January 2018

Hello friends!  
What a month of precipitation!  
A year ago it was the snow and this year it was rain and frozen rain.  
253.9 mm of rain.

I found myself thinking that if I had a big party I could pop these ready-made branchicles into the punch to keep it icy cold.  

The saddest part about the ice storm was the loss of all the branches.   No trees were completely lost but many of them are now lopsided and feeling rather like they have just had a humiliating buzz cut. 

 It did all get cleaned up and we are hopeful that spring will fill out the trees.  

We are left with these beautiful branches that we will use in various ways and share with others who have a good use for them.

We spent some time cheering for this little basketball player.   Chances are, you will see more basketball playing photos in the years to come.

I don't have statistics for the hours of sunshine but let me tell you... they were few and far between.   The sunset on this day was spectacular and had I not been …

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