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Have you seen this book? If you haven't this post could very well be for you. I saw this book the other day, picked it up and began to leaf through the pages and was immediately drawn in to it's clever way of sorting out our shapes. The basic premise of the book is that whether you are thin or not so thin we all have shapes that generally fit into certain categories.

Click on the picture to make it bigger.
First of all it explains all the different types of shapes. It seems that some of us might have more than one type of shape. I scanned quite quickly through all the shapes thinking . . .no . . no . . . no and then I got to the second last one .. . I felt the blood drain from my face.

. .. what do you see? Yup, that's me. . . I'll never feel the same way about poached pears again.

So, the best part of this book is this .. .once you have cleaned out the clutter of your closet you might . . .just might feel tempted to go do a bit of a shop. What will you buy? More of the useless things that you just only rid your closet of? Nope, not me. . .I found the page of the best things for me.

I also found the page of what never to wear. That was fascinating since all the things listed were right on the money. Stay away from bias skirts, pencil skirts, skinny jeans, Jodphurs ..(what are those? I don't know but I'm sure not buying them) Ankle straps and stilettos are a no no. Woo hoo. Stroke those off of my Christmas list for next year.

As we continue on through the pages, it has real photos of real girls and this basically gives you the for certain or not idea of what type you are.

See? Small shoulders, and the rest is self explanatory.

The clincher was the saddlebags.

If you are still in doubt, it gives you another view.

I'm quite convinced.

Okay, completely convinced.

Now, I'm not suggesting that you all run out and buy the book. Perhaps you were already quite good at this sort of thing. I must say I knew but somehow having seen in print which things would be best for me, it helps me to shop with a chance of less regret.

So, I wanted to show you my first purchase with the new instructions in mind.

It said, that every pear shaped woman should own a decent pair of straight boots with a chunky heel. I saw these and tried them on. They were comfortable and were on winter clearance.

I whipped out my Christmas money from my dear MIL and am now the proud owner of a pair of boots to wear with my coats . .(oh and bliss. .. it says that I should own a coat for each and every season. I do.

I'm off for a walk .. . have a wonderful day my friends.

Later today . ..I'm getting my hair chopped. Perhaps you'll see a picture with my chopped hair and new boots tomorrow .. I'll see how it goes.

The book didn't address the hair . .. (I can still think a bit on my own)
Oh and don't forget to come with your week's average steps tommorrow.
I'd love to know how much more we walked because of those pedometers . . .
What fun!!!


  1. You are so brave! Loved the photos and, yep! I'm on the way to to order me that book! You're still way too cute, so don't go listening to those boys of yours...oh the stories I could share of the horrible comments from mine....ohhhhhhh...the shame! :O)

  2. Yeah! Jamie Lee Curtis did in in bra and panties and no make up awhile ago, so you are in fine company. I envy your flat tummy!
    A slight pear is a good won't tip over easily, so you can enjoy more wine in the evening (smirk)
    I'm getting a hair cut this afternoon too. And grabbing this book on the way there!
    Bless yur buns, as they say around her, fer sharin' real friendly like.

  3. Oh, you're so brave and daring, but still a tiny and cute li'l pear!

    I should probably purchase this book,'s difficult to dress a short and overweight frame without looking like a snowman, er...snowlady!

    I had my hair cut on Wednesday...very different than my usual cut. I'm still playing with it to figure out how to style it.

  4. Lovella, you are too funny. I can totally, totally relate on a bigger scale. I am blessed to be a pear as well. But, I just love your boots, you wouldn't mind if I got a pear (ha,Ha,) too, would you?

  5. Oh Shirley, I was so so so tempted to put the picture up of the pear of us looking out the window as teens. We thought we had problems then. Go for the boots, buy as many pears as you want but hurry they were almost all gone.

  6. You are too funny! I'm with you on the pear I guess I need to get me some new clunky-heeled boots.

    I'm on the I'm ready to get with the walking program real soon (even have my pedometer programed & ready to go). We'll see....

  7. I'll have to check the library for that book. I like to read a book or two along the fashion line each year -- just for the encouragement to try to look nice. I guess I'll find out what shape I resemble (or don't resemble).

  8. I think I'll check the library for that book too. I know I am a pear shape but some clear dressing instructions would be nice. I love your boots. I have been looking for some for a couple months now and can't seem to find what I like. You are a brave woman. Have a great day.

  9. this is a great and interesting post!!
    I am sitting here scrolling down your page, and ny hubby is right next to me. When your page came up, he said, "whose blog is that?" I told him, and asked why, he said "thats a real nice looking blog!" (he is sooo not an appreciater of blogs - this is from left field completely)
    as I scroll down, the picture of the model appears, he says "now what the heck is that?" and further says, "only a woman would post a picture of herself and put it on her blog"
    He didnt want me to comment, but I had to record, the fact that he actually appreciated the layout and decorations on your blog!!

  10. Hmmm..yup I'm a pear! I don't need to get the magazine, I have daughters who tell me what not to wear, not that I always pay attention to
    God made us all unique!
    I'm off to clean my house..

  11. Isn't it interesting how our bodies change as we grow older? When I was a younin' I was like that hour glass. Now, however, I'm thinkin' I may be that apple in the picture! *lol* I may have to find that book!


  12. I went straight over to my library's website and put that book on hold! I love this kind of stuff, but I have trouble figuring out just which one I really am. Can't wait to see your chopped hair!

  13. Of course I had to click and enlarge that description of types! I always thought I was a pear, but I discover I am a cello! And if, after walking all year, I manage to lose 30 pounds, maybe I will even qualify as an hourglass. But no matter what, I'll always be short waisted and slightly heavier on the bottom than the top. Oh, for skinny thighs - sigh!

  14. May I say that you are the cutest little pear ever? Indeed. Thanks for highlighting this book - I admit to being somewhat fashion impaired :)

  15. This is just too funny, and you are a sweetheart to let us see all your real, true to life, photos! What Not To Wear is one of my favorite TV shows, and that says a lot, as I usually watch Food Network, and American Idol. (and The Biggest Loser, but that goes w/o saying!)I love the before and after. I have learned a lot. My hubby, on the other hand, has learned nothing. Go figure.

  16. Oh dear! I am a cornet. I am the same size all the way down. Except for a "poochy belly" Goodness, that is so hard to get rid of.

    I will check this book out. Still walking and meeting my goal! I've also added the dreaded crunches to help the "pooch".



  17. Hahahahaha...Lovella, you crack me up, which is not easy to do these days!

    And let's just say that I'm never going to think about a brick in quite the same way again. ROFL!

  18. You really are brave!

    I don't see my figure type in those descriptions. I'll going to check the library to see if I can find this type - broad shoulders, average you know what(I can't write that word), not much of a waist, not huge hips but not small either and short legs. A bit like an hourglass but no narrow waist -maybe a saggy hour glass



  19. I love Trinny and Susannah! They really lay it all out there, but give you really helpful tips and suggestions. Anyway, I should probably take their advice more often. Oh well...maybe I'll go out and purchase that book.

  20. I'm a pear too!

    Oh my, I love your courage. The photos are fantastic.

    High fives to those in the pear club.

  21. I must own this....not anytime soon though, will I be posting pics in a black leotard quote you on my comments..."you crack me up"

  22. I'm thinking that you are not 50 yet, Have fun Lovella and continue on walking...we'll need to walk a long way but don't over do it girl. Your body has to adjust to the changes, not too fast.
    I don't know what shape I'm anymore..I just go with the flow.

    Good reading and I caught up with all the rest of your blogs. Met your lovely brother today.

    Enjoy those new boots. Look smart and classy.

    I recognized that one store on Robson, because they have it at Sun Peaks and wow, does it taste good..

  23. Hats off to you Lovella! That book is cracking me up enough I might need it for my coffee table for the next time my nieces come over!The descriptions are great.

  24. lucky you with the flat tummy!

    i think i'm a muffin, but i didn't see that shape on that page....

  25. ...and I will never play the Cello :(

  26. You are awesome! I love that you posted those pictures of yourself. I'm going to go check out that book. I think I'm a cello. :(

  27. I think that maybe you are half a pear! Funny, the pastor spoke about how we are all "fruits" of Christ's redemptive work on the cross ... and I thought about you. =) and all of us "pears".

  28. A pear? I never would have guessed that of you!
    A-pear-antly we are in the same club!

  29. Lovella
    You are an edgy gal ain't yah?
    You crack me up...enjoy your book, your boots and that lovely pedometer...I thought of you while I ran at the gym...thinking "boy, Kimmie you are so way behind in tracking in the miles."!!

    mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted


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