walking club . .week # 2

Terribly sorry I'm so late posting this weeks results this morning. I hope you haven't been wasting your own day trying to post your results here. It seems that blogger decided to join the deep freeze outside and froze my efforts to post pictures. I simply can't post without a picture.
So . . .
The photo above is from the b&b yesterday.
There is a chill in the air and the snow is apparently on the way.
Yesterday when I got home .. . I called up my farmer on his cell to say I was home.
Our communication is a bit weak at times.
He said to me .. .
"I'm putting a pot of coffee on in the shop . . .come in about 15 minutes" ...
I heard . . .."put a pot of coffee on .. . in about 15 minutes".
So . .
I did. and waited about 20 minutes.
I called him back and said .. . "are you coming?"
He said. . .
"are you coming?"
I asked where . .
He claims I don't hear very well ..
I claim he needs to speak up.
No worries .. . we found each other.
So, about the walking results.
I was delighted to see I made it over the 10,000 mark for my average.
I really believe wearing the pedometer has encouraged me to step a little further each day.
How about you?
What was your average over 5 days?
Do you feel different? I feel like I'm accomplishing something towards my fitness level.
I think next week, I'll try to cut out eating in the evenings. That would be my hardest nibbling time. When is yours?
Are you willing to take it a step further and challenge yourself a bit further?
Have a wonderful day,
I've got the sheets in the wash and the cleaning is about to begin.


  1. Oooh I love that fountain with the icicles!
    Coffee story...too funny, it sure tickled my funny bone!
    I feel better for sure with all this extra stepping..you have inspired us all, Lovella, my beloved included!
    My average daily steps..12,197
    I'm up for the challenge..I will try to increase that this week. I was aiming for 10,000 steps as well so I am quite happy with my average! Can you imagine what a month of steps will look like??
    I finished baking buns, now it's off to the airport..no not going away, picking up our children.

  2. I still haven't gotten my pedometer, but I'm more and more anxious to get one -- mostly curious to find out how much I am walking throughout the day around the house.

    I did manage to get up to 5 minutes a day on the stationary bike, which is progress. I'm hoping by the end of the coming week to be able to do 2 5 minute sessions a day!

    Funny about the coffee!!!

  3. I'm in at 9,525, but I also usually didn't remember to slap on the pedometer until almost three hours after I started my day.
    Next week I'm going to do better about that (Harumph.)

    That fountain is gorgeous. Having a taste of your usual grey and damp weather most of last week, all I can say is I salute you for having a cheery outlook. Even the cats looked a bit disgruntled after the third day of mushy chill.

  4. Oh and the communication mix up. Boy oh boy...scary how often that stuff happens now, and aren't you glad it was only about coffee?

  5. my nibbly time is in the evening as well. i've begun eating grapes during that time instead of ice cream or chocolate...my pedometer is out of commission right now. i've discovered that it is inaccurate. i tested it, walking 10 steps and found that it calculated 23 steps instead...i'm very sad. so i'll see about saving up a bit of money and getting a better one so that i can rejoin the walking club!

  6. 8,443 for me. One day was over 10,000 and I feel great about that and my way increased activity! I'm aiming at more 10,000 days.

  7. if anyone wants to feel really good about their walking efforts just come on over to my blog and see my dismal efforts this week! :)
    My post is called Walking for Donuts? Is that what Lovella had in mind? hee, hee...

  8. Wow, you did awesome this week. I let myself down a bit. My average was 7,168. I am also cutting out my evening nibbling, starting last night. Evenings are my downfall for sure!! I am also a stress eater and I seem to have my share of stress these days. However, I am pullling up my socks and adjusting my eating! Thanks for your help with this walking club! Grace

  9. Congratulations Lovella - you are doing really well! This week I did 9,857 average. Yes, I'll join you in the eat less campaign too, but in my case I'm going to try and eat smaller portions and more vegetables and fruits...in other words, eat overall healthier.

    Love the frozen fountain...

    Supposedly a storm is coming our way that could dump 5 inches of rain! We'll see. But we've had 6 inches this month, and that's almost twice as much as we had all last year. I guess that means more mall walking for me.

  10. This morning is the first time I've worn my new pedometer. (Yay, Professor, for giving me my birthday present early!). All I can report is that our 2.2 mile walk is @4,000 steps and we did it five times this week. I haven't tried counting my steps at work yet--see above.

    I have two snack times--short break at school when the teachers have all the goodies out, and afternoon when I'm home and puttering. My plan for morning is to take an energy bar and NOT EVEN GO IN the teachers lounge. I've been working on grabbing a tangerine instead of chocolate.

    With the rain coming in again this week, we'll see if I get walking days. My goal is to work to 10,000 steps in February.

  11. My crazy free pedometer isn't very accurate. It read 7 steps when I just pulled up my pants. I'll have to get myself another one.

    My hardest nibbly time is when the kids get home from school and are wanting snacks.

    Have fun cleaning.

  12. Wow ! I say congratulations to everyone for their efforts...
    You all did great !! and there always next week to top yourselves, right?

    "your cheering committee"

    Lovella, your coffee story was funny...so you had two pots of coffee instead of one!!

  13. Well...I did about 10,000 on Sunday & Monday....and then I fell off the bandwagon! I forgot all about walking due to a crisis at home....and also lost my pedometer while I was out and about. Apparently there is a pedometer with a tether...so it won't disappear if the clip slips. I'm going have to find one that stays in place better!

  14. You have done so great with your pedometer. Keep up the work girl..
    I can't hardly go a day without some sort of exercise. It's so soothing to feel like you're making progress eh?

    Clean sheets, master bedroom & ensuite scrubbed and clean again.
    Baked my health buns. Went for a quick spin outside in the snow....

    I just love clean sheets.
    Have a great weekend.
    I wonder what the weather will bring eh?

  15. I think I'll get one of Corrine's pedometers.

    I was very bummed when I went out for a walk and the darn thing slipped off the clip because of my bulky down coat!! Didn't record a step.

    On the up side I have some Leslie Stansone DVD's from the library and one on order from Amazon. I did the power mile yesterday without too much trouble. Only 17 min or so. And as I was doing the warming up part, I took out the swiffer and did the living room floor - without missing a step.How's that for ingenious??

    On the down side, I noticed as I was doing the DVD that I could see my tummy reflection in the sideboard mirror - resembled a bowl of jelly...

    So I think I will join in the healthy eating - spring is coming - and I won't be hiding under that down coat for too much longer!

  16. well lovella you have certainly encouraged me to increase my steps, which i have but i am a far cry from the rest of you!!! i am trying to mall walk since i can't face the cold like some other prarie gals........aka bettyr.(smile) but everystep is one step more than i would have done before.

  17. Lovella..you mentioned evening eating..I try to eat only fruit in the evening but find it hard to stick to just that so that will be my added challenge for this week.
    You go go girl, Charlotte, every step counts..and sure nothing wrong with mall walking.
    Don't you just love it Lovella when we non bloggers use your blog to talk to each other?? LOL

  18. Better late than never, I guess. I've been traveling (to the new location)...just got home a few minutes ago and jumped online so that I could be faithful about posting my steps. I forgot to wear the pedometer one day last week, so I'm adding Saturday in as one of my five days. Also, I was late putting it on two of those days. I'll get better...I promise. I have also discovered that if you spend entire days in one room cleaning out closets and drawers and boxing up the "clutter," you don't actually accrue many steps. Ugh. Oh, well, my poor little average for last week was 4700. But, on the bright side, I'm already 'way above that for today. Maybe this week will be better!


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