Yesterday we had another beautiful dump of snow.
I so wanted to capture a snowflake. They were huge.
I plotted on how to best accomplish this.
In the end. . .
I took a black metal pan . .. .
put it outside to let it chill,
and then I started to snap the snowflakes as they landed.
This was one snowflake.
Don't you just love the way it has all the little bits clinging together to make one impressive flake?
Tomorrow .. . . is the first day of February and I have a new challenge for us .. .
as a group.
I'd like us to make one big beautiful snowflake.
I'm excited.
In the meantime. . .
my parsely pot is doing it's best to stay alert and is now offically freeze dried parsely.

I do hope you have a delightful day.

Strap on your pedometer .. . .if you keep losing it . ..
consider duct tape.

Don't forget to come tomorrow to see the February challenge.

Have a wonderful day my friends.


  1. oh.. your snowflake is soo pretty !! I have missed that here where we live now.. the snowflakes don't get BIG like I'm used to seeing them .. it is just that tad colder and they stay small...

    I love you freeze-dried parsley! I never knew that how it was made !! smile

    have a wonderful day!!

    PS(I am curious about tomorrow, of course! smirk)

  2. Wow, that is a big snowflake. The pictures are so pretty!

  3. the snow sure was pretty yesterday. now it is quickly turning to sloppy slop.

    i'm excited about your february challenge. can't wait till tomorrow.

    have a great day.

  4. What a great idea to catch that snowflake with your camera. Beautiful photos...
    I'm doing so much better this week with my walking..

  5. What a snowflake! It's 80 degrees here...I don't think I'll be seeing any snowflakes today.

    I'm up for the challenge! Doc & I are traveling a little this weekend, so I'll stop in when I can.

  6. Your snowflake picture is amazing. And because you love it so much...I'm going to send you all of the snow we get. I'm fed up with winter!

    Can't wait to see what your challenge is.


  7. You captured the snowflake beautifully!

    So I've got my duct tpae ready...just need to go get another pedometer.

  8. Snowflakes are so pretty and you captured a fine one, Lovella!
    My parsley looks even more limp sitting beside my back door.
    I'm up for the February challenge.(I!)
    I'm trying to figure out how to measure steps for 45 min of aquasizing at the pool!

  9. We've had rain and ice - no snow. But I'm sure more will be coming!

    Can you believe that 7-8 minutes on a stress test treadmill and you only get 700 steps??? what a bummer . . .

  10. Your snowflake challenge make me curious.
    I found something yesterday that I need to send to you through my blog.
    I laughed and laughed. It will come by next week. It's just for you...

  11. I enjoyed the lovely shots. Stay warm and have a wonderful weekend.

  12. Does the challenge involve wearing a bikini and doing yoga?

  13. I'm shivering just looking at your photos. I am the first to admit I like to look at snow but not be out in it.


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