Thursday, June 30, 2011

summer supper

Summer supper parties. . .
make me happy . ..
even when the weather doesn't cooperate.

I hope you have a most delightful day!

all for now. . .

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

the rose clippers

I'm not kidding . ..
this is my most favorite time of year. . .
and I probably won't change my mind.

The garden is yielding more rose buds than I know what to do with. . .
and the best part of that is. .

when dinner guests are ready to leave.  ..

I take my clippers with me as we walk down the sidewalk .. .

and everyone takes home some roses.

all for now. . .

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tilling the Soil Tuesday ~ last week of June

Someone asked recently how my garden stays so weed free.
I thought that perhaps weeds don't grow in these parts .. .

but then I noticed that what I can't see behind the barn . . .
is the gardener busy with his hoe.

When we make our daily trips to the garden. . .
we pull a weed or two.
I find it hard to walk past a weed patch at a place of business. .
and not pull out a few long weeds.
Can you relate to that?

The radishes are finding their way into most things that require a vegetable.

The peas are beginning to find their ladder.

Every dinner starts with a large bowl of garden lettuce.
Yesterday. .
we found that grilled radishes are delicious.
Grilled radishes was new for us.
They turn mellow and retain just a bit of a crunch.

all for now.  .

Monday, June 27, 2011

family weekend away 2011

Granted. . .
the weather was not like this the whole weekend. . .
but if I post the blue skies ..
we'll remember them this way.

During the weekend .. .
there was lots of smiles. .
and plenty of good old fashioned cooperation.

The water was green ..
much greener than the camera recorded.
The white capped mountains in the distance were just several of  the gorgeous snow capped mountains that surrounded us on every side.

Mostly . .
 the days. . .
were spent in the Hot springs pools. . .
which are warm when the air is chilly and comfortable even in drizzle.

There were lots of demonstrations of money well spent on swimming lessons.

There was a very long line up of the ten of us .. .
at the ice cream shop.

There were discussions on the bed.

There was a dress up dinner for us all.

There was lots of delicious food. . .
none of it . .
which was Mennonite. . ..but very tasty.

There was a children's dance floor. . .
enjoying the tunes of the Jones Boys.
 I found the children .. .
much more amusing than the adults dance floor.

There were this seasons swim suits  . .
flip flops. .
and swim aids. . .
which made me smile.

Most of all .. .
we were really thankful to God . .
that we can have our family all together . .
enjoying each other. . .
and planning for days ahead. . .
which we hope. ..will include lots more trips to Harrison Hot Springs Resort.

all for now.  ..

Friday, June 24, 2011



The sun has peeked out. . ..
the pool is warm . .
and soon. .
there will be much splashing and what-not-all.

all for now . . .

Thursday, June 23, 2011


I took this picture of the strawberries  .. .on Tuesday. .
and yesterday the red one was gone.
I looked across the garden at my beloved (who was busying himself pulling weeds) . .
hands on my  hips. .  asked him where it was.
He said. . ."it had been nibbled on by something and so I ate it. . .leaving the big red one hidden underneath for you."
I said . . ."Aww".

On Tuesday. . .
I went to see about making some room in my freezer for this years berries.
While making room in the freezer . ..I found an ice cream pail full of crushed strawberries. .
I had missed.

On Tuesday. .
we were out of strawberry jam.

On Wednesday. . .
when my beloved came in for lunch. .
He said. . ."It smells like strawberries in here".

I just happened to have some of Marg's Health Buns out of the book with some creamy butter on the island.


all for now. .

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

11:50 AM

This isn't a normal 11:50 AM in the bungalow.
Normal is lunch at the island.
On Monday we were having a business lunch at our house. . .
and so we were ready.

I had a pot of Borscht on the stove. .
Marg's Health Buns fresh on the table with still slightly firm fresh butter.
A rhubarb platz baked in the morning sat on the counter.
(all out of the book in case he wanted the recipe

I've begun to serve Mennonite Food to people who are not familiar with it.
It suddenly dawned on me. . .
it is  special and unique and tasty.

The lunch was enjoyed by the business man and my beloved. .
while I enjoyed the fresh bit of summer in the vases.

All for now. . .

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tilling the Soil Tuesdays. .Radishes

 . . .and so it has begun..
the trek out to the garden and the harvesting of our own food.

Yesterday I plucked big handfuls fronds of delicate dill ..
and parsley and tossed them in the borscht.

After dinner in the tent. ..
and a enjoyable conversation between us ..
we walked out to the garden.

We disrupted an Eagle. . .and watched as it went to rest in distant trees.

I pulled out a large handful of perfect radishes. .
and thought immediately of slicing them up with some sugar and vinegar .. .
just like mom always did in the early days of summer.

OH. .and did you know. .
that radishes belong to the cabbage family  which appear to reduce the risk of some cancers?
Radishes are high in potassium which is helpful in regulating blood pressure.
 Studies have shown that radish root could be effective in lowering cholesterol levels.
Radishes and radish leaves are an excellent source of vitamin C.

Slice them up!

all for now. .

Monday, June 20, 2011

the scent of rose

The roses are nearly at their best. . .

with hardly any leaf issues.

I walked out several times this weekend before. .
during. .
and after. .
the rain .
I'd ask them to remain as they are. ..
for the whole season of summer.  . .

but since they as everything else must move forward with the season . .

 . .we'll just spend every moment we can . . .
inhaling their scent.

It's almost enough . .
for me to
go to the perfume counter to ask for the scent of rose. . .
 . ..
and then. .
I think of my mom.

all for now ..