October 2018

Apparently Blogger is punishing me for being so tardy with my October post.
This is my second go at it and I doubt very much I will be able to pull forth the clever quips as I did the first go around. 

This is so late that I am guessing that there was likely odds on the table that I would never surface here again.
For all you naysayers...
I'm going to press Publish before November 30! 

We did have a full October.
We hosted Terry's side of the family in our shop and had a great time reconnecting with cousins and aunts and uncles we haven't see for far too long. 

look at all those bees!
It seemed that they were frantic to get in their sugar fix before buzzing back to their hives to be carted off until next spring when they come back to tend to the berry blossoms. 

I was fascinated by them.  
They seemed sort of docile and I got closer and closer until I got too close. 

Truth be told, I was fascinated by what my hand looked like blown up like a balloon. 
So …

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