January 2019

Every year should start with Portzelky!  

And loved ones around the table. 

And a puzzle to work on during long winter evenings. 

It was wet... very very wet! 
I continued to pick my kale and worried it would drown. 

 Kathy had just had her hip surgery we moved her birthday party to her house. Next year on her birthday she will be dancing! 

The rest of the month I essentially was in an organizing frenzy! 

Every day I pulled out a drawer or took apart a closet or cabinet and put back together again in a much tidier fashion.

Some days I didn't even get dressed properly, nor did I have time to comb my hair.  There was no time!  When I pulled out all my kitchen stuff I stood there and felt some degree of panic! But, I stuck with it and am now ready, should the queen come to inspect! 

We took a drive up Chilliwack Lake Road and saw scenery so beautiful that it hardly looked real. 

As we neared the end of this puzzle we limited ourselves to only a few pieces each day.  It was so satisf…

December 2018

November 2018