Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Live on Amish Wisdom

This week I've given into the luxury of reading.
Mennonite Girls Can Cook has been invited to be on the Amish Wisdom show this Thursday.
As part of the preparation for this exciting opportunity I decided to order myself a few of Suzanne Fisher's books and when I have a book in my hand...
it is my undoing.

I bought her Stoney Ridge Series and am enjoying her warm and charming writing.
I started the first in the series The Keeper  Sunday and finished it Monday and yesterday between tasks..
picked up the second book as now...
I need to know the rest of the story.

This Thursday will be a first for us as a group.
The show will be divided into four segments and eight of us will partner in two's to answer questions and have an opportunity to share what we are passionate about.

Will you join us?
Amish Wisdom February 28  4 CT / 2 PT
Click here to listen  and then comment on her webpage for your chance to win our Celebrations book.
It would be ever so much fun to be able to debrief with you all after the show!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Murder Mystery and Family Parties

During the week we received an invitation in the mail to join in the fun of a murder mystery party. intrigue and planning and the anticipation was fantastic.

On Friday night we travelled a great distance...a short distance...
 knocked on the door and the party began.
Hosted by my brother and sister in law Gerry and Heidi,
we arrived to their flat in Hawaii the Fraser Valley and were soon drawn into the plot and subtle hints about who the guilty party might be.

The characters were played out perfectly and ....

completely believable.
It was good that these friends know how to pretend and be good sports..
because it kept the evening full of suspense.

If you have never participated in a murder mystery party I whole heartedly endorse the fun.
The game is played out so that everyone including the host and hostess are kept in the dark as to the true villain until the entire play is read out and the detective work is complete.

I came with him...
and went home with him.

I put my playdough making skills to good use during the week.
As a neurosurgeon I just couldn't put my work aside.

Even grown ups need to pretend now and then and since most of us will never be part of an academy awards in real life...
we can at least enjoy acting out a few plays.

It wasn't all about the mystery though...
Heidi had put together the most delicious meal and we enjoyed the courses in between acts.

On Saturday morning the family came to brunch.
I was surrounded by flowers and clearly had the seat of honor and made to feel very special since everyone under 5 feet tall begged to sit beside me.

The coming years like the last 54 will fly by.
One of these years they will rather sit beside each other...
so I just soak in my popularity by the younger set now.

After the  candle blowing out practice was exhausted...
we all enjoyed cake.

Turning 54 is a good thing!
Thank you to all you dear ones for loving me as you do.
I am abundantly blessed!!

all for now...

Friday, February 22, 2013

Outdoor tea party

While Grandgirlie enjoyed her holidays here...
we celebrated Valentines Day.
She wanted to make Grandpa a special tea party...
but he was very busy in the barns powerwashing.
Her and I put our heads together and decided to take advantage of the sunshine and bring the tea party outside to him.
Blueberry smoothies and Blueberry muffins.
She had a supply of fresh water in her creamer...
and ran in to refill it as fast as Grandpa could drink his share.
Tea Party...
made with love...

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Downton Abbey Personality Test

I've been still pondering the ending of season three of Downton Abbey.
No worries...there are no spoilers here for those of you who are still catching up!

I do enjoy a personality test now and then...
just to see if I am still who I think I am.

If you are a fan of the Masterpiece theatres Series then you already know that the personalities are loveable and sometimes infuriating at the same time.

My result?
I turned out to be most like Isobel Crawley.
My eyebrows raised up considerably at this result.

Isobel Crawley  
"Roll up your sleeves and prepare to get dirty, because Isobel's charitable jobs are right for you.  
Your hands-on work for those who need it the most can get you into trouble, especially when you cross the line from leader to bossypants.
But while your values or methods may not make you popular, your heart is in the right place."

I guess there is a grain of truth in that personality test...squirm..squirm.

I do love her quote though..
"Remember, we must hate the sin but love the sinner." Isobel Crawley

So...take the quiz and come back and tell me your result and if you agree.

all for now..

Monday, February 18, 2013

chucking the ball

When grandgirlie was over for part of last week for "her" holidays...
she won the heart of Kobee.

Determined to learn to  play fetch with Kobe, she patiently tried by trial and error to chuck that ball and scoop it up...
almost as good as I can.

Perseverance paid off and eventually she mastered putting that ball back into the chucker...

...again and again.

For the most part...
there were no limits on where Kobe would go to retrieve...

but every now and then she (Kobe) would stand at the edge of the "woods" ...
and look at her wee master to come assist.

The wee master wouldn't chuck that ball until Kobe was seated..
after all...the ball deserved a fighting chance to sail through the air before being captured once more.

Sometimes...that ball was hard to align back up perfectly to stick back in the chucker...

...and I sensed that Kobe thought it was all part of the game. 

Once it was though...
there was no cutting the edges...
there was no chucking from that wee master...
until "sit" was obeyed.

all for now...

Friday, February 15, 2013

design completed

I'm so excited.
The book is fully designed and I think it is more beautiful that any of us imagined.
The last proof was sent to us this week and the last adjustment requests have been made.

Preordering from major online retailers is open and to celebrate we are offering you a chance to win our new book Celebrations due to be released May 2nd...

Many of you have been asking where our royalties will be going for this book and we are excited to announce that we will be designating the funds to the WASH program in Africa.
We'll share more about that amazing program in the days to come.

all for now...

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day from my family to yours

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder..
it seems....
and a good sense of humor is never a waste.

Yesterday I was invited to attend a Valentines program for our two oldest grands.
They sang all the love songs they know..
and smiled at their special someones in the crowd.
I can't think of anything that is more special that being smiled at like that and made to feel like my presence was that important.


Whatever your day holds..
I do hope you find joy in offering love to those around you and feel loved in return!

all for now..

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

noodles and frosting

Yesterday I put a large chicken in the pot and set it to boil up for some soup.

I combined the simple ingredients in egg noodles and set it aside for noodle rolling in the afternoon.

Grandgirlie fancies herself a professional noodle roller...

and I think she may be getting very close to her goal.

At first the dough is rather rough and hard to roll ...

but she is determined to do it all herself and with my guidance rolled it thinner and thinner ...

until I gave her the okay to start making noodles.

In a little over 30 minutes she was finished...

and I was proud of her.

After little miss muffet finished her nap...
I brought out the frosting and cookies that I had made the day before.

She also..feels quite certain that she can do it herself.

I did give her some tips...

and in the end..
the cookies were frosted and sprinkled and enjoyed.

I love these girls!

all for now...

Monday, February 11, 2013

roadside treasures

While the east coast is digging out of the major snowstorm...
we here on the west coast had a sunny 8 Celsius Sunday.
Maybe the saying that everyone and their dog was outside is true..
at least it was in our neck of the woods.

As we walked I was taken back to the ways of my Dad in law.
He had the knack of driving and stopping on a dime when he spotted a treasure on the side of the road.
We were walking and I was dawdling behind when directly in front of me my beloved stopped and began to pick up screws.

I stopped and helped...
of course.
He seems to make many stops at the lumber yard and so he knew the cost of one screw...
and when a man is in the middle of a treasure find ...
his math skills are like no other.

Feeling great about saving tires...
and his own money...
we walked and chatted and though I never mentioned it...
I thought about Dad.

It wasn't long and he mentioned it himself.
Oh the things that Dad found on the side of the road..
because he had the vision of a  hawk when it came to road side treasures.

When we got home I brewed a pot of coffee and we spent some time just relaxing against the house where the sun's warmth was felt at it's best.

We closed our eyes and pretended we were in..
The Bahamas...
Palm Springs...

places where those we love are currently enjoying the kind of sunshine that calls for short sleeves and shorts.

all for now...

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

mid winter brighteners

I love a quick inexpensive way to brighten up winter.
A fresh ivy is a great way to bring life to a dark room.
For a few dollars it will live even in a dark room until spring.
I did this last year and then added it to my outdoor pots.

I found these very soft and inexpensive cushions at Coscto.

Tulips this time of year...
not from the garden..
at least not mine.

What are you doing to brighten your winter?

Monday, February 4, 2013

A new shade

We often feel the need for a change in January.
Painting a room might not quite have the same effect as a tropical get away...
but ..  it's a change.

One thing seems to lead to another and it was decided that the ceiling also needed some freshening up.

The Shade of Grey Green was just a bit lighter...same tone.

My job was to paint the grooves in the old panelling.
Remember when all houses of a particular era had panelling?

More striping.

He would follow behind me.
We painted to the music of that era.
I listened to the words of "I honestly love you"...
remember that?
He reminded me again how he disliked that song then...
and still does.

And there we have the two colors side by side before the right side of the room was painted.
It only wet my appetite for more painting...
and more lighter tones.

For now though...we are editing again and my attention is gone in another direction.

all for now..