Monday, September 1, 2014

Teaching Grammie to Rollerblade


Yesterday afternoon while the menfolk went Paintballing I allowed the little kids to talk me into letting them show me how to Rollerblade.  I mentioned I used to rollerblade a little bit and somewhere had rollerblades that were still like brand new.  They wanted to see them and by the time I got back they had found my helmet and proceeded to coach me in how to put the rollerblades on.

They showed me how to balance and promised me that if I would practice hard, the next time they would come, they would  teach me a few tricks.  All this... while I avoided the reckless gator driver.

Honestly, I did get better as the practice runs continued!

All in a days work for a Grammie.

And now... you know how our family really rolls.  Everytime I see this video... I just have to laugh.

Happy Labour day friends.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Preparing Supper for the Kiev Symphony Orchestra Concert

Yesterday I went out to the garden bright and early and cut Swiss Chard.

Kathy invited us to help make dinner for the Kiev Symphony Orchestra when they'll be putting on a concert in Chilliwack on September 9.

We decided to do the preparation of the Swiss Chard Rolls and the Apple Pies in advance which makes the day of the concert free to make buns and cut potatoes and bake the pies and the swiss chard rolls. 

There were onions to peel and chop.

Bowls and bowls of meat to mix up.

There was plenty of chatter and lots of happy encouragement all around.

Kathy is a fantastic organizer!!

We rolled up meat into those leaves lickety split and then stored them in the freezer.

Kathy will go and put them in freezer bags.

We mixed up large batches of pastry to make pies.

I doubled the flour but not the lard and yet we kept smiling and somehow made it all work out okay.
It happens!!
Lots of chatter... not enough concentration...
or something like that.

The apple peelers were busy getting the 25 pounds of apples peeled and cut up.

Do you all have apple peelers like this?
We all brought ours and those apples were ready for the pies in minutes.

 Easy peasy! 

We rolled out the pastry and the pies were crimped and glazed.

We started at 9:30 and by 12:30 we were at Kathy's enjoying a beautiful salad lunch!

It was a good day.

all for now...

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

bring the colour party

There was a party on Sunday to catch up on the July birthday parties.

 At least part of the success was relying on the guests bringing their bright and beautiful imaginations with them.

 At least part of the success was relying on the guests bringing their bright and beautiful imaginations with them.

Lanterns...streamers and balloons...

and take home bags...
all white.

Even the dessert tray waited for white.

White  shirts and white canvases...

and then the colour brought it all alive.

Painters tape was applied first by adults while the little ones gave direction on where to tape off the canvas.

Some  painted in patterns .....
some with primary colours...

and some creating a watercolor effect.

After paint was applied...
there were stamping and other techniques  added and then the colour was left to dry.

Once the tape was removed...
their colour canvas was revealed and all were beautiful.

There was entertainment of course.

Walking on hands is always preferable.

Little brother learning from his big brother.

Lots of smiles and lots of fun!

After everyone had finished their artwork...
the white dessert was brought for a touch of colour.

Some sparklers...

and candles...
and the July birthday kids were ready to blow out candles.

Everyone got their chance to bring art to their cupcakes and then enjoyed eating their edible art.

We always enjoy the creativity of this mama.
Her beauty extended to others.

all for now...

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