I'm thinking that if anyone enters the bungalow, they'll be stopped short in their tracks by all the red accessories.
Yesterday the last of the goodies came for my notebook computer. My beloved came home with a large box and inside was a carrying case and "YES" a mouse for the notebook. Oh happy day.
I've been trying to get the hang of that crazy little box mouse but how I end up in various places I have no idea.

Oh, how did you do with your walking yesterday? I couldn't believe how much I had actually walked by the end of the day. I did do a 25 ish minute walk but then I did groceries and in the evening we walked the mall in search of the perfect shower gifts for our g-babies.
I had no idea what to expect and I was delighted to see that I stepped far more than my goal of 7000 steps. I'm resetting my goal to 10000. Yesterday was more walking than I would normally do. Today, I have appointments so we'll see what the pedometer says at the end of the day. Yesterday when I chatted on the phone, I walked around the ktichen island.
I was so excited that you are joining me and I expect that by Monday the walking club will be ready to go. Go get your pedometers on the weekend and together we'll encourage each other.
I best be on my way, the rain has stopped and I'm off for my walk. Have a wonderful day my friends.


  1. Good Morning. Yes, my walking buddy and I are trying to get back into it. We have been on a break since the beginning of Dec. because her mom was really sick. Now when we want to go it is usually raining, or pouring or the roads are full of slush. Next week is supposed to be pretty nice. Have a great day, and you look great in all that red.

  2. Ohh.. I missed your post yesterday .. it wasn't there yet when I went out .. but seems we were on track ... I went walking in the mall with a friend ... and did more steps than I have for a long time .. I didn't have a pedometer so I can't prove anything !!!
    and I too was shopping for certain babies !!!
    Have a wonderful day , Lovella.

    We're off to see Carolanne and family at the airport !!

  3. Hey there Lady in Red. You turn 50this year don't you? They call that Red-ulation around here, (becoming Red Hat age, graduating from pink hat.) Looks like you are getting a jump on the concept, and will soon be needing a red hat to flash at the world.

    I'm getting a pedometer too...

  4. Haven't had my morning walk yet but will get it in somewhere today..most of us would be surprised at how many steps we do in one day!
    Good for you Lovella....step right up!

  5. Jill, I'm only turning 49. Let's not push the calendar. I'll be ready for the red hat deal when it happens though.
    Julie. . .oh goody, see you then?
    Say Hi to Carolanne.
    Corinne, I've been eyeing up that sunny stretch too.

  6. No pedometer as yet...but the rain has stopped, so I shall go out for my walk.

    On another topic...I want to thank you for the tip about the oven liners. I bought two yesterday & am so excited about them!

    PS I haven't mastered the pad on my laptop & use only the mouse (it's not a flashy red mouse, though!)

  7. Oh I think I definately need to get one of those pedometers!!! Sounds like you really went far!

  8. Love all the red! It's actually one of my favorite colors, though I cannot wear it...it doesn't go with my redheaded complexion. You look fantastic in red, and now you are surrounded by red!

    Wow, you did really well on your walking yesterday. 10,000 steps per day is supposed to be a very good count. I put my pedometer on about 1 pm yesterday and did only 811 steps because I was spending an inordinate amount of time sitting at my computer. Today I am plan to get serious and by Monday I'll be ready for the walking club!

  9. Good Morning Lovella - thanks for visiting me today and yes, that was Paul and me on Family Life Radio. Yesterday and today!! We don't get it here, so I have not heard it.

    I love the fact you are taking fitness so seriously. I am so grateful for my running partners. We meet 4-5 days a week at 530 am! Early, but so essential to get it done.

    Happy New Year - I'm jealous with your new closet organizer! Maybe your hubby will head our way ... ha ha.


  10. Is it wrong that I ate a hot dog for lunch yesterday and today? snicker. . . .

  11. Love the red...it's my accent color too :)

  12. I love all the red, too! Good for you for surpassing 10,000 steps. That is the goal set by most personal trainers and is also recommended on the The Walking Site (which has good tips for walkers).

  13. Oh Vicki, thank you for that site, its very imformative.

  14. I have two extra pedometers? Any takers? Don't get illusion ed by these things. If you walk 1 hour a day, you will have covered 7500 steps, plus 2000 regularly in the house, so do your math and away we go..

    It's so much more fun to walk with friends, rain or shine..
    I've had my red hat for awhile, when should we party?

  15. Hi, I love the red laptop and gear. I got a bright red coffee maker for Christmas! It makes me smile.

    kathy b

  16. I'm very impressed with your steps.

    Hopefully we'll have some sun tomorrow and I can join you in the walking - although i haven't found that pedometer yet.

    I may have to clean out a closet...


  17. I'm going to buy a pedometer while in Vegas this weekend and shall be ready to go! Pathetic...I'm going to Vegas and can only think of buying the pedometer! *shaking my head* Nevertheless...I shall be heading out the door bright and early Monday with my pedometer attached...um..somewhere! *lol* Have a great weekend!


  18. You look lovely surrounded in red! Definately the right colour for your laptop!

  19. Love the red. I have to have a larger mouse myself. I would like to join the walking club but am wondering if I can log my walking in minutes since I don't have a pedometer. Will that work?


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