on the run

Well, on the run would be a rather ridiculous exaggeration since I'm experiencing a sore knee. I've had knee discomfort on and off for a year and I did expect that the increased amount walking would make it awaken with a disgruntled attitude. I' m not letting it deter me from my goal of 7000 steps today. Yesterday I bypassed my goal and with the gorgeous weather today, I expect to do the same. How did you do yesterday?

The "on the run" part refers to the batch of Charlotte's Maple Twists that I have rising for tonight. We have a young friend named Riley that is putting on a piano concert in preparation for his ARCT performance exam on Friday. It seemed fitting that he should experience the best of Charlotte's cooking repertoire after the concert.

Between that and the other errands and office tasks laid out before me I should be able to keep out of trouble today. I was delighted to feel crunch beneath my feet rather than the squishing I've felt for the last 22 days when I walked outside early to take a picture. The sun is out in all its glory so I'm off to soak up a bit of Vitamin D. Enjoy your walk today and have a wonderful day.


  1. Great photo! Good luck with the walking. I know how it feels to walk with a sore knee (I think that comes with age, unfortunately), but I do manage.

    Yesterday, I didn't do so well, since I didn't put on the pedometer until midday, and I stayed home and then ended my day relatively early. So far today, I've surpassed yesterday, however.

  2. i did enjoy my walk today - it feels like spring here in germany. no snow yet and although i'm not complaining i do feel that i am missing a part of my year somehow. oh well, they say we usually get a nice dumping in march. enjoy the maple twists!!

  3. I have to try those maple twists!
    Yesterday I bought a pedometer and "attached it" at 4:30 pm and this morning I was up and about when I realized I wasn't wearing my pedometer..that is probably why I didn't want to wear one. lol Oh I'll get it yet!
    Off to do some much needed office work.

  4. Isn's the sunshine gorgeous after so much rain! My heart was happy this morning to look out and see sunshine appearing in the eastern sky - and even better is that it's supposed to be sunny more often than not for the next few days! Enjoy it!

  5. I bought the "special" Special K today! After devouring that maple twist this weekend, I will need to start counting too!

  6. Beautiful photo!

    I'm certainly walking more - but I'm nowhere close to 7000 yet . . .

    but more is better



  7. I went shopping today with my mom and forgot my pedometer. Although, I'm not sure if it is working properly. Yesterday I wore it for 4 hours after supper and I reached 1749. Could that be possible? It seems like too much. I do have stairs and four kids though.

  8. I love your new header - beautiful!

    I enjoyed my walking yesterday (Monday) and did 9390 steps! Today, however, is a different story. It's 8:45 pm and I've got only 1390 steps done, but I also am a tiny bit under the weather. Hopefully I'll be back to normal tomorrow.

    Thank you again for getting this started! I was just thinking today how great it is to have others encouraging us in our attempts to be healthy...and I never would have bought a pedometer if not for you!


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