This morning as we were still trying to focus our vision the morning newscast was going on and on about fitness . .. again. Why can't they leave us sedentary middle aged people alone. We were trying to have a nice cup of dark rich coffee to make us alert and energized for the day. Is that wrong? Then . . .they mentioned the little handy dandy pedometer. Hey, I looked at my beloved and asked . .where did that stocking stuffer go?
I found it and look, I already had four steps. You might remember for quite some time I was so good about my 30 minute walk. Who knows, some of you might have even felt some amount of challenge to get fit yourself. I'm admitting that I've been very bad lately. The weather is just one dreary rainy day after another and my motivation has been pathetic.
With my pajamas still on I hooked that pedometer on my waist band (don't want to lose one step) and I'm going to see just for today with normal walking how many steps I take. They were suggesting that your goal to start should be 7000 to start. (START) Okay. I'll see. I'm scared.

Then, they went on and on about healthy eating. I was so glad I had bought some bananas the other day. I don't actually eat a lot of raw fruit since it gives me bad tummy aches. I think we generally eat quite healthy, we've tried to leave the Christmas goodies as part of our Christmas happy memories.
We always eat breakfast. This is our typical breakfast fare. One tablespoon of ground flaxseed underneath our oatmeal. Once in a while we vary it up a bit but we're pretty happy about our start to the day.
So, here's the thing, you want to come along? Go get yourself a pedometer and lets see what we can do. I already cringe knowing that so many of you are runners .. .and regular walkers ..but here is me . .starting new, I'm admitting a sedentary lifestyle for the past few months.
I'll let you know tomorrow how it goes. Oh, one funny thing, when I sit, I never sit still. I ALWAYS swing my leg. My beloved checked to make sure I wasn't adding cheating steps onto my total. Be a stickler then.
Have a great day my friends .. . I'm off for . .. .a .. .. . .walk.


  1. i'm up for a challenge! i think i just may pick me up one of those pedometer thingies today! 7000 steps, here i come :)

  2. Oh Heidi, running after Tristan you'll do great. yippee .. .I have a support network ..

  3. My goal this year is a minimum of thirty minutes of fast walking four times a week-either treadmill or in the woods. I always wind up going about 45 minutes to an hour though. It is just getting started that is the hard part.

    What I really need to do is put the kitchen about a mile away from my house...I take way too many steps just between the fridge and the pantry as I scoop up mindless nibbles.

    Must get pedometer. Must turn off while in the kitchen....so those counter productive steps won't count

  4. Just race around the living room once a day, making sure to include a gallop across the back of the couch, and you'll be plenty fit, just like me.

    Oh, and take naps. Lots of naps....

  5. I have a pedometer...it's a great tool. I like to see results, so if my body doesn't instantly look like a supermodel at least I can see how many steps I took :)
    My hubby and I have been lifting weights three times a week since mid-November. We haven't lost weight but have lost inches. Still...we must incorportate some cardio and I hate it!!!

  6. good for you! I'm tempted to get one of those pedometers myself sometime. I love walking, but haven't been able to do much in the past months -- maybe I'll be able to get back to it by summer. I'm supposed to be starting on a stationary bike -- let's just say I endured through 1 minute, two days in a row. Yes, the doctor wrote OOS on my chart this fall (out of shape). Of course it was explanatory though, which was good. Anyway, I am faithfully doing my stretches, and maybe I'll get that 1 minute increased soon to several minutes!
    Have fun walking!

  7. I have two of those pedometers. Would you like to have those plus my boots. Give it up and have some fun. They always fall off every time I go to the bathroom and hopefully they don't land in the toilet. (that's what happens when you drink the required amount of water.)

    But it does get one motivated.
    I love walking...Who wants to join me?

  8. definitely hard to get into the swing of things, especially with all the rain!! I have made that my goal too.. but i'm going to include swimming as a primary source (that way I can do it in the rain also..). have a great day and happy walking!

  9. Tomorrow...my famous last words! It's just too icky out there today...but I love to walk (especially with a friend!).

  10. Good for you!! You've taken the first step in the right direction (literally). Getting up enough energy to start a new exercise programs is HARD - I've gotten back on track to my regular gym workouts, but I honestly have to drag myself out of bed to do it! The rainy cold weather is no motivation whatsoever. I'm sure you'll be amazed at how many steps you take during your normal daily routine - and soon you'll be exceeding your daily 7000!!


  11. Can I add my 2 cents worth? lol
    I walk outdoors for 30 min(in minus freezing weather...that counts for more right?...lol),then I work out on my stationary bike and eliptical trainer every day for 30 min. I don't care to wear a pedometer and am thinking that I am getting enough steps in.
    I am up for the challenge though to increase my work out time.
    Rooting for you, Lovella!

  12. Lovella, thank you for the invitation - just what I needed. I will join you because my exercise routine (what routine?) is abysmal, really, really awful. I NEED this! I'll go looking for a pedometer.

  13. Great idea, Lovella! Actually, for most of last year, I was very good about wearing my pedometer (it was a Christmas gift to myself in 2006). I didn't usually achieve the goal of 10,000 steps, but some days I was close. Other days were pretty depressing. I've replaced the battery in it...starting tomorrow morning, I'll clip it back to my waistband. (Maybe it'll motivate me to get back to my daily rapid 3 mile walks...maybe.)

  14. Yes, with the weather we've been having it's really hard to get motivated to walk outside. Once the weather gets better i'm going to start walking around the lake again. Julian and i eat oatmeal every morning! I find it sticks with you longer!

  15. I need to find my pedometer. . .it's somewhere around here! I used it faithfully in the summer. . .working to get those daily 10,000 steps in. Yup, it was a lot of work! The winter is more difficult because the ice and wind and rain and snow just make me want to curl up under a cozy quilt and read (or blog) instead! Thanks for the incentive! I've been trying. . .

  16. my pedometer is in Washington. Maybe I'll find a more user friendly one here. I've walked 3 days this week but my goal is to walk 6 days a week. Ready, set, go!

  17. May I note with wry and dry humor that the folks who are fit mostly ain't sitting around blogging?


  18. How fun! I love gadgets! We have been doing a lot of walking too. It feels good to get some fresh air!! It would be so much prettier in the snow...this rain is not fun walking weather :) I can't wait to hear how many steps you took today!

  19. My hubby and I have been "talking" about starting to walk! Since we're going out of town this weekend we decided Monday would be our start day! Amazing that we can't just do things off the cuff, but have to declare a "start" time! *lol* It's cold out right now and I hate cold...so I guess the treadmill has to be moved out of hiding to be used again! *sigh* Good luck!


  20. you crack me up......and make me smile in a big way!!!!! always challenging, it is as if you were the voice of God today, after my fight with myself at curves at 6:30A.M. i might add.......one step at a time...........the trick is to make the step forward, NOT backward. i think my feet are on wrong....;-)

  21. Shoot . . .








    I know I have a pedometer around here somewhere - I bet I'll put in quite a few steps just trying to find it - maybe even some weight lifting.

    How are we going to keep track Miss Lovella? Because I'm in.

  22. I'm with you on the walking! It's amazing how that tiny little thing can motivate!! I usually look at it about an hour before bed and if I haven't reached my 10,000 steps for a day I either walk on the spot or around my house and try and come as close as I can. Great motivation!!
    The more steps you take... the more amazing Lovella desserts you get to have :)


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