scrabble nights

Well, winter is again upon us with snow falling in the evening.

We've been pulling out the scrabble game more and more lately.

We got this new one for ourselves at Christmas.

It's perfect for playing in a semi horizontal position.

My beloved insists that I take the couch while he uses the love seat.

We're rather loose with our rules as we are with most things.

We don't bother to check spelling that often.

If it seems right to both of us .. we just go with it.

Please don't spend too much time checking our words . .

I reminded him that I wanted to use the board as a post.

He reminded me that it's my blog not his.

So, he won again. He always pretends to have horrible letters and then throws them down on the three word scores.

It's quite fun to look back years earlier to our Rook scorebook. It serves as a bit of a diary of who we played with and when we played.

Good times.

Find a friend and pull out a game.

Keep the fireplace burning slowly and sip on something warm.

I said . .sip . .that's different than eating. .


Got your pedometer strapped on? I'm thinking of sending out duct tape to keep them fastened on your waists. .. .

Have a wonderful day my friends.