Friday, March 29, 2013

It was the Easter of 2000 that my Dad joined us for his last Easter on earth.
On Easter Monday he was taken to the hospital where he declined and passed away three weeks later.
That year, he brought me an Easter basket filled with spring bulbs and I planted it later after the blossoms had died.
Each spring I watch for the sign of new life from those bulbs and each year the green pokes through that ground and the yellow little daffodil buds begin to form and open up.
I've divided that little patch and instead of his gift giving me one year of joy it has multiplied offering beauty throughout the garden.

His gift reminds me of how my spirit is renewed at Easter.
As Christians we join together at church because we want to join other believers in praise and worship to God for the sacrifice he made on our behalf.
All the years growing up Easter was important and given a place of reverence.
There was no working on Good Friday or Easter Sunday and even Monday was considered special.
As children we looked forward to that Easter basket and new Easter dresses and of course...Paska...but our parents demonstrated what it meant to them personally by keeping Easter.
I learned early that Jesus was on the cross with our sin upon his shoulders.
It was his dying breath that brought us life.

Today the children will come over and there will be Paska and Easter baskets and even new dresses but they already know that Easter is more than what can be bought at the store...
because children have excellent memories and in the weeks leading up ...
have already been telling us what Easter really means.

I wish you all a very blessed Easter.
May you experience your own reminder of renewal around you and find joy in the realization of the Father's love for us.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

T Ball and Wheel Barrow Fun

In keeping with the theme of the last few days...
I bring you yesterday's activities.
It was the twosome's turn and we played T ball with terrific enthusiasm.

OK...another common theme which I don't need to point out but for the sake of giving credit to the umpire or back catcher or field person or whatever Kobe chooses at the moment...
we'll include her in these shots...
not that I had any choice.

Now and then the ball went sailing and  it was considered a home run by all involved.

OH...the concentration.

Stand back!
I do.

The batter was not fond of being crowded at home base...
and she didn't mind saying so.

The left fielder brought back the ball and most always dropped it on cue.

Who really knows who won this inning?
It was a toss up...
for sure.

we knew who won the inning...
and probably the whole game.

They resorted to using a different ball.
The small soccer ball did not live to see another day.
It wasn't pretty.
I found it laying later in little black and white pentagons.

It was so lovely out that we ate our lunch outside and snacks and dessert too.

After lunch whilst still waiting for the mowers's arrival...
the wheel barrow was used for entertaining.

It really could have been considered country style roller coaster for tots.
It went up and down when they least expected.

Oh the fun that can be had for free!

all for now..

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Croquet Kids Kobe

So anyways...
I took the little squirt into the house and snuggled him into his bed.
It took him some time to nod off and while he and I waited...
he sang eieio...many times.

In the meantime a rousing game of Croquet had been set up on the back lawn.
Rules of the game were discussed and debated and once it was agreed that it was just a game...
the mallets were set in motion.

You are wondering about the grass.
yes...the lawn needed to be mowed again already but the John Deere dealership is still sharpening the blade and replacing bearings and what not all.
It will be delivered back to the farm today and shortly there will once again be order.

The mallets manoeuvred the ball around the course.
Sometimes the mallet tapped...sometimes it just shuffled the ball along.

Kobe...thought it was all about her.
She couldn't believe her good fortune to have not one ball to retrieve but several.

She's so good at patiently waiting for a good tap.

See the concentration?

And there she goes.
We might need to implement a golf marker for the upcoming Croquet season.

For this particular game it ended up being just fine with the grands since they put their balls back on the grass where they "remembered" it had been captured.

Notice the concentration on the Grandpa's face?
And there goes Kobe..intercepting the ball once again.

In time...
everyone made it through the course.

Tap tap tap...


when the mallet did not cooperate..
there was a little help with the other hand.

all for now...

Monday, March 25, 2013

Sunny Sunday

the threesome came to visit.
The key to the baby gator was jointly inserted...

and off they were.

It makes me smile to think how year after year the privilege of driving is accepted by the younger ones.

I was happy to see that already...
they know which side of the road they should be driving on.

They routinely waved as they passed each other.

Kobe followed one ...
and then the other two. 

Almost as soon as they came out...
the littlest offered a taste of his lollipop to the pup...
and lost it...
while she kept her lollipop safely tucked beside her tongue.

When Grandpa took out his ATV...
they quickly left theirs at the side of the "road"..
and hitched a ride.

The littlest...was tucked in the middle...
cozy and secure.

Each lap...
I was there to greet...
and wave..

and receive smiles.

The road was busy..
both ways.

I loved watching them in the field..
with the mountains still snowy in the background.

He wondered all of a sudden...
why she had a lollipop...
and wondered what he had done with his.

He kept looking...

and then looked at me to see if I knew.

He forgot about it again...

and laughed at something funny that Grandpa said.

I wondered at one point...
if a hat tugged on ever looked so sweet on me.

or him.

Just as I wondered...
Grandpa tugged it down..

and so the game went.

all for now...
with love,