Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas 2014

On Christmas Eve...

chores were done in the barn and the house was made ready for the people we love most.

We went to the Christmas eve service and came home to anticipate a houseful coming at noon the next day.

Everyone had a part of the story from Luke 2 on their plates.
As the little ones arrived, they looked for their names and practiced their verses and we shared together the miracle of Christmas.

I borrowed my beloved's apron to make dinner.

Menno Apparel   has a great assortment of fun slogans if you are interested.

After the Christmas story was read around the table and everyone had a full tummy ... 
the dishes were stacked in the dishwasher...
and we took turns opening gifts that were specially chosen.

The girls all opened their new dolls.

The nighties were held up to see if they were long enough...
and then quickly tried on to be sure.

Smiles were captured.

Newly discovered (to him) candy called Lifesavers were pondered...
and tested.

Boxes were delivered across the room.

One gift at a time...

patience practiced.

Grandma was tutored on her new Ipad.

Lego and instructions were contemplated.

Dessert was enjoyed at the island.

The girls spent time coloring together.

Playdough meals were prepared.

The two littlest set up a necklace making shop.

At the end of the evening...
the boys just wanted some quiet time with Grandpa after a busy day.

It was all wonderful! 

We are so blessed and thankful to have our family close by to love and enjoy and celebrate together.

all for now...
with love,

Monday, December 22, 2014

Nativity Video

Northview Nativity 2014 from Northview Church on Vimeo.

I wanted to share a bit of our church's Children's Christmas Program!  People had plenty of  ideas about how the Messiah should have come to save his people.  Our Messiah came just as God planned all along.  These little ones  got the message across well.

Have you plans already for Christmas eve?  If you live in the Fraser Valley and would like to bring your family to a  Christmas Eve service, I would like to invite you to join us at Northview Church. Check the link here for all our Christmas events.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Italian Ice Green

It is always nice to a have fresh coat of paint isn't it?

We painted our little bedroom this past month.

My inspiration was the vintage hospital end tables that have their original blue paint.

The other inspiration is the  Yo Yo cover I found at an MCC Sale.

I didn't mind paying the asking price as I could well imagine all the hours of work that went into this handcrafted treasure.  The fabrics are all vintage pieces of cotton that somehow work together beautifully.   I imagine the 50's fabrics were house dresses and aprons at one time.

The pillowcases were my grandmother's.
She never used them....
they are used now.

Our little bungalow doesn't have an en suite.
It is just the two of us...
so it's okay.

We painted my bathroom the same color as the bedroom.

The lighting gives it a different hue in the photos.

My beloved added wainscoting to add to the cottage feel of the home.

All the trim and wainscoting is painted Cloud White but again...
the photos seem to change the hues.

New flooring gave it a updated feel.

Somethings stayed the same.

My shabby chic cabinet helps with much needed space to store.

A quirk about me?

I love to bathe.  

all for now...

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Mennonite Girls Can Cook Christmas Party 2014

This year...

we were invited to the home of Ellen and her "dear" for our annual Christmas party.

On the way there...
I said to my beloved that sometimes it doesn't feel real that we can do this wonderful thing as a group of women.

We are able to chat, encourage and inspire each other every day and  ...
once in a while ...
most of us can get together. 

Kathy and I arrived a wee bit early to set up some 
antipasto platters.

Ellen had her home ready and it was fabulous.

It felt so special to sit at one of her carefully thought out table scapes. 

Her home was filled with Christmas!

 It was good to see our guys enjoying a time to catch up with each other.

They have become friends ....
through us.

The host and hostess...
always smiling...
and always

Lovely Katie (Ellen's daughter) was there to help with serving.

She is always so ready with a smile.  

Shame on me for not taking a picture of every course.

Surely one of the other girls did.  

This was the started soup.

The roasted veggies.

Before dinner...
while it was still light out...
we went out to the front door for one picture...
or maybe I should say a bunch of pictures of one pose.

This is a picture of the guys who were taking pictures of us.
We have become accustomed to the two lines formed for this purpose.

We sat around two round tables in their living room. ...
and enjoyed the most delicious Prime Rib.

After dinner...
the girls went to spend some time sharing gifts with each other.  

It was a time to remember.

Most special!

all for now...
with love,

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Decking the halls

It's been a month since I stopped to record the goings on in the bungalow. 
I've barely held my camera and was mortified to realize that when  Grandgirlie had a birthday party  I didn't even take one picture.  She was so lovely in her beautiful outfit and she's growing so tall and willowy and we just love her to the moon and back.  

We went to cut down our tree a week ago and since then I've been puttering around the home...
making it feel homey and bright.

As soon as we came home from Palm Springs...
I planted some Paperwhite bulbs to bloom for Christmas.

They had been sprouting already in the package and were anxious to grow.

One of my favorite things is placing beloved pieces that have been collected over the years to draw my heart and mind to the Christ child.

A sprig here...
and there.

The choir joins in with Christmas carols that fill our home during our waking hours.

During this last month...
the bedroom and my bathroom have been repainted.
Next week I'll share some photos of the finished rooms.

Here is a sneak peek of Italian Ice Green.
Soft and dreamy.

The bedroom dresser .

The paperwhites are ready for Christmas.

A few things to bake yet ...

to share and to enjoy.

A few more gifts to complete for special loved ones...

and then the halls will begin to ring with laughter and conversations.

I'm ready in my heart.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Palm Springs 2014

We've been back from Palm Springs since Saturday afternoon and I've been catching up in the office and family.

How is it...
that when you go away for one week...
there are two weeks to prepare to go...
and a good week to catch up when you get home.

We stayed a night in Vancouver at the airport on Friday night before our early flight to Palm Springs. 

I am so sorry I didn't have my camera out to take a picture of Elmer and Judy when they met us at the airport.  Their smiling faces made us feel happy to be on holidays and the feeling never left during our stay with them. 

I must have really been relaxing because taking photos was not a priority as much as enjoying the moments.   I will share a few because I want to remember how wonderful the week was.

Palm trees are the most welcoming sight and most pleasing to my senses after feeling the warmth of the sunshine.

Sunday morning we drove out to Neuvo and visited the Olive Grove Church where Ellen's brother Steve Bagdanov is the pastor.  If you want to feel welcomed in a church while you are visiting Palm Springs...go there.

Elmer and Judy and Terry and I, picked up Scot and Kathy in our rental car.

After church, we drove to Idyllwild for lunch.
It was chilly there and we were happy to find a great little restaurant called Gastrognome.

We enjoyed such a great day together with friends.

I had my land books and my kindle books and every once in awhile I would forget which one I was supposed to be reading and carried on again when I was on dry land.  
I realized that moving between two books is not a lot different than watching one TV show after another. 

Don't you love this view out the patio where we ate breakfast every morning. 
We spent hours chatting and laughing while we shared meals. 

Some days we ate in and shared the cooking and other days we enjoyed some of the great restaurants in town.

This was our lunch routine by the pool. 

We didn't eat such a big platter of nachos everyday.

Elmer and Terry were happy to take us to the outlet malls one day.
Judy and I shopped while they kept the packages and read. 

In the afternoons we took the double inner tubes down the lazy river. 
I am not sure exactly what I expected...
but nothing I imagined came close to the pleasure of reading while being floated around under the sun and shade.

Every evening we played games.

We love Rook and were happy to find that Elmer and Judy do too. 

Did I mention we loved the lazy river?

We mostly even kept our books dry.

One morning we visited the Coachella Valley Preserve where the Andreas Fault runs through.  

When we got back to our hotel we checked to see if there had been any tremors of note.  

On our last evening there...
the moon came up over the mountains and we stopped the car to see it and take pictures.

We left those lovely palm trees behind and came home in time to take in the  beautiful leaves blowing around.

We've now been to Palm Springs more than once and feel pretty sure that we will love to visit again.

Vacations with great friends...
is a good thing. 

all for now...