February 2018

I'm getting later and later with my month in review.  
Life must be full in the bungalow!
I'm always so happy to see something poking out of the ground before spring is officially here. I was about ready to pick the sorrel and a day or two after this photo, it was wilted on the ground after a frosty night.

The rhubarb is late this year.   It's been a colder than average winter according to my memory.  

This flower was blooming beautifully as well until the frost hit it and it also wilted but has now stood itself back up and it's back in business. 

I am so thrilled that this orchid has grown a new stem.  I've always been on the hoping end of orchid blooming.  This year I'm celebrating each new bloom that has opened.

Ask anyone who lives in the valley.  It's been a wet and dreary February. Rain rain and more rain.

When the clouds opened and the blue sky peeked through I think we all ran out to take pictures of it.

I even found myself gleeful about Kobe's…

January 2018