March 2018~ Celebrating 40 Years of Marriage

During the month of March we celebrated our 40th Anniversary.
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On the 4th, which was the day we were married, we were in Vancouver for the annual Poultry Convention.  As much as we always enjoy that getaway, we were practically giddy with excitement knowing that a week later, we would be celebrating with our children and our littles in Hawaii.

Planning a trip for six adults and five children takes time and so we texted them early last July and asked them if they would be free mid-March. 
We had been looking online for weeks trying to find accommodation in a house large enough for the whole group.  
We found one in the Ko Olina area of Oahu through VRBO and the plans were set in motion. 

On March 9th, we met at the Fairmont Hotel at YVR and from that moment, the vacation for #abunchofschellenbergs began. 
We had dinner together at Whitespot and then each family tucked into their room to sleep and prepare for an early start. 
When everyone arrived at the g…