Woo Hoo 2008.
Yesterday around dusk I went out to the back field to see if I could capture a sunset picture but there was little to be had. I turned from west to east and Mt. Baker was waiting quietly as if to say . . will I do?
I appreciate the unexpected surprises from God.
That is why I just want to be a surrendered soul for Jesus.
Will I be willing in my attitudes and will I be determined to be obedient?
I'm trusting that I will be a vessel to be used for His purposes.
Yikes, even as I say it I quiver just a bit.
Sometimes, I think that I have made new years resolutions for others cloaked nicely in how I say my resolutions are for myself. I have realized that my focus needs to be on Jesus and if I can keep my eye on him, all the New Years Resolutions are unnecessary.
He'll work it out in my life.
So . . . . .welcome to my blog 2008. Welcome to my journey.
Have a wonderful day my friends.
I'm off to make my New Years Cookies . ..
my clan is coming . .
woo hoo


  1. Mt. Baker is a marvelous sight! It's too bad few of our visitors can see it during the dull days of winter ~ sort of reminds me of Jesus. He's a miraculous sight, and he'll be there all through 2008, even when we can't see Him. Have a great day with the family, and watch out for the hot oil!

  2. Wonderful New Years resolution.

  3. Happy New Year to you, Lovella and Terry. Have fun eating those New Years cookies. I ate too many the other day at my mom's and had a tummy ache.

  4. Mt. Baker looks wonderful with its wintry surroundings.

    I like what you said, Lovella, that these resolutions are unnecessary when we are focused on the One Who Really Matters. He'll work out the details. That gives me such peace.

    We are so blessed.

  5. Happy, happy new year Lovella and family!

  6. Great pic of the mountain. As you know I have to be happy with pics, I just don't see the real thing around here!
    Enjoy your family and the portzelky, Lovella!
    Our family is coming home for supper today so I am making another batch of portzelky...

  7. Happy New Year, with your now three generation family !! What blessings!! smile

    New Year's cookies... hmmm gluten-free? no sometimes it just HAS to be gluten... enjoy at least six just for me !!!!

    Happy New Year , to you and yours!!

  8. Happy New Years!

    Lovely photo and your written word is what I want to do as well, very nicely written.



  9. Happy New Year to you and yours!
    Love the mountain shot!

  10. Well said Lovella. How fun is it that looking out my bedroom window I can see the other side of Mt. Baker when I'm at my Washington home! Blessings in the New Year and may we stick very close to Jesus....

  11. Mount Baker is breathtaking! That is such a beautiful photo - I love it in the large format.

    Sticking close to Jesus - that's the best place to be.


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