Thursday, September 30, 2010

Apple Crop

The apples are ripe.
This is good.
I have pie crust ready in the refrigerator. .
freezer bags for apple sauce. .
and sugar to add just a pinch of sweetness.

It seems that some days. . .
I could do with a sprinkle of sugar to sweeten me up some.

I'm willing to give it a whirl.

I guess time will tell. .
if I seem sweeter to you. .
it helped.

If I get a bit tart . . .
I should go for more.  .

All for now. .

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

print button tutorial


I've been searching for a print button for the Mennonite Girls Can Cook blog that is user friendly. . .
and not obnoxious.
I think I found one that works really well. . and has minimal advertisement.

Normally when I want to print something out from the blog. .
I just copy and paste. . .
but now and then I am reminded that I didn't always know how to copy and paste myself and so there are likely  others that also suffer from computer limited knowledge.

I thought. . .that there might be others that would want to know how to insert the button at the bottom of their blog .. .and so here are my very unprofessional instructions.

First. . ..go to your blog and click on design and then on  edit html.
Click on expand widget templates.

Scroll down until you find the second line shown in the picture above
div class post footer.

For my template. ..this was about half way down.
Seriously. . .there should be an index for this sort of thing. .
I needed to scroll several times. . .but I found it.

You will insert your code just below this line.

Now. .minimize your screen by left clicking on the little minimize line at the top right hand corner of your screen. . 
 and go get the code.

You will find it at the good people at Print Friendly Button.

Once you get to their page. .
they will give you easy instructions to copy and paste.

How do we copy and paste?
 Maybe this is all you want to know how to do. I'll tell you that here  too.  :)

Take your mouse and left click over the area you want to copy.
Right click and then select copy by left clicking.  ..copy.

Now. . .minimize this page for now because you might want to go back to it.

Bring up the edit html page you were working on earlier by scrolling over your web server button at the bottom left hand corner of the screen. . .and selecting the html page. .

Find the spot right underneath the line

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Fantastic news. . .
I found them.

Does anyone use cheques anymore?
I use one per month.

With online banking. . .automatic giving. . and plastic this and that. . it seems that cheques are all but obsolete.

This spring . . .I ran out. . .so I went online and ordered myself a new supply.
I remember back in the day I would fill out the little form at the back of the cheque book and drop it off at the bank on my next visit but now I didn't even need to bother with that little chore.
I ticked off this box and that box. . .not needing any changes since I needed cheques years ago. . .
and waited for them so show up in my mail.

And. . .they did.
I opened up the package and slipped a new book in my handbag and went to do my shopping. . .
and that is the last I remember seeing that box of cheques.

A week or so later I remembered the box of cheques and idly supposed that I had put them in the spot I always keep them . . .and took a quick look to be sure.
The box  cheques was not in its ususal cheque storage spot.

Spring came and went. . .summer came and went. . and I cannot tell you how many times I looked under my seat in the car. ..the passenger seat . . .the back seats. . .wondering where on earth I put those cheques.

I  cleaned up the office drawers. . .and still I could not find the box of cheques.

Yesterday. . .I went online and nearly had them void the whole kitn' caboodle but decided I would try to pray first.

I prayed. ..Dear Lord. .I'm losing it here. and I both know that those cheques have got to be in this office.  My car has not been broken into. .(even though my beloved just suggested it might have been). .
and I'd just be so grateful if you could help me find those cheques. .

I know that God is not my personal butler. .but I do believe he just loves to give me the desire of my heart from time to time.

So ..anyways. ..
I went to the cheque storage spot. .
and decided to give it one last shot. .
I removed all the contents of the drawer. ..all the files. ..all the folders. ..all the binders. . .everything. .
and at the bottom there was a thin envelope that could not possibly hold a box of cheques.
I picked up the 5 X 7 envelope from the closed end. .and what do you think fell out of the open end?
Three books of cheques.

What is this I wondered?  Where is the box? 
OH. .or was there no box at all. . .ever?
(I know. .not a very intelligent conversation with myself)

It seems that the good people at the online cheque ordering place have considered that there might be folks out there that have untowards ideas about packages that look like they might contain cheques.
They have made the outside of the envelope clear of any markings that would suggest. . .cheques.

Honestly. . .where my brain was that day that I opened up the envelope containing books of cheques was. . .
is up for question.

I only know. ..that my books of cheques that will last me 100 months.  ..
is safely tucked away in the convenient little zipper pouch bag to store them.

I just  can't tell you how thankful I was.

all for now. .

Monday, September 27, 2010


Did you know they make Bibles in GIANT PRINT that you do not need a carry on with wheels to transport?
I found this little Melon Green and Turquoise  Bible several weeks ago. .
snapped it up and claimed my newly renovated seat in church.

The lady sitting next to me. . .(aka my sister by love). . Heidi. .
was checking it out. . .and I noted that it appeard she was coveting it.
This last week. . .
she sat beside me in church again.  .
and after some time. .
I noticed that she had the same GIANT PRINT in her Bible.  (as she was smiling)

She picked a different cover which oddly now I liked better. . .  (but did not covet)
but it was the same inside.

So. . .there we sat the two 50 somethings. .
GIANT PRINT Bibles in hand. .
and at the same moment underlined the same phrase.

I hope we'll have many more years of sitting side by side in church. .
and lots more opportunites to learn a thing or two from each other.

Sisters-by-love. . .
the next best thing?   .. .or the best?
I say the best.  (with a smile)

Friday, September 24, 2010

slow fall

Is fall arriving late in your part of the world?
I'm looking back in my pictures to past years and realizing that by now it should appear autumnish around here.
We're having leaves fall from our Tulip tree but that is only because the aphids have sucked the life out of the leaves and they are calling it quits early before they are properly hued for fall.

Yesterday while it rained . ..
I chatted with Kathy on speakerphone while I asked her opinion on what to remove from the closet.
It's pretty handy having a friend who knows your clothes and can give a solid opinion without you even having to try it on.
It's a pity she wasn't here.  .we could have done a proper post on the event.

At the end of the day. .
I had room to spare in my closet. .
and everything that is in it. .
I'll wear.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

out for lunch

Yesterday we took a  day away from the farm.
He drove.  ..and I navigated.
While we've walked the seawall around the Vancouver harbour. . .
we've often mentioned that we should check out the restaraunt in Coal Harbour.
We entered the parking garage and parked in our parking spot.
(I say that because we park in the same parkade everytime we go to Vancouver and head to the furthest corner and no one ever parks beside us.)
If you know my beloved . . .you will understand why this is a desirable outcome.

From there. is all downhill to the harbour . . .
and Cardero's is situated over the water.
He had the salmon burger. . .and I had the fish tacos.
Both of the lunches have us plannng on going back.

After lunch . .
we walked back up to Robson Street and moseyed through the shops.

At three o'clock we stopped for an Americano. . .
outside in the sunshine.
At 6:00 . ..we found our car. . 
paid our $25 for parking. . .
and headed back to the country.
On the way home.  .
we picked up some take out. . 
and made it home just in time to watch Survivor.
And that. . .
is how we spent our day.

All for now. . .

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

perfect day for a drive

Yesterday. . .
was the perfect fall day.
It started out a bit cloudy. .
and then cleared up perfectly.

The grands were all over.
they rode the mini farm equipment. . .
and did some running in the field.

The all ate a big bowl of Borscht for lunch. .
used up some more energy. .
and then ate taco's for supper.

At the end of the day. . .
they were freshly bathed. .
tucked into their carseats.  ..
and we were the ones doing the waving.

It was just a grand day.

all for now. .

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

How is Gerry doing?

So many of you have asked after my brother Gerry.
I thought I might do a bit of an update here for those of you who . . . are curious .. .care . .and those who just might be wondering if this liberation treatment for Multiple Sclerosis could help you or someone you care very much about.

The Canadian government at this point is still not sold on the CCSVI  treatment that Gerry had.
He has a step by step guide to his experience on his blog that has more information there than I can explain. . .so do visit him there if it is real information you need.

I am purely looking at his progress since the liberation treatment from a sisters point of view.

When Gerry and Heidi walk in the door. . .
I see hope. 
His eyes are bright and alert.
His face that once looked weary  looks rested.
He walks without a cane. . and he doesn't limp.
He is driving car again . . something he had given up on his own.
He is enjoying working outside.
The two of them. . .are so hopeful and so enjoying his regained health.

We had them over for faspa on Sunday night.
My brother Ken is batching while Mary is out visiting their daughter in eastern Canada so he came too.
We just visited. . .it was so good.
Just relaxing and talking  . . .like the good ole' days.

We talked about how long it will take the Canadian Medical system to get on board. 
We are confident they will.
There are so many people that have travelled abroad to receive treatment and they can't all possibly be living the placebo effect. 

For now. . .
we are enjoying having our brother back.
God has answered our prayers. . .and we are thankful.

Thanks for asking about him. .
I love being able to tell his story.

All for now. .

Monday, September 20, 2010

end of summer garden

The weekend flew by. .
I am here late on Sunday night posting a quick peek of my garden for you view Monday morning.
The Sedum are coming into their beautiful fall color now. 

My pots are nearing the end of their color and yet. . .when the rain stops for a few minutes ..
there is still such loveliness to behold.

My begonias did amazing this year,
Next year I'll add another bunch to the masses of yellow I had this year.
They are so independent and never ask for much.

The Japanese Anemone is flourishing. . oblivious to the nearing of fall.

It was a very good weekend. . .
it was all about being with those I care about most.
Wonderful friends. . .
and wonderful family.

I hope you have a wonderful week. . .
all for now. 

Friday, September 17, 2010

can I get that number please?

I was wondering the other day when the last time I  had made new phone and address lists?

It finally dawned on me.  .
I needed  a new one.

I compiled our old wedding address lists that we had for our kids. .
and my oldie goldie address book that hardly had a current address left in it. .
and my phone list that had more scribbled on the side than the orginal typed list. .
and now. .
I have lists that are saved in my computer. .
and when the kids call for that address they need. . .
I have it. .
I hope.

If you all plan on moving. .
or changing your phone number. .
can you  let me know?
I'll make the necessary deletes. .
and keep you current.

All for now. .

Thursday, September 16, 2010

relief sale zweiback and going to mom's

While we were at the relief sale we ran into our Mom (My beloved's).
She opened up her bag and showed us that she had bought a bag of Zweibach at the bake sale.
They were nice big ones. . .and looked quite nice and soft.
I thought it would be quite funny if I posted them here and you recognized them as having donated them to the bake sale.
If you did. . .I'm here to tell you . . you did a fine job.  .keep it up.

So then. .
we got the call to come for a bowl of soup and zweiback for supper yesterday.
Sure. . .we are usually free for such invitations. 
I took some pictures of her soup. .
and jotted down what she put in it (for a future MGCC post). .while she listed it off the top of her head.

. . .and then. .
my eyes feel upon these beauties.
She had brought over some plum perishky last week. .
and we ate them all.
I mentioned that we had enjoyed them so much and if she wanted to ..
she could whip up some more.
She did . ..and I took some pictures for a MGCC future post.
As we left. .
she said with a smile ..
"I'm not baking any more. . .that's the end of the plums". .
"sure". . .I said. . with a smile.

all for now. .

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

the bouquet

Sure. . I didn't get my gardening tended to yesterday.
Life is like that sometimes.
It didn't matter though. . .
I got a bouqet. .
with instructions that it should directly into a glass of water.
Sure. .
and she brought one to Grandpa too. . .
carried it right over his lawn to him.
If you know him. .
you would see the humor in that.

I did.

all for now. .

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

the worms's view

Tell me the truth . .
when is the last time you laid on the grass with the worms popping through to see what all the hubub is about and looked up?
I do it now and then ..
because I can.
I might try it again today since my garden is in desparate need of a tug o' war with the perennials that have long since ceased to be . . .
Me thinks. . .
I'll head out after lunch when the sunshine has convinced the dew to take it's leave.
This morning . . .
I'm off to run errands ..
and I plan to make it worth my while . .
with a wee visit.

On top of all that . ..
I hope to finally get around to do some visiting with my blog friends . .
which has been long overdue.

All for now . .

Monday, September 13, 2010

the big mennonite event 2010

Did anyone else go to the Mennonite Central Committee Relief Sale this weekend?
I 've had people tell me they've never been.
I love it all.
The crazy busy line up for the Wareneki. . .
the hoards of people .. 
the taps on the shoulder from people I now know. .
and running into the same people every year that we see way too seldom.

I made my way over to the Ten Thousand Villages booth and asked if any of the Langley staff was there.
They sponsor Mennonite Girls Can Cook every month to feed hungry kids.
I was so thrilled to meet Olga the manager of that store and another staff member.
Isn't it nice to be able to put a face to an email?
I was delighted and they were so nice.

Did you all eat the Borscht?
My Auntie Betty helped to make it.
A very long day and yet she still was smiling and enjoying the sale.

Every year we run into someone we can invite over for coffee after.
This year it was Judy and Elmer.
They still had food tickets left and so they bought a bag of Portzelky and we taste tested them at our house with a cup of hot coffee.
They were excellent.

Yesterday was family day.
We invited everyone over for Chinese Food.
Mom picked it up. .
and it became her treat along with the Perishky she baked.

Over all. .
it was a memorable weekend.
I can honestly say. . I'll remember it as long as I live.

Maybe one day. .
I'll tell you the rest of the story.

All for now. .