thanks for the memories

Yesterday was pretty much the most delightful day.
The lil' farmhand was over with his mommy for the afternoon.
We "chillaxed" together.
I was preparing dinner for friends.

Do you wonder what you are doing today to build memories for tomorrow? I don't know that we ever deliberately ever thought about it but we sure are enjoying dipping into that savings plan now. What you are doing with your kids today is what your memories will be for tomorrow.
We became very good friends with Tim and Flo when our two husbands worked together for 20 some years. We attended the same church and raised our families in the same era. I say that with a smile because it always seemed that our boys were quite a bit older than their kids.
Our two boys are sitting on either side of Timmy and Stephanie and Julie are on this side of the picnic table.
We camped together for 14 years. Cheap vacations. We saved our $500 all year long so we could splurge on that 2 weeks at the lake. What did we splurge on .. . camping? Probably the groceries. We ate so good those 2 weeks .. .
Anyways .. . last night we chit chatted about our kids. . .all grown up .. .and we chit chatted about our grand babies. They have one .. . and a bit .. ..we have two .. . oh bliss.
We are so blessed to have friends that we can remember fond memories with. All the dinners that we had back and forth at each others homes, has given us a legacy of wealth in the "remember when account".
Oh, how I loved to go to their house for dinner. Flo always made her green salads so tasty. What a treat to be offered dinner at a friends home. She brought a green salad last night to share with the meal .. . it's still so good.
Flo came in the house rather quickly (I wished I would have taken a picture of that) when she realized that the lil' farm hand was still over . .. but was already in his car seat and pretty near heading out the door. What is it about sharing the next generation with someone who isn't quite family and yet is bound to you with vines of love. We need both in our life don't we?
Family who loves us in spite of our quirks and friends who love us because of our quirks.
Thanks for the memories. . .
Have a good day my friends,
got your pedometers on? It's date day today .. and I'm invited to go for a walk in the bright crisp clear day .. .woo hoo.


  1. I remember you talking a lot about Tim and Flo and it is good to know that you are still friends. Your kids don't look too much older than theirs. Have a great date day. Rudy and I were just talking last night that it is really high time we set a date for a date. It doesn't happen around here very often.

  2. Tuesday day date you guys ever double date with Flo and Tim? I'll bet you do. More fun still.

  3. Dates and memories of blissful by-gone days...much more pleasant than what I'm dealing with today!

  4. We have friends like that too and it really is a blessing..and everytime we get together even though we live many miles apart we have a wonderful time talking 'memories'.
    Having people in for a wonderful!
    Have fun on your date..will they all be walking ones now that you need to increase those steps..hubby and I have increased our walking time, all thanks to you, Lovella!

  5. Aren't old friends wonderful? Time can pass, and it seems nothing really changes. I love the memories.

    Since Doc can't do much with his arm, I put a new battery in his pedometer. We're going to make this work together!

  6. old friends are a comfort. my friend heather and i will have known each other 20 years this fall (we met in grade 7). i can hardly believe how fast it has gone. her friendship is truly a gift. i think we should celebrate our "anniversary", don't you?

  7. Loved the old photos and remembering with you! But I don't really remember you having such long hair! How times change!!! I had the greatest time today making sugar crepes... the grandkids almostcrawling into the bowl as they watched and then inhaling them faster than anything I've ever seen them eat!! These are good times again!!

  8. The best memories often aren't planned , are they. The mundane things of today can become the treasures of tomorrow's memories!

    And truly old friends are treasures that keep on giving!

    Hope you enjoyed your date !!

    In your camping photo you ALL look like kids to me!!! smile

  9. Kori and I were talking today about creating memories for our kids!
    Camping for 2 weeks sure cost a lot less when we were kids!

  10. Just got home from Whitespot! That's my Wednesday meal after a day in the office. I love it and tonight we had Tuscany food. Memories of Whitespot go way back when I was 6 years old.

    Making memories is awesome. Young and old. I just reviewed 25 years of albums and it was so much fun, being reminded of the memories with so many people and now we're making new memories all over.
    I think you'll love that book.

  11. Wow Lovella - you have such a wonderful way with words, I really do feel blessed - thank you so much for that post. Weren't those hairstyles quite something, and we really thought we were quite hip right?! I am so thankful for all those memories, we'd love to see all your old slides sometime!
    Hope you had a great day. We had a 'date' to the passport office - woo hoo - we actually got in and out of there within 45 minutes - Halelujah! It paid to get there at 7:30 am.
    Thanks for the encouragement to walk more - I've just got to get one of those pedometers!
    Love, Flo


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