June 2018

I wouldn't mind June all year long if it meant having these beauties ready to pick right outside my door.

You probably heard... 
no new recipe posts. 
This was my last kick at the can and I wanted those buns to turn out just right.   It felt surreal.
The funny thing is that I discovered there are so many recipes long forgotten so even though the recipe blog is complete, I'm having a delightful time pulling up recipes that deserve a second look. 

I've taken pictures out of this window dozens of times I'm sure, but it is always something I can't resist when the lighting and clouds are how I love them to be.

Peonies and roses.
Who needs room fragrance spray?

Truth be told, I'm not a super fan of the orange lilies but they are so bright and cheery (in the garden).

Why doesn't everyone plant an Abraham Darby rose?
This rose bush is probably about 20 years old and every fall I cut it down to about a foot and every spring it shoots forth amazing buds.

As I work o…

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