Thursday, May 31, 2012

the back gables that no one ever sees

When he didn't come around the house for his 2 pm coffee break I went for a walk about around the barns looking for him.
I found him at the top of one of the barn gables...
sprucing it up.

I shuddered to think what would happen if he slipped down the roof.
I said..
"come down from there and I'll make you some coffee...
but I'll run and get my camera first".

He said..."start the coffee and hurry back because I'm coming down."

I came back and snapped a few photos and he came down...
safe and sound.

My imagination is too active.
Too many men go up roofs and come down in ways they don't expect.

Every day there are things to be thankful for.
mine was that we are one gable closer to him being satisfied with the back gables no one ever sees.

all for now...

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

"I love you"

First garden fresh roses of the year...
Peony buds...thinking about their special June bride.
The last of the magnolia buds...
a vase made by Kanneloni Macaroni and her Mommy for me ....

Best First Summer Bouquet ever!

all for now...

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

the sun dog

On Sunday while we were eating on the patio at Semiahmoo Resort...
we noticed a Sundog in the sky.

We hadn't seen one in so long that it was a novelty to try to observe it through the shield of our hands.
I used the camera for a shield...
more than my hand.

My head also made a fairly large shield.
Fun photography.

We went for a walk down the beach in the afternoon.
Everyone from our group had left but us.
We were unwilling for it all to end on such a beautiful day.

Later on we made a quick stop at the local big box store on our way home...
and caught up with a few of the couples.

At the border...
they were interested to know what we had been up to all weekend.
We said what we had been doing...
and he wanted to know more.
What church sends couples away on marriage retreats?

Ours does.

all for now...

Monday, May 28, 2012

equipping mentors

There is something rather wonderful about the proximity of our spot on the map.
Travelling about 25 miles west we reach the ocean and if we cross the border to the south..
we find ourselves at the lovely resort of Semiahmoo.

We are not trained counsellors nor are we on staff at our church but we are privileged to be involved in a ministry that both stretches us and enriches us...
while we serve.

Mentoring engaged couples was not something we ever expected to take on.
The criteria of course is to be in a satisfying and happy marriage and on top of that...
the criteria is that we are to be married ...
a long time.

We are...
on all counts.

We appreciate the opportunity to take time away to refresh and learn some Biblical truths on how God designed marriage.

We came home Sunday afternoon with happy hearts.
We laughed... ate together with other couples.... had a picnic for two....visited ...
enjoyed the sunshine...
sat in the hot tub....walked on the beach...sat and read...
talked alone...talked in groups...
slept ...played games...
planned future sessions... sat in seminars...
sat in video sessions...
read God's word...
and prayed.

It was good.

To have such perfect weather on the weekend only made our time more enjoyable.

One of the most amazing blessings of being involved in this ministry is that we have met other couples who have incredible passion to see marriages succeed.

One of the pieces of advice we always give to the couples we mentor is that they should surround themselves with healthy marriages.
We know first hand how enriching that is to our own marriage.

We are not above accountability.
Knowing that our marriage is open to scrutiny is healthy.

 We've done our best to help engaged couples plan for their marriage with sound principles.

In return...
our marriage grows.

Thank you Lord for the opportunity to serve.

Friday, May 25, 2012

garden report

The rhubarb in the front of the garden is looking a bit thin in the stalks...
for good reason.
I am merciless on it.

It won't be long and we'll need to put the pea netting up.
This year we planted the peas along one edge of the garden..
for easy picking...for us..and the grands. 

I love the idea of telling them to go pick some peas before supper instead of putting out a veggie tray for that hour before dinner when they are SO hungry.

We tried a different variety of carrots this year.
We are hoping for sweet pick and eat carrots.
What kind do you plant?

They almost look like beet greens already.
When we were in Mexico this spring we couldn't get enough of their raw grated beets.
We ate our fair share every day at lunch over our salad.

Odd camera angle!
I ran out of onions again yesterday.
Soon...that will not happen.

Radishes are almost one of those immediate gratification situations.
First to pick from the garden...
and so pretty in a salad.

The basil...
is ready to pick.
Now I'm thinking about Bev's Pizza the book.

It won't be long and we'll be looking for potato buds...
and fresh potato salad will soon be on the menu.

that is it for this week.
I'm ever so happy the weekend has arrived.
The sun promises to come out..
and I've got myself a little bag packed.

Woo hoo!
all for now..

Thursday, May 24, 2012

renewal and regeneration

After the showers stopped yesterday afternoon I went out to survey the results.
If it never rained...we would not know the scent that only rain can provide.
The rain gave me a holiday for several days from watering the bedding plants that I had planted on a rare week that not a drop fell.

The peonies are right on schedule.
Isn't it amazing how God creates new each year?
It is such a faithful reminder that he is a God of renewal and regeneration.
Every morning and every night and with every living breath...
we have the opportunity to be renewed and regenerated...
not by our own power..
but by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Read about it in Titus...

I love that hope!
I'm nothing without it!

all for now..

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

gardening circa 1981

In May of 1981 I wanted to get our garden in.
Shovel in hand..
baby Terrence with a book to read...
I stood with obviously not more accomplished than my circa 1970ish photo.

For the record...
I suspect I was holding the shovel for the photographer.
Back in the is perhaps usually him with the camera and not me.

Later that day..
the soil was turned over and made ready for the rototiller.
Our little garden was planted by early May that year like it always was.
That year...
I made good use of the upcoming May long weekend to  produce another son for us to love.
I continued to sew myself clothing now and then as in that "comfortable" and proper maternity top.
and my hair-do marginally improved over the years.

It is easy to forget that we are in our 50's...
until I look at photos from 32 years ago.

Life has been good!
Thank you Lord for so many little memories that remind us that your love has never changed.

all for now...

Monday, May 21, 2012

the family converged

On Friday night we met at the home of Grandgirlie and Little Miss Muffet.
To say they were excited to welcome cousins to their home would be highly understated.
Little Oh ....who is still unfazed by his cousins was on the other hand quite happy to find a teething food that tasted delicious and stood up to his little sharp teeth.

Grandgirlie dressed for the occasion and wore every bit of princess clothing and jewels she owned.
She and the lil' farm hand observed the cutting of the Mother's Day/Daddy's birthday icecream cake.
This is sure to be a custom they come to love since to this day...
Stuart prefers DQ cakes to anything else.

Little Miss Muffet (chatting it up with Grandpa) and Kanneloni Macaroni  also were in the party mood...
and took the opportunity to share as many cheddar fishies as a party would allow.

Terrence and Bea stood near ...
to offer assistance with the cake.

If there is one thing I have not yet managed to learn ...
is taking photos of my family.

When the best photo is this...
I am not sure whether to give up on family photos..
or never give up.

I'll keep trying...
because nothing is worth more than family.

is Stuart's birthday.
He's such a great son!

On top of that all...
it is a holiday!

all for now..

Friday, May 18, 2012

Morning after Dinner Party

After a wonderful time with friends last night...
it is wonderful to wake up to clean glasses dripped dry...
and magnolia blooms to greet me.

Last night we  laughed and were blessed by the kind of conversation that only happens between the dearest of friends!

The farm has no concept of long weekends...
except for knowing that some we love will have an extra day off of work...
and that is just as good to us as having that day off ourselves.

Coffee is ready....and my steaming cup has been delivered.

Have a wonderful ....and safe long weekend my dear ones...

all for now...

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Planting Garden circa 1977ish

I have no idea what I am looking at except for that is the direction from where my beloved usually came up the drive to see me.
It was most certainly before marriage because I did not weed my mother's garden after I said.."I do".

I'm also wondering why I am standing there when all those weeds are sprouting through the soil.

See how sensibly I was dressed?
I wore a hat to protect my head.

I think the most interesting thing is that someone took a photo of me in the garden and even more interesting is that the slide never got tossed in the trash. it is documented.

all for now..

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

planting garden 2012

Our garden is in!

It has been unusually warm this last week so the sprinkler is going.
Remind me of this when it starts to rain again.

I plant the tiny seeds...

and he plants the big ones.

I admit...
that I spent more time going to wash my hands so I could take pictures...
than I did with my hands in the dirt.

The variegated sorrel is growing like a weed.
I might have to make another pot of Summer Borscht...
or maybe try that Sorrel Perishky that someone I know has been hungry for.

I'll be glad when I can go pick an onion out of the garden again.
We love onions!
I wonder how many bags I go through in a year.

After the planting was done...
the garden was tidied..
and now we go every day to watch for something peeking through the soil.

all for now..