May 2018

This is truly the latest that I have posted my month in review. Besides being late, I'm giving you the Coles notes instead of the detailed report but maybe you won't mind that part.  =)

We did get our garden planted and I'm happy to report that since this photo was taken, there is more foliage than dirt showing.

The MGCC group from this area plus Ellen from Washington State enjoyed a beautiful lunch at Marg's home before heading to enjoy the tulip fields of the valley. 

I love the look of a freshly mulched yard.  Instead of going to pick up trailer load after trailer load, this year we had 10 yards delivered and went to work to get it all done.

The front yard is at it's best when the rhodo's are blooming and the foliage is fresh. 

I love creating pretty little bouquets from whatever is blooming in our yard. The lilacs and lily of the valley have such a short bloom season but it is so wonderful to enjoy it while it lasts. 

One of the highlights of the month was…

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