Fintgertip Pot Holders

I love quick little projects that I can copy and pass on to others.
My friend Linda gave me this sweet little set for my birthday.
The little fingertip pot holders are perfect for bringing something hot to the table and leaving with hot dishes to pass around.

I've made them two different ways now and since the method is slightly different I will explain them both ways.

For each little holder you will need two pieces of fabric cutting them each 8 inches long and 4 inches wide.  Round the edges as shown.

Then. will need 4 more pieces pieces to slip your fingers into,
These pocket pieces measure 3 1/2 inches long each and 4 inches wide.
These measurements are meant to be a guide.  You can of course make each one a bit wider or narrower to suit yourself.  You will also need some heat proof fabric which is sold especially in fabric stores for pot holders.

To make the little fingertip pot holders without binding follow the instructions below.

  1. sew right sides together of the half circles on the straight side.Turn right side out and press the seam and top stitch  (alternately you could use one piece of fabric and simply fold it in half to create the same shape
  2. cut a piece of heat proof fabric to match the exact size of your two long pieces
  3. arrange your stack of fabric beginning from the bottom using a piece of heat proof fabric, then a piece of contrast fabric right side up and then the two half circle pieces, as shown.
  4. sew on one side through all pieces of fabric being sure to sew a bit of both half circles in place.  This is to prevent the fabric from shifting when you turn it right side out later.
  5. on top of the stack of fabric, put one more piece of long fabric right side down facing the half circles.
  6. Sew around all the layers of fabric beginning on the side where you sewed through the first layers right where you ended sewing.  You will need to be able to turn the pot holders right side out after.  Trim edges close to stitching all the way around. Then turn the pot holder right side out.  Use something dull to poke around all the edges to be sure to get the seam to the edge.
  7. Press and top stitch around the edge all the way around.
To make the pot holders using seam binding follow the instructions below.

  1. Cut 4 half circles for each pot holder.  Edge each straight side with seam binding.
  2. Layer all the pieces of fabric. 
  3.  First, one long piece of contrast fabric, right side down, then a piece of heat proof fabric, then a piece of contrast fabric right side up and then the two half circles as shown.
  4.  Sew around all the layers all the way around.
  5. Trim close to seam all the way around.
  6. (looking at number six and wondering what to say about this duplicate picture). .observe your trimmings  :)
  7. Sew seam binding all the way around.
I found the seam binding version a bit easier to make look neat.  You will have a little extra expense in the seam binding but it also allows another bit of trim to make your fingertip pot holders pretty.

Let me know if you make some.

all for now. .


  1. Wonderful tutorial. Love you fingertip pot holders....and the fabric...really nice:) These are just perfect for using at the table.

  2. Great tutorial! I received a set of these from a friend for my birthday as the ones in your first tutorial. Love them.

  3. Love these fingertip potholders, Lovella. Nice fabric.

  4. They are cute...I am trying to decide if my son and husband would be willing to use such a thing.

  5. Beautifully done Lovella. Thank you so much for my matching holders to go with my apron!!

  6. Great idea and tutorial. Thanks for sharing your project. I am also wondering if my husband and sons would use these at the table. They may have to be slightly bigger for them.

  7. Cute! Great tutorial and I know that I'll be revisiting it.

  8. Lovella, what a great idea! Thanks for sharing with us...loved the fabric too! It has been fun catching up on your blog.


  9. Love these fingertip pot holders. How clever! Another informative tutorial. Thank you!

  10. What a wonderful idea they are! I love the fabrics you used. They will make wonderfully useful gifts.

  11. Now those are CUTE!!! I haven't ever seen them before but how perfect would they be for carrying hot plates to the table (which I seem to have no time for anymore). I think these might be just the thing to sew for a friend. Now let's see if I can find some time....will let you know.

  12. I see a pair that matches my apron! =)

  13. What a great tutorial. I've the tutorial to our patterns at the new online sewing community: (linking back to your website).

  14. Thank You! so excited to try this :)


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