week one walking club results

So . . .that's it . .Week one is done.

How did you do?

I was quite happy with my totals.

I had hoped to achieve 7000 average and did better than that.

Terry had more visits in the shop.

So, tell us how you did. No total is a bad total unless it is a no total.

If you agreed to be part of the club, please share .. .

If you bought your pedometer part way through the week. . . no problem, just average it for the amount of days you stepped up to the plate.

We can do this. . .

There is still plenty of time left on the clock before the Olympic Games begin.

If we can do this one thing better towards our health, we will be healthier by then ..

won't we?

Have a wonderful day,

I'm cleaning the bungalow and doing laundry.


  1. Wow! you did a great job! I still haven't gotten a pedometer, but I did manage to get up to 3 minutes on the bike this week (which is progress for me). Maybe this coming week I'll be up to 5!

    PS: Your prize is all ready in its box but i'm afraid a run to the post office has not happened yet -- it will soon, I hope!!!

  2. Time for my confession...I didn't do so well this week, but at least it wasn't a zero! My average only came out to 4451 steps. I would probably have done better if I'd remembered to put it on first thing in the morning, and if I hadn't spent so much time with my DH watching movies...sitting on my sit-upon. I will try to do better next week.

  3. heather . . .don't fret about the prize getting to the mail .. if it comes in time for next winter .. fantastic!!! Really.

    JIll .. . where is your count? hee hee (on Monday you'll see the hair . .I decided why waste a post on hair when I already had the walking club post. It's called having things in bloggy bank.

    Vicki, at least your posting your results . .good job on that. Watching movies with your DH was banking togetherness which is good for the heart too eh?

  4. I stepped for a day and a half. My points for the one whole day for 8,596. I know I was driven by that pedometer - running extra steps, taking extra laps through the house and thankfully a late night run to the grocery store. Now to keep it up!

  5. okay, so I completely failed. I did go on walks everyday, but I didn't put the dang thing on. Better luck this next week.

  6. I am making Charlotte's Maple Twists today. Can hardly wait to taste them!
    My average steps came out to 9551.7
    I'm okay with that although I actually did wimp out some days on my walk. We are in a 'deep freeze' here..the high for today is only supposed to get to -25C.

  7. I didn't get the pedometer until part way through the week and didn't always wear it. I did find out that the walk I take about 4 times a week is about 6,000 steps and a very inactive day came to about 3,000. I also found out that house cleaning hardly gets you anywhere ... I think there was something wrong with the pedometer. Anyways, all in all, I know my numbers don't come close to yours. So, I think you may be the winner!

  8. Okay, not as good as I had hoped but better than nothing.... averaged out at 8,259 per day. Now I'm up and off for a walk in the snow. I think I need some fresh air and am hoping for some extra steps! It should count for more when it's mostly uphill right?

  9. I love that last photo - very interesting.

    I averaged 8015 steps per day, or 4.17 miles at my stride length. My goal is to get to 10,000 steps per day by the end of February and 12,000 by the end of March, and then keep it up the rest of the year.

    I couldn't do it without the rest of you!

  10. You did great! I averaged 11,000 per day, but I cheated. I worked in the "shop" at work this week instead of the office and that is a job that requires walking most of the day! And I ran on the threadmill at home some. (I run very slow).

    I love the walking club! It really spurs me one to know I have virtual walking buddies!



  11. One more note...Charlotte's Maple Twists are soooo delicious, you must all try them and then walk extra steps of course!

  12. Ok - I have it from the boss that only a "no total" is a bad total. I'd say my average good day came around 6000. I'm not sharing my average bad day. Let's just say no one has gone that low around here. But I'm making progress so that's what counts right?? I'm aiming toward 7000.

  13. Here is my one-day grand total (I was on sick leave until yesterday). I walked 9491 steps from noon yesterday until noon today...that included a two-mile walk!

  14. Good job Lovella!
    My average for the week is 14,457.
    My husband, sis & bro-law have been walking daily since November so we have had a little headstart. We try and do a 45-60 minute walk every day. Often far too late at night... in the rain :(

  15. okay, i'm going to try to remember to put that crazy thing on. it doesn't seem to record my steps when it is sitting in my bathroom. way to go lovella. can't wait to see the hair.

  16. I'm averaging about 6000 per day. Only bought the pedometer a couple days ago....but 6000 is WORK! 4000 seems to me my regular walk abouts, so each day I try to increase by a thousand. So I'm up to 6000 so far with 7000 being my daily goal working up to 10,000. But in order to do 10,000 I'll actually have to work out, like go to the gym. I sit on my butt too long in class during the day to get much extra walking in.

    But this has inspired me. I love the pedometer.

  17. At least we're talking about increasing our steps. Has anyone thought about the reduction of pounds that goes with this work out?
    Hopefully you are all getting your metabolism up and away you go.

    My pedometer fell off skiing,last week so...
    I'll see.

  18. OK...I am a late starter & will start walking this next week, which will take some doing because I pretty much sit all day at work either at my office or in my car, and mostly work 12 hr days! The goal....the 60 km "Walk to End Breast Cancer" in September...


  19. 120. Actually 60, but with four legs, I figure had to double the score.

    I'm not sure I really understand what this is all about, but I figure if Tobee is game, I should give it a shot too.

  20. I posted mine on my blog with a link back to here. I did pretty good with a great long walk along the beach with Dear on Saturday that helped my average for sure...

  21. Good job Lovella! So proud of you! I kept forgetting to put my new best friend on! *lol* I think I remembered it 4 days last week...including yesterday. If I had to guess I'd say my average of the days I wore the pedometer was about 6000 steps a day...give or take a few hundred steps! : ) I'll do better next week! Take care!


  22. I walked 25394821 steps last week . .I win .. .grammie said so.

    (she loves me best)

  23. I hate my pedometer and am working on getting a better one...I will have a total for you next week...I hope! :)

  24. Lovella, I came over from Sara and EllenB's blogs. I'd like to join the walking club. Is there anything special I need to do to sign up?


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