Saturday, May 30, 2009

Saturday Morning Extra!

  • lil' farm hand came to play .. .nap and give the toddler pool it's first splash. .
  • baked up a rhubarb platz. . .because it sounded yummy!
  • (when the sitters arrived. . .aka "the parents"). . . ran inside to get showered and changed. ..kissed the lil' farmhand goodbye before he knew what was happening. . .
  • driving off the yard .. . picked up by Richard and Dorothy.
  • stopped by Todd and Nancy's to pick them up . . . and sent them to the way back of the van. . .since they are the newest wed.
  • headed west . Vancouver. . .
  • parked in the Sutton Place parking garage.
  • went to the hot dog stand that we were all craving. .
  • walked Robson. . .the shopping district
  • stopped at Mac. . .all us girls shopped for a new lipstick
  • went and browsed through H&M
  • went to Gap .. .Nancy had a return. .. I came out with a bag. . .Terry found this amazing.
  • at precisely 8:30. . .arrived back at Sutton Place for their Chocolate Buffet.
  • enjoyed an hour and a half. . .of relaxing .. and delicious. . . celebration of Dorothy's Birthday .. .(thinking to myself. . .we are so blessed to have friends)
  • went down to the parking garage. . .laughing all the way. .
  • Terry continued with his jokes .. .on the way home. . .more laughing. .
  • Dropped Todd and Nancy off first. . .since they are the newest wed. . .
  • and then us. .
  • Happy Birthday Dorothy my friend. . .you have the best parties .. .and you deserve them!

Friday, May 29, 2009


I watched helplessly as my beloved. . .
removed the door. .
and put up plastic . .
with me left inside.

I could hardly blame him .. .

I yelled at him through the plastic .. . ."fumigating . . .are you?"

NO. . . "I'm painting the door"

Just to be sure though. .
I started to clean and air the house today.

and he painted the door. . .

He's still a bit leery of Flu. . .
but . . . things are settling down to normality once more. .
The lil' farm hand called last night. . .
and hinted .. .
he might be by. . .
All for now. . .

Thursday, May 28, 2009

good night handshakes

You also know you are sick when no one kisses you goodnight.

I'm a bit weary of being offered a handshake.

Yesterday .. .my optimism was short lived. .

and the powder room and I had lots of time to rethink repainting.

But. . .as I type this. . .I once again am optimistic. ..

and am certain that it is all but over.

In the meantime. . .

I can't complain one speck.

I've sat in the back yard. . .

calling out to the farmer. . .

offering him cold drinks while he works on my latest project idea. .

and I offer him a bit of company in return. .

So far so good. . .

he's not succumbed to flu .. .

All for now. . .

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

self help

Here is the test how you know when you are sick. . .

Groaning on the couch . . .

watching the Today show. . .

but pressing mute and turning face to the back of the couch. .

to avoid the food segment.

That was Monday.

Tuesday morning. . .

I opened up my notebook computer. . .

from the couch. .

a good sign. . .

I still feel some degree of responsibility to you my loyal readers.

By Tuesday afternoon. .

I noted that I was a bit thirsty . . .

for an iced coffee. . .

my beloved . . .

arranged for that.. . .

and I slowly . . .and tentatively sipped it. .

while looking through my new favorite foodie magazine.

The food did not look disgusting. . .

I didn't want to cook it mind you. .

but . . .it looked like something I might want to try another day.

Then. . .

around dinner time. . .

Terrence called and told me not to be offended. . .

but the lil' farm hand and his entourage. .

were staying clear until .. .

enough time had passed to deem us clear of flu. . .

Perhaps. . . if I begin to cook again. .

they'll come by.

We'll see who can last the longest. . .

In the meantime. . .I have my disinfectant wipes. . .

All for now. . .

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

cc .. .c

Sadness. . .

Cousin Camp is Cancelled today. .

this grammie has a tummy bug. .

so I'll take it easy. .

and enjoy the pictures of cousin camps past.

Today. . I'm sure is the last day of it. . .

no worries. .

I'll be back.

All for now...

Monday, May 25, 2009

happiness. . in a bottle

I admit it. . .

it looked like such a fun bottle to sip a cool beverage from. . .

and all the while . .

I was planning how I would funnel my own cool sippers back into the bottle. ..

planning my guest lists ..

The labels are all soaked off ..

I kept the caps .. .

good times.

All for now. . .

Friday, May 22, 2009

the colour purple

When my mom suggested that I begin collecting china in grade eight I willing complied.

I went to Bartsch Jewelers the local jewellery shop that sold china. . (we had no malls in our town back then). . and selected Sweet Violets from the Royal Albert line.

In 1973 purple was very popular and I had a deep purple bedspread and matching curtain in my room.. . .

So ..purple flowers on the white china seemed to make perfect sense.

I got boring china gifts all through high school ..

and by the time I was married. .

I had enough to serve dinner on.

In the meantime. . .

purple went out of style.

If I wasn't sentimental . .I might have sold it and started again. .

but I am sentimental. .

and today. .and many other days. .

I'm glad I have white china with little purple flowers.

Every year .. .I appreciate lilac season. .

for it is the one time of year. .

that my china agrees with my garden.

Since you couldn't all come for lilac season. .

I have you sitting at the end of the table. . .

where you can see the whole width of the bungalow. .

OH and about color .. .I'm off to have my roots looked at once more. .

for the life of me. . I can't make them behave. .

All for now. .

Thursday, May 21, 2009

having a sons(s)

. . .and another thing I love about blogging. .

is the reason it creates to look through my pictures. .

again. .

and again ..

and again.

Yesterday's reason was today's birth date of our second son .. .


It struck me again. . .

how most of our pictures are with our two sons. .

full of vim and vigor ..

always up to one thing or another ..

and always having fun.

Terrence being 19 months older ..

has a small repertoire of pictures of him by himself. .

but Stuart. . always had the buddy shots.

You always had fun with the picture taking ..
always making us laugh. .

Always. . .taking risks. .

and always wearing your bruises with pride.

It's been twenty eight years since I first laid eyes on you. .

you are not my little boy anymore. .

but when I look through all the pictures. .

I thought. . .

he's always been such a good kid. . .

I'm glad we had two sons.

Happy Birthday Son. .

I'm off to make your cake. . just the way you ordered it.

all for now. .

with love. . .Mom

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

the quick fort

This is not from the yesterdays Grammie Day Photo ops...

but from last week when the lil' farm hand visited.

Apparently. . .the forts are a hit. .

and now. .

every space about 2 feet by 2 feet. . .

is commandeered for private fort space.

This one made me laugh. .

because the rule is. . .

moosey and soosey stay in bed.

The only way moosey and soosey (which is attached to moosey) can be visited with. .

is to go to bed. .

but eighteen month arms are reaching much further . . .

and when I found this little fellow ..

hiding in his fort. .

he was not alone.

He was smiling when I found him. .

and together we carried moosey and soosey back to bed. .

All for now. .

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

real chenille (love that title)

When I was a little girl ..

my mom would make her bed every Sunday with her special Chenille spread.

I was not to sit on it. . .

no babies bottoms were changed directly on it. .

and though we lived on a farm. .

with four boys. .

and one. .

little girl ..

the spread remained clean and free of tears and missing chenille.

Now the spring has sprung. . .

I had a longing to see it once more. ..

and so the double bed spread ..

is spread on the queen sized bed. .

stretching as far as it can. .

and meeting the white bed skirt that sweeps the floor.

I read the instructions. . .

all over again. .

I may not use flake soap. ..

but Chenille does enjoy a good windy day.

Speaking of babies bottoms. . .

guess what today is?

I'm off and running.

All for now. .

Monday, May 18, 2009

In Honour of Queen Victoria

My very considerate American friend Jill. . .

sent me a link to a recipe for Queen Victoria's favorite sponge cake. . .

knowing of course. .

that I would want to honour Queen Victoria. .

since Canada . . .. a Commonwealth country ..

observes her birthday.

Appreciating Jill's efforts for us to celebrate with proper decorum ..

I ran straight to town to buy more butter. . .

and I whipped this tender moist cake ..

and invited just the perfect amount of . .

Queen Victoria's Birthday party .. .

guests .

I would have posted it today on the Mennonite Girls Cook ..

but. . .I won't butt in . . .

we're scheduled ten days in advance.

How are you observing Queen Victoria's birthday?

After a three day entertainment marathon . .. .

I'm resting. .

All for now. .

Friday, May 15, 2009

Happy Victoria Day Weekend

I love a long weekend. . .

Gone are the days....

when we waited with baited breath to find out what whether or not my beloved would be working at Safeway that day. . .

More often than not. .

he'd be working.

For the first twenty five years of our marriage. . .

we'd watch the freeway flow out to the sunny spots in the province. .

and we'd have our little holiday after work ..

in our backyard.

Now we know what our schedule is. . .

and we are content with it all.

Perhaps. . .

when you know you can have something. . .

it loses its appeal a bit.

Besides enjoying some time with friends tonight. . .

we'll do our chores. .

and do some gardening. . .

and sit in our backyard.

having our own party.

Today roads will be busy with the trailers and campers and motorbikes. .

all heading east.

We'll watch the traffic flow out to the sunny spots of the province. . .

and on Monday we'll watch the traffic flow back in from the sunny spots.

May you have safe travels on Victoria Weekend. . .

all for now. .

with love,

Thursday, May 14, 2009

it's those nights

Since hanging my Mother's Day baskets up in their summer spots.. .

I've been a bit leery of the big clouds flying by at great speed. . .

and dropping enormous sheets of rain.

What bothers me more. .

is what happens at night. ..

while I sleep.

When I would appreciate a bit of cloud cover for them. .

the skies clear and the moon shines . .

and the temperatures drop.

After leaving them to figure it out on their own the first night. . .

I came up with what seems to be a bit of a blanket for them at night.

I took five garbage bags for each basket. . .

and made them green houses tents.

So far. . .so good.

I planted a few of my pots yesterday too. .

and have them on my back porch. .

where I easily bid them . .

good night.

All for now. . .

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

spring showers

Oh. . .I wanted to show you what my little grandgirlie had tied to her wrist. . .

upon arriving for brunch on Mother's Day.

I couldn't help but think. .

it was such a suitable gift from a little girl.

Darling. . .and the balloon was adorable too.

I love this time of year.

It seems that Mother's Day. .

marks the end of having to buy fresh flowers in the market. .

and I can collect a fresh bouquet for my table everyday.

My new hanging baskets had a bit of a surprise on Monday evening.

When they say that planting before the middle of May (in Canada). .

is a tad risky..

they speak the truth.

I'm going to wait until the weekend to plant the rest of my bedding plants. .

surely. . then it will be safe.

I watched out the window as a thunder storm passed through yesterday.

Yesterday . . .we took the lil' farm hand out to vote for our Provincial election.

I marked the spot. .

and I folded it up. .

and he slipped it in the secret box.

Leaving with a sticker proclaiming him to have voted . .

we went out for lunch to celebrate.

Great fun. . .

All for now. .