Wednesday, April 1, 2015

March 2015

March was filled with beauty all around me in the beginning of newness of yet another season opening up outside. 

I always love to imagine God's joy in giving us beauty every spring and never tiring of making it spectacular.  

March began with our annual Pastors appreciation dinner that is always hosted by our friends Richard and Dorothy at Sweet Dreams. 

Linda, Anneliese and I all baked the exact same cake for dessert and ...
they were pretty delicious. 

My little daffodil bulbs that that I leave in the soil all year long and come up faithfully for the last 15 years or so were blooming beautifully to welcome March.

We went into Vancouver for our annual egg producers meetings and enjoyed a walk through the market at Granville Island.  I love looking at beautiful food.  

We had exceptionally sunny and warm weather and felt very blessed for that gift.

We walked a lot every day and stopped often to take selfies ...
especially on our anniversary. 

Every morning we got dressed and walked to English Bay with our breakfast that we had found on the way. 

The porridge did not come on our little holiday with us.  

We got all dressed up for the annual banquet which is always fun to do.

Two of our kids came part of the time and enjoyed a few days in the city too.  

In the evenings we looked at the beautiful Vancouver lights out our window.  

The magnolias  were blooming everywhere. 

I wanted to just camp underneath the trees and enjoy that fragrance.

Vancouver is always fun to visit and I recommend you come when it is sunny which is a bit of a stretch to plan since the beauty of the foliage is due to the rains which occur fairly regularly in spring.  

Anneliese and her H invited all of the mennonite girls in the valley over for an appy and dessert night.  It was so much fun to catch up with those that could come. 

The early magnolia trees were blooming mid March and have nearly now lost all their petals. 

My nose has been a bit runny and my eyes have done a lot of tearing.  
On the news one day, they said the tree that is most likely the culprit for early allergies is this one.  I walked past it on the yard and sniffed and wiped. 

We put in a new hedge around the east side of our property. 
I thought I would document it so that when we wonder what year we planted it...
like we do with the hedge on the west side...
we'll know. 

The mennonite girls planned an outing to La Conner to go see the daffodils in their glory. 

The fields of daffodils and tulips are something to behold.  

We all put on our rain boots prepared to walk in the mucky fields and even Julie was willing to put on disposable bags to get those pictures up close. 

This is how they put the tulips to take to market.  

Pretty girls! I love them. 

It's a lot of fun meeting together with girlfriends that want to be together and appreciate each other.

The flowers were amazing.  

In the meantime, I was growing wheatgrass in egg cups for the TV segment I did at the end of March.

Egg Farmers of Canada asked me to show an easy way to poach eggs for a crowd and so I practiced the recipe they gave me and enjoyed the challenge of putting together an interesting and beautiful display. 

I found that natural dyes really are beautiful!  Turmeric powder, green cabbage and beets make for pretty eggs.  

I bought a fine tipped white felt pen and hard boiled some eggs for my hubs to decorate. 

I think my favorite eggs were these simple blue ones that were the result of red cabbage.

I am now anticipating the upcoming weekend and the time spent with family at Easter.

I have so much to be thankful for this Easter.

These days  I am reflecting on Christ's work on the cross for my sins and joyfully realizing anew that his grace has given me hope for eternity with him.

I  thank God for the cross and the empty tomb and his saving grace.

Wishing you and your family a joy filled Easter.  

Monday, March 2, 2015

February 2015

We had some really beautiful weather in February!  
The sun came up and glowed through the foggy mornings.

The eagles were often close by.  My good camera was inside and I was outside when this eagle perched on the tree at the edge of the property so I just used my phone.

The paperwhites from the extra bulbs that I planted in fall outside came up and started blooming.
There have been some chilly days and yet they seem hardy enough to open up.

This picture of the Rhubarb was taken early in February.  
By now...
you can imagine I'm getting hungry to Rhubarb Platz.

I really don't love decorating sugar cookies that much.

I love those that I decorate them for and the "love" easily outweighs the "don't love" part of that equation. 

I picked up some Valentine balloons and delivered my treats! 

This fellow enjoys tedious little things.
Even with his man handling of the felt pen...
he has an idea in mind and slowly works toward that goal.

I think that will be a good trait in his life.

He likes shopping with me.

Oh... and I turned 56 this February!

On my birthday... there is always a photo to document the event!  
That day the sun was shining and we drank our coffee outside.

I was treated to a week and then some of lunches out, dinners out...
flowers and gifts and many many sweet birthday wishes.

When the sun is shining on the day that sheets are washed...
they just have to hang outside.

I noticed that my sorrel is coming up.

Now I'm hungry for Summer Borscht!

Last weekend he mowed the lawn.

I noticed that little toys are often preferable to big toys.

on the farm we continue to work through the reality of avian flu in our region.

February is always a busy month with a flock change, barn cleaning, powerwashing, manure cleanout...
but with the additional paperwork of the avian flu...
we are happy to say goodbye to February 2015.

If you have to do a lot of paperwork...
it's good to have a buddy system in place!

That about sums up our February here!

all for now...
with love,

Monday, February 2, 2015

January 2015

January 1st is always Portzelky making day. 
Our kids, big and small came to spend the day and take part in the big fry.
The weather was lovely and so the kids played outside and came back in with healthy appetites.

Early January we had a short winter!
I had to be on the ball or else I would have nearly missed it.
School was even cancelled for the kids because of a power outage!

As soon as the inch of snow had fallen, the flakes turned to drizzle and I looked outside the window to see freezing rain icicles....
which melted a day later.

We enjoyed sometime reading bedtime stories.

I took down the Christmas decorations and reorganized with  a few winter decorations to brighten the dark winter nights.

With winter over...
we enjoyed some sunny skies.

 My beloved started to get the itch to dig around in the gardens and moved some plants around.

Half way during the month...
he decided it was time to shave off the winter growth and 
with that thought in mind...
kept going on the shrubbery outside.

I got all the last of the perennials cut down.

We enjoyed a few days outside sipping coffee and noting bees and flies buzzing around.

We spent one very early morning to wait in a line up to get a spot for our baby grand to go to preschool.

Big sigh...

We are watching our bulbs come up and now that it is February and I look ahead to the 14 day weather trend...
I feel fairly confident that they'll bloom without their little buds having to fight off anymore frost.

Today it is Groundhog day...
what does the groundhog say in your part of the world?

all for now...
with love,

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