oh mom

Thirteen years ago my mom died. I'm hardly alone in the world when it comes to remembering someone dearly loved who has passed on. Last year I posted about my mom's journals and how I realized that I also wanted to write down memories and leave something written for those who care to read it.

I'm hardly alone in the world having a hard week watching the calendar seeing the day creep closer and reliving the last moments of someones life. I've read many of your stories of remembrance and have been deeply touched at the loving and mourning that are far more tragic than my own.

I can't help but pull out these boxer shorts every year. I know exactly where I keep them right where they were left. I open up the drawer of my moms' sewing machine chair and there they are, right at the bottom. They've never been worn . .only tried on once, and I smiled this year thinking that maybe someday they just might be tried on once again.

The night before she passed away my mom and dad popped in for a few minutes and she proudly pulled out these boxer shorts that she had just sewn up on her new Serger just received for Christmas. Terrence tried them on and said . ..Grandma the crotch comes up to my arm pits." Oh yes, she could see the problem and with no fuss or bother packed them back up to be shortened just a tad.

That never happened. That night she went into cardiac arrest and we were called to come to the hospital. She was fighting for her life. We surrounded her bed and prayed for a miracle. It was decided that the help she needed was in the city and she was transferred by ambulance with us following in the car.
A test was performed and though she survived that, she clung to us and told us she couldn't do it anymore. We told her it was all right and she slipped away. I still feel those moments like it was yesterday. The surreal feeling of phoning those she loved most and telling them she was gone was something I'll never forget.

Some of the things I appreciate most when remembering her is her love for family. She was so proud of all her grandchildren and regularly had them all down for dinner even in her last year. We all loved her Klissen (homemade Mennonite noodles) and of course her Wareneki. She cooked simply and it was fine by us. Sometimes when they would have all the grand kids over at the same time she would cook up a pot of macaroni and boil some wieners and they were happy as clams because they were at Grandma and Grandpa's house.

She loved gardening, and we would often go onto her deck to see how well her geraniums had over wintered. She loved handiwork and crocheted afghans for all her kids the last Christmas. She sewed and mended and made many Teddy Bear clothes by request. She enjoyed nature and my mom and dad often went camping in their camper van. She enjoyed simple things and was so content with wearing her polyester tops that had to be at least ten years old. She did love to dress up though and I always got such a kick out of seeing the sparkle in her eye when my Dad would whistle at how gorgeous she was. They were sure something together. They were and continue to be the goal post of our own marriage.

If I could sit with her today, I would tell her that I still love her. I'm proud to have been her daughter. She loved us. I'm still learning from her even now as we come into yet another phase of parenting and grand parenting. She loved the Lord Jesus and was such a good example of how to start each day with Him.

Though the week is hard, I am also smiling in the memories. Really I am. I have so much to be thankful for and really, I had a loving mom for thirty five years. I was given a gift that many will never have. We're heading to the cemetery today to clean off stones. My Dad always kept her stone so clean and though we don't go there often, when we do, we always take a bucket, soap and a scrub brush with us.

PS. . .I still haven't cleaned out my closet. . . .I'm still looking at it . .and am feeling hopeful that help is on the way . .(it never hurts to hint) . . .smirk

I'll be back.
Have a wonderful day my friends.


  1. Read this post with tears in my eyes, brought back memories of my Mom. So wonderful that we have these good memories to cherish.

  2. 78/65/Beautiful post in memory of your mom, Lovella. I just read it aloud to Heidi and we both agree that moms are wonderful. I remember your mom's sweet face and I remember the shock of hearing of her death. May you sense God's presence this day.
    PS Tristan wanted to add his bit, hence the numbers that don't seem to fit in.

  3. Precious memories. I know how difficult this must have been for you to write. God bless you. .


  4. Beautiful post !! How easily you bring back memories , Lovella...
    I'm sorry your Mom is physically gone from your life ...but she is not gone!
    How blessed we are to know our loved ones who have gone on ahead are just a few steps away and we WILL see them again.

    Let the Lord's love and knowing His plans are perfect be your comfort today...
    I love you !!!

  5. Hugs, of course. And another one again.

    I wish I could have known you and her while she was still here.

    After reading her journal last summer, I know she would have been a fellow blogger for sure, sharing her insights and her delight with her Creator's world for all far and wide to see.

    She seemed so unselfish with her life; willing to share an insight, a happy thought, a beautiful moment or a project with others to brighten their day.

    What a ministry she had by doing so, and that ministry is being faithfully carried on by her beautiful daughter.

    What a pity to think of how many people are given daily treasures yet shirk their duty to give speak of such glories to the world.

    Like the song that has been in my mind for weeks now says, repeating scripture: Arise, SHINE, your Light has come...

    I hope you will continue to shine out the wonders of your life. It is HIM that is being reflected!

  6. what beautiful words of tribute to your mom. i know what it is like to be without a mother in this world and i too am thankful for the wonderful mom i was given. and don't worry about the closet, it's really not that bad.

  7. Your words brought tears to my eyes. This was a beautiful tribute to your beloved mother. Your mother left you many precious gifts and memories, and I thank you for sharing a part of her life with us.

  8. I read your post with tears in my eyes. I lost my mother to leukemia, she was only 37 years old. I was 16. It was so hard and even after all these years (30) I still miss her, but know that one day we will be reunited!

    Blessing to your especially this week.


  9. how wonderful to have a good mother, even though she is no longer physically present she continues to be a good mom. my heart goes out to you. i'm going to hug my parents today!! and thank God for them!!!

  10. What wonderful memories of your mother & what a beautiful tribute to her! My mom left very suddenly also...and I'm so thankful for all the memories.

  11. Lovella, these are beautiful words and thoughts and memories about your mother; it is obvious what a blessing she was (and still is) to her loved ones. Thank you for sharing these things with the rest of us, because it is also a blessing of sorts for us and we, too, can learn from her example.

  12. Beautiful, heartfelt tribute to your mom. Hugs as you remember her today.

  13. The torch has been passed beautifully by your Mom. You carry her memory and honor her with your words and deeds. I am sure she is just bursting with pride (if you can be proud in heaven, just a little bit) knowing how wonderful you are, and becoming. I know your sons will rise up and call you blessed when they will think back on your life.

  14. What a lovely tribute to your mother.
    You know, the closet will still be there next year. Give yourself a break. You weren't going to post until it was finished. Because you posted you've really given yourself an out. Now it's too late and it will have to wait till next year!
    Have a GREAT day!

  15. Dear Lovella, my own mother passed away over 26 years ago. I know well the memories of the last day of her life, and all the good memories of a Mama that you have. Maybe our Moms are fellowshipping together in Heaven! :) May God hold you in His arms this week of memory!

  16. How Touching. Here we go again. It's your mom, it's my brother. Did our mothers know each other?

    Your story reminds me of my mothers' passing, except we're weren't discussing men's boxer shorts.

    We have so much to be thankful for with the kind of mothers we had and I am starting all over to read books about the family, relationships, learning to let go and I finally got the Shack. It's good to read some encouraging words that help us to continue the faith and pass it along to the next generation.

  17. Oh Lovella, I don't know what you are going through or went through. I feel like I'll always need my mom.
    I remember you and I going to your mom and dad's place on our lunch break one day and she made us a delicious pot of butter soup.
    Have fun cleaning your closet, I hope your help comes.

  18. What a beautiful post! Thank you for sharing all of those things with us. That is one of the scariest things to think of losing my mom. I hope that day is very far away.
    I hope you get some help with that closet! :)

  19. It's a good reminder to us all to let our loved ones know that we love them. Thanks for sharing your heart.

  20. Lovella , your post made me cry. There's something about the connection between a mother and a daughter. The thought of loosing my own mom makes me very sad and i can't imagine living my life without her. Your mother seemed like a very special woman. I'm sorry that you've had a hard week. Sometimes those of us that still have our moms forget about those who don't and what it must be like for them. I pray that the next couple days we be ones of remembering how much she loved you and all the special times you've shared. I'll be thinking about you. Love Haylee

  21. Thanks for sharing Lovella. I too lost my mom suddenly. Although she was far too young (as was I) and I didn't get to say goodbye, I am so glad that she didn't suffer. I will be thinking and praying for you.

  22. My mom passed away almost 17 years ago - I still miss her very much. No one loves you quite like a mom :)She was my best cheerleader! Like you,I'm so thankful for the blessing she was, and still is, in my life.

    Hey - I haven't done my closet yet either :)You were supposed to be my inspiration! *grin*

  23. Thank you for reminding me today to be thankful for the Mom I still have. May God continue to bless you with special memories, even now as you've entered a new stage in mothering.
    As to the closet ... I like the advice of matching hangers and getting rid of anything you haven't worn for a year. One thing I've tried in order to avoid "cluttering up" is when I get something new, something old has to go. (One thing in/ one or two things out!) I also have found that hanging clothing according to lenghts, helps make it look neater. For example, short lenghts, like all my pants. folded over the hanger, are the shortest in length so they go in the middle,
    To one side, all tops - sleeveless, short leeves and then long sleeves. To the other side skirts and dresses, with anything long towards the very end of the closet.
    I have some guesses as to the "help" you're getting ... is it B. or a closet organizer? I'm looking forward to seeing the result and I sure do appreciate your willingness to share. Your blog is a great place to visit and learn something new or just be encouraged.

  24. Lovella,
    thanks for sharing the sweet memories of your mother with us... it brings back such sweet memories of our own mothers...

  25. I appreciate reading about your mom, and your parents as a couple. What a precious ripple effect good lives have. Bless you as you.

  26. Lovella,
    Beautiful post. You have an amazing heritage in your mother. I pray you'll continue to experience joy in the midst of all the memories. I love that you still pull out the boxer shorts!

  27. Your Mom was sort of like a third Grandma to our girls. Her smile was so warm and kind. She always took the time to be interested. Her and your Dad were such a great pair. I always loved seeing them getting in and out of their camper van with big smiles and warm hugs for all the kids. She was just simply a lovely lady. Her example in life helped to build into you the qaulities of unconditional love for your family and a deep devotion to the Lord. Her sweet smile will always be etched in my minds eye. She loved you, and she knew she was loved by you. With fond memories Kathy

  28. I just had to re-read your sweet post about you mom. I can't believe two years have gone by since you wrote that and I was already reading your blog at the time. Thinking about you today. Will see you tonite.


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