are we bad?

This morning we awoke to wet snow covering the ground. The upside of that is that I was tricked into thinking it might be sunny out because of the snow reflecting more light and making the day appear brighter. The downside is that the snow is not fluffy, go outside a play snow . .. nope, it's melting as we speak.

The skies are varied colours of grey. Yesterday Jill posted her cheery lemon spring looking winter theme and I'm going to enjoy looking at her fresh off the tree lemons a bit more later on today. Imagine that, spring in January. I'll be keeping my winter theme for a bit, there is no point in trying to trick my mind.

So, . .indeed my closet consultant came over yesterday with her small assistant in tow. She assessed the situation, made some rather OH MY comments and set to work making three piles. . . .1. I don't think so . . .2. Yes .. .3 closet consultant's pile.

During this process, we realized that my beloved has two rods in his closet.

These are his things now stacked neatly on the love seat awaiting further instruction.

We're not nearly done. The closet consultant's small assistant was a bit demanding and firmly suggested snack breaks. When my beloved came in later for a delicious dinner of Pasta (his favorite) I told him to be careful where he sat .. . he didn't want to crunch his clothes.
He asked me where I thought all my shoes were going to go. .. . I suggested that they might be able to stay in the bottom of the closet that is now his with one rod. He suggested that me and my closet consultant and her little assistant do some more thinking . . .
I'll let you know how it works out.
Have a wonderful day my friends. What I'm doing today should be obvious.


  1. That two rod system works for you? What are you doing with your dresses?

    Laura has an over the door shoe hanger in her closet here, which works for 18 pairs of shoes. In one place she just hammered nails inside the closet above the door and hung her shoes up heels facing out.

    Of course that plan works better when you are almost six feet tall...

    I'm thinking of doing a reverse closet clean out: pull out stuff like I was going on a vacation, the "must haves" for each weather and event, and then *maybe* cull the rest. It is too hard to figure out what I don't want/need, but easy to say what I can't do without.

    Then maybe put the rest into a vacuum storage bag, date it, and throw it into the attic for a year.
    Just a thought.

    We'll see how that goes.

    Kudos to your busy bee helper...or should that be spelled with an "a" as in A+?

  2. Doesn't it feel so good to get a closet organized?!!! Yours looks great! My sisters sometimes help me with their "What?!" "Good" and "I'll try it" too. :)

    The snow is so pretty! We had a very strange 65 degrees here yesterday -- lovely! today is rainy -- a good day to stay indoors.

  3. What's with that? My hubby is the one who has the two rod system in part of his closet and I've been tempted to switch too! Now if I tell him I got this idea from a blog, he'll for sure ban me from blog-reading. =)

  4. Good going on the closet organizing. Rudy and I share the bottom rod - just a suggestion.

    The snow is lovely again but too bad it is so wet and will most likley be all sloppy by the time the kids get home from school.

  5. Good job on the closet Lovella and helpers. Mine is also looking much better. Made some hard decisions and am glad it's done!
    Promised myself that I wouldn't let it 'pile up' again..see how that will go..

  6. I think a woman designed our walk-in closets - mine is huge and has single rods on two walls and the two-rod system with shoe racks on the third wall. DH's closet has a single rod on one wall, double rod on another wall, and a shoe/sweater tower on the third. Despite all of this potential for organization, our closets are crammed full and very disorganized! I'd be too embarrassed to post a photo. Would your closet consultant consider taking a Florida vacation? ;)

  7. I ditto Jill's suggestion of the over the door shoe hanger...use that door space if you can! It's looking much tidier now.

  8. Happy closet cleaning! I am starting (slowly) to get inspired. In the meantime, I'm organizing and sorting in another room in the house. . .

    We had snow this morning too! It was gone by noon, but at dusk it started to snow again.

    :) LaTeaDah

  9. way to go on the closet ladies, who it is never to early to start being a organizer consultant, perhaps this little helper will not be a teenager that organizes everything on the
    bett had me all excited, does this mean we can excpect a blog from you soon. i sure hope so!!

  10. how good does it feel to have a just organized and weeded thru closet!! (and how soon does it start to head chaotic again???)
    One day of me being in a hurry, and not liking anything I try on, and my closet is back to square one!

  11. I was just my hubby's closet consultant...but insisted he help! Wow! Did he ever get rid of ALOT from his closet! Amazing how clean a closet looks once a few things are eliminated. Notice I did not mention that MY closet had been organized? : ) Have fun!


  12. Those hang up shoe bags are a must! IF TERRRY would be able to put a new style door on the closet that opens out then you could use the inside of the door for all sorts of things. Don't tell him I suggested this...although there may not be room to open that style of door... but I would be measuring it up and then ask him really nicely. Kathy

  13. Hey Lovella,
    Just wanted to let you know I enjoy reading your blog. I'm pretty sure you live fairly close to me so I always find it interesting with all you have going on.
    Have a great day!

  14. Well after seeing all that, I think it's time for a break and I'm going to go eat something..


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