Friday, September 28, 2012

house renovations

Did I make you look?
House renovations are in process but not in the house I sleep. herself a bigger pad...
and is getting herself a new roof for winter.

Maybe Otis was an outdoor  dog in the true sense that he seemed to thrive on inclement weather. making great strides in believing she is an outdoor dog.

It hasn't rained yet since she has lived on the farm and we suspect her attitude will suffer once the rain begins.

She is quite happy to sleep in this area at night.
When we leave the farm she is quite happy  resolved to waiting here for our return.
One of these days...
it will rain and then what?

Someone cares more about her than he is willing to admit....
and she knows it.

all for now...

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

the tomato race

I have been picking cherry tomatoes for awhile now...
but only picked my first ripe tomatoes this week.

The plum tomatoes are still growing.
So far so good...
but if the rain that we've not missed  (very much)...
comes back...
I'll be looking for green tomato recipes.

What is your favorite green tomato recipe?

The rest of the garden is nearly harvested.

How is your garden doing?

Monday, September 24, 2012

Auntie's 50th Anniversary

We hurried back on Sunday morning to attend the 50th anniversary party of
my favorite auntie and uncle.

My mom was the oldest girl in the family..
and she was the youngest girl in the family.

I was invited to the represent my mom and I was so honoured to attend.

Their children put together a beautiful album of memories that even included tiny me seated by the bride.

Still beautiful...
the bride still fit into her dress for a picture op with a bouquet of fresh roses.
This flower girl..
brought her little dress.

They have blessed so many in their life together.
I have always and still am proud to be her niece.
May God continue to bless them and their family in the years to come.

all for now...

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

a visit to the animal hospital

Never say never.
We've never had a dog that was privileged to sit inside the cab of our truck.

Kobe hadn't had a ride since she came to live with us and she took one giant leap to get into the truck and sat looking out the window with such interest that it made us laugh. 

She was so excited about the outing..
where ever it was going.

She can't read...

at all.

She hopped on the scale.

She was in a hurry to meet the doctor.

She took her needle like a pro...
ate her fair share of treats...
and happily went back home.

She is now protected from Rabies.

I feel better.

all for now..

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

packing room

The littlest lad is enjoying learning about what happens in the barn.
We say this one has a song in his heart the way he does a jig every time he hears three of four notes strung together.

It is at these moments that we wonder what his God given heart rythme will result in.

Fascinated by the click clacking of the packing machine..
he watches the eggs come up and around and then miraculously come together on a tray.

Where do those eggs all come from?
Not from his rooster...
that is for sure.

all for now..

Monday, September 17, 2012

the sunday spread

I have shown this chenille bedspread to you before..
I'm sure.

It was my mom and dad's sunday bedspread as long as I remember and is without a stain, tear and is not loosing its chenille.

I found this little quilt at the MCC relief sale.
Another labor of love.

The embroidery was so similar to things my mom used to do.
This exact bow was hand stitched on my oldest nephew's birth certificate.
I'm not sure who she all did the stitch embroidery for.
By the time our boys came along she had "advanced" to liquid embroidery.
I'll have to dig them out one day and see if the pattern was similar.

I've always liked bows...
and I think she must have too.

all for now...

Friday, September 14, 2012

the snapshots that tell the story

Little Miss Muffet was tucked into bed last night when we arrived to sit the babies.

A hullabaloo ensued when I peeked in to kiss good night.
If we were there...
where were mommy and daddy and when I couldn't find them.
It was an unhappy moment.

The tired little sweet couldn't fall asleep.

I brought her back downstairs in her sleep sack and we sat and looked at the snapshots on the blog.

This...she decided..
was better than mommy and daddy and the tears soon dried and she pointed out all she knew...
 all the landmarks she holds dear...
and all the fun times she remembers.

Soon enough..
she started to rub her sleepy eyes and we went back up to her room.

She snuggled in while I rocked and sang 24 stanza's of E I E I O.

I laid her down...
and hummed another 10 stanza's of E I E I O....
while slowly backing out of the room.

This all happened just as I was wondering what to blog for today.

It reminds me again how there are stories to tell all around us and moments that we should tell..
for little girls grow up and I may not remember for ever.

all for now...

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Blue Cornflowers

One of the treasures that I found at the MCC Relief sale was this little 1 1/2 quart loaf pan with a lid.
It actually has straight sides but the magic of photography changed it to sloped sides.
I have had this Blue Cornflower pattern of Corning Ware since we have been married and of all the gifts we had received.....
the assortment of casseroles are in  the same condition as they were in in 1978.

Of can still buy these products but if they are purchased new they won't  have the stamp on the bottom which says MADE IN CANADA.

You can still find them for sale ...
but finding them with a Stamp made in Canada might be a bit harder.

They don't make Corning Ware like they used to.
It was first introduced in 1958 and was then made of a glass ceramic material which could be used on stove top and under the broiler..
When it was sold in the late 90's they changed the product to a ceramic stoneware.
Make sure if you are looking for vintage pieces it is either made in Canada or the US.

I had 4 different sized casseroles complete with lids...
and now I have five.

Do you have a pattern of Corning Ware from the olden days?

That was the first of the treasures I found.
I'll share more tomorrow.

I've already used this sweet little short loaf pan and likely will for the rest of my kitchen cooking days.

all for now...

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Last evening we watched a Canadian documentary show called the Passionate Eye reflecting back on the events of 9/11.

Phone conversations between trapped loved ones and those they held most dear.
Voices left on answering machines or in some cases not recorded but recalled now by those left behind...
like it was only last year instead of 11 years ago.

Brave voices... desperate voices...
hurried voices... voices of heroes...
resigned voices... reassuring voices..
all communicating with those they loved for the last time.

It was still very early in the morning here on the west coast when the towers fell.

For one day...
nothing else mattered but what was happening to our neighbours to the south.

We remember with you..
and reflect on how it has changed our world.

all for now...

all for now...

Monday, September 10, 2012

Mennonite Relief Sale 2012 and the Show and Shine

On Saturday morning...
Kathy and I were at the Mennonite Relief Sale bright and early with front row seats to see how much the signed copy of our MGCC book would fetch in donations.
It was wonderful to take in a rare Saturday morning to do something just for fun...
leaving our work behind.

They begin each auction with the Bread of Life bid.
It has been reported that Abbotsford is the most giving city in Canada.
I believe it.
Once the report on this years sale is verified I will share it.

Updated at 9:30 AM....the unverified total is $650,000.

The book?
Went for $1200.

More needs will be met by the generosity of people.
Thanks to so many of you for sharing our dream.

I came home with my own goodies which I will photograph today and share with you tomorrow.

On Sunday morning we were invited to bring our truck to another local church for their fall kick off.
I take over a bit of the show...
with my own artistic display in the back...

And he displays what is under the hood of the truck...
in the front.

It was a very good weekend.
I hope you had a great weekend as well.

all for now... 

Friday, September 7, 2012

MCC Relief Sale

This ranks as one of my favorite events of the year.
The MCC Relief Sale starts tonight...
I have my check list complete.
  • Stop in at MCC headquarters to pick up food tickets for our family....check
This of course is not necessary but we'll get to the Wareneki line up quicker than you will.
Seriously...where else can you get home made Mennonite Food?

  • Go to bank to get toonies for the granchildren so that they might peruse through the toys and bring home things that will possibly go to back to MCC in the near future...check

  • Go to the local MCC store to see if there is anything I'd like to bid on...and oh..there was.  I would share what it is with you but you might go there and up bid me.....check

  • Bring home treasures of the day.  All those goodies for $8.  I collect metal vintage tray $1...note to yourself...:)  I love that old tin cake pan...$1.  I found that sugar dispenser...thinking ahead to Portzelky at our annual New Years Day Party...$1.  OH..and I some time ago thought I would not ever need a jello mold I took it to MCC. I found another one...$1 complete with changeable lid designs.  The old enamel lid...they charged $2 for that..probably knowing it would make a perfect photo op sometime.  The old enamled bowl...$1.  It also will make a perfect photo op someday.  
OH...and when I stopped at MCC headquarters I asked if they would have MGCC cookbooks on sale at the sale...and yes they will.  We won't be doing a book signing this year but we have donated a cookbook for the auction that we have all signed..."with love" to support needy people all around the world.  Earlier this year at the Fresno Relief Sale a book was auctioned for $1000. Whether this  book goes for $10 or $1000....the money belongs to God and may he be honored with all the time and effort these volunteers who spend endless hours getting ready for the sale and work over hot vats of oil and cooking pots to support needy people around the world.
The sale opens at 5 pm...see you there?
If you spot me...come say Hi...I'd love to chat!!
all for now....

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

labour day weekend festivities and kobe's doggie bag

 We were treated so kindly this weekend.
Supper with siblings...
always special and beautifully set on Saturday evening.
Delicious food and a visit that warms the heart. a good thing.

The annual wiener roast with dear friends on Sunday night!
It's become the invitation we look forward to at the end of each summer.
We love the small get together and the chance to catch up with those we don't often see.

Dinner on Monday night at Tim and Flo's where no matter how much time has passed...
we never feel the distance and the welcome is always true and the entertainment is free.

When we left...
they sent a present home for Kobe.

We bought some delicious chicken sausage for ourselves...
and took home Ground Chicken Backs for the pup.

Yesterday afternoon we opened the package and offered him one of the frozen chicken treats.

He has probably never had a frozen treat before so it took a bit of experimenting with his tongue to get used to the sensation.

Once he had a taste..
he worked on that chicken puck until there was not a speck left on the lawn.

When he was finished his snack...
he rolled around the grass and had himself a nap.

We'll be going back for more frozen chicken pucks for our pup.
I can't believe we are actually buying special raw ground organic food for a dog...
but then we have never had such a good pup before.

all for now..

Monday, September 3, 2012

The Labor Day Flour...Flower Tour

You know you have been spending too much time in the kitchen when you spell flour and mean flower.  It is then time to head out to do some deadheading and enjoy the beauty of the flowers.

The Anemone is such a dependable perennial. 
All summer long it grows healthy foliage and by mid July it is sending out long graceful stems and buds that reach above all the other flowers.  I prune this plant to keep it in check because it takes over if I let it.

The Sedum is beginning to color.  This perennial also is so easy to grow and every spring I transplant its babies to areas that need a bit of filler. In August it begins to develop large heads of tiny blossoms that open up late August to display it's Autumn color.  

Here is the garden from the other end.  You can see the Anemone on the far end.
My hanging basket is still loving its sot under the Tulip tree.
At this end of the garden the Sedum has taken over when the Peony finished it's spring display.

This summer the roses did exceptionally well.  With a dry August the pests stayed at bay and the leaves stayed healthy and the buds have opened beautifully once again.
This rose is a David Austin Rose called Abraham Darby.  I have two of the same rose.
It's fragrance is so beautiful.  
Behind the rose is the Limelight Hydrangea blooming.
I love Hydrangeas and wouldn't mind an entire garden.

This time of year I usually plan what colours I want to plant my annuals next spring.

Are you still enjoying your Summer garden?

OH....and did you notice my new template?
I was having Blogger troubles and was not able to make any changes to my colours etc and finally tried to change the template.  Once I changed to a new template...the colours were happy to change again.
It was a 4 hour exercise on Saturday that I did not need since I was working on today's MGCC post at the same time...
and that is when I decided to go take flour flower photos.

So...try the different views on the top left hand corner...
and let me know which one is your favorite.
Now that I've made the switch to the new template...
I'll be staying.

Happy Labour Day!  

All for now..