories of having to ride in this heated sleigh.
She would get terribly "car" sick and was so happy for the summer months when they could ride in open buggies.  

I also found this photo in the album.
I have no idea if they just took a picture of it or if they actually travelled in it.
I did smile to think that the Pathfinder Snowmobile has been around for decades.

In the late 40's my parents  moved to the Fraser Valley in British Columbia with their oldest two sons.
Our memories remember the worst winters and probably overlook the winters that were unremarkable.
It seems to me that every winter had snow and skating ponds and yet I am sure there were plenty of winters that were dreary and rainy.

Here I am with my brother Gerry beside the broiler chicken barn.
From the long icicles (which indicates the barn was warm inside) ...
I am thinking this must have been the winter that my Dad needed to have the driveway opened by the Department of Highways so that we could ship the birds.
(I keep thinking that I wouldn't be allowing the grands to be playing under those icy spikes.)  

I can still recall his gratitude that they did this for him.
We didn't own a tractor and those trucks needed to get into the yard.

I'm wondering if I would remember it as clearly had my Dad not prayed for a solution and then been so thankful that God provided for the need.

all for now...