the 8 month trim

On Monday night after a quick potluck up at the B&B we set our little friend Ethan in the
bumbo barber chair and set about snipping off his baby wisps.
This little lad lives in a good mood.
While "Tante Vellie" snipped . .. "Uncle Terry" entertained and mommy and daddy took pictures and watched their baby boy grow to another milestone.
That was fine by us ..
we've done this before ..
we knew the drill.

( I did wonder though how we ever accomplished anything without the bumbo chair)

He thought he had struck it unusually rich with a set of keys with a fob and a pretty nice cell phone.

When he was done we put a smidgen of gel in for the photo op.

I got myself a hug around the neck with those chubby little hands.

Oh bliss.

He spreads his loving around so easily. I wonder if he'll keep this sunny disposition through out his life.
I hope so . ..
when some one smiles at you . .
it's so easy to like them...

He smiles at us and indeed we love him.

The thing about baby boys, is . .
at the end of the day ..
they want their mommy's.
( and daddy's)

It's all good.

So, the pedometer is on?

Wonderful ..

Have a wonderful day my friends.


  1. yes...nothing like a baby's smile or a chubby-baby-arms hug !!

    I'll add my smile to your day !!

    Have a good one, Lovella !!!

  2. oh what i little doll!!! nice job on the haircut!
    i have been behind in my blog lurking, i love the eagle pics.
    as fair as a healthier lifestyle i'm right there with you!!! it is a forever thing and you never reach the finish that i am a little more active i am almost leary to admit that i am starting to like it.:)(don't tell anybody though i have been bucking it for so long.......)

  3. Aw, how cute! I've been peeking in on your blog for a while now, I found you linked on Running Wildly's site, and I love your posts! I figured it was time I said HI!

  4. How sweet! I remember my own little boy's chubby arms and those hugs...and his first haircut. When he turned 2-1/2 years old, we decided it really was time to have those blond ringlets cuts off. People were beginning to mistake him for a little gal. ;)

    (Oh, yes, the pedometer is on, and Doc is wearing his, too!)

  5. He is soooo cute! I love what a wonderful young man my son has grown to be, but, I really miss my baby.



  6. day he'll be bragging that he got his first hair cut from Canada's famous blogger, Lovella!
    I could just feel the chubby baby love coming through the pictures. Sigh.

  7. Sweet little did an excellent job of barbering!

  8. Tante Vellie - you're amazing! You did such a great job of the haircut. And, of course, can't forget about the very important job of Uncle Terry - also amazing. Ethan looks adorable with his new little haircut. Thanks!

  9. SO you cut hair too?

    Girl, is there anything you CAN'T do?

  10. How cute! I know where to go when Liam is ready for his hair to be cut! I put his little bumbo to good use everyday- he loves to sit on the island while I bake and get dinner ready. What fun!

  11. Ahhh...what a little sweetheart, smiling his way through a haircut! Good job on the haircut Lovella. I like the "new do"!
    Yup pedometer is on...hubby also wearing his.
    Want to bake a lemon square today if I find that recipe..

  12. cute haircut lovella. cute little boy too.

    have a great day.

  13. Sooo cute! In some ways it's easier cutting their hair at that age...when they have no opinion about how it should look. It looks great!

  14. What a cutie! You just gotta love those baby hugs!

  15. Ahhhh, Babies! I'm baby crazy!!

  16. Oh, the chubby hands around the neck are one of my favourite things! He is SO cute. And such a lovely name too. :)
    I love your walking club. I don't have a pedometer or I'd join in. I've often thought it would be a good idea to have though because there are days when I feel like I never sit down!

  17. what a sweetheart!! he could melt anyone's heart with his smiles :)

  18. Isn't he adorable? Time ticks on so fast doesn't it? So many times I felt like I was too busy.
    It's like someone said, We've earned mulligan, meaning we get to grow kids all over again.
    Is that a little nephew of yours? by reading your comments, could it be Nancy's?
    The gel look is so cute.

  19. Precious...simply precious! What fun it is to document these milestones! I didn't do that with my son's first haircut! But my memory is long and I do remember it well! : )


  20. Super cute~ and I also wanted to take a moment to say thank you for all the pedometer challenges and daily reminders and encouragement. You have made a difference in peoples lives! I am thoroughly impressed! You are living out your calling! I am thoroughly impressed! Way to go kiddo!!! Keep stepping it up!

  21. Great job on the haircut. I've seriously never seen that kid in a bad mood. He's SO cute!


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