Friday, August 31, 2012

mystery update...the near house update...and the new pup update

You know what I love?

Posting a mystery and solving it by way of elimination.
We don't have a firm answer yet...
but we have our suspicions.
Once a gift giver...always a gift giver.  =)

You know what else I love?

When I say..."we should bring our pressure washer over there so they can wash that deck."
And he does.
And uses it too.

All the menfolk got involved. 
Between the three of them...
the decks are clean and the bottom stair post has been reinforced...
and I feel a lot better.

I wish he could stay this age forever....sort of.
I said to my beloved yesterday...4 1/2 is the best age.
Sweet and almost sensible and still reach over to hold hands.

This fellow wore his boy clothes and shoes and happily watched the water sports while swinging gently in his princess swing.

All work...
must be followed by swinging as high as you can...
because you know how to pump and every new thing learned is just the best.

Now about Kobee.
I am updating just in case his sweet previous owner is wondering and coming by my blog to check.

When Kobee decided she liked farm life just fine we went out and bought her a new house.

We went to that place where people spend millions of dollars every year on things for their pets.
It is easy to see how that happens.

We left with training treats..
and not one but two new toys...
which she is loving.

As I write this in the tent...
she is happily sitting under our table.

She is a good pup and is sleeping well at night...
after a bit of crying like babies tend to do.

She comes and sits and lays down when we ask.
Just now...she's left to go eat her supper...
but she'll be back under our table to keep us company until bedtime.

all for now...

Thursday, August 30, 2012

the grill stone giver

We came home the other day and found this box on our porch.
I thought maybe my beloved knew something about it...
so I enquired but he knew nothing.

We thought there might be a note inside...

Perhaps the note blew away?

We are curious and curiouser.

Do tell!

We'll have you over for some grilled goodness.

I was ready to start grilling but then it was suggested that it could be rather awkward if we're dining on succulent shrimp and veggies when the giver shows up.

We fear that the stone grill giver will realize the error in the delivery to the wrong door so we hesitate to...
 go grillyisious.  

We have come up with various ideas...
knowing our friends as we do.

all for now...

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

my circle of friends

Whether our friends are near or far...
what matters most is that we are all heading in the same direction and holding onto one another during the journey.

Isn't friendship just the most wonderful gift from God?
I was thinking of the varied friendships in my life.

I have casual friendships that I value.  We may not get together socially outside the hairdressing chair or the manicure chair and yet I have come to depend on those girls for a one on one chat that belongs to us  alone.

I have friendships that have formed within ministry in church that makes me look forward to the fall programs beginning again.  We work together and share a common gift of ministry and though it takes a bit of our is an investment worth every moment. There are church friends that are such  givers of their hospitality and words of encouragement.
  They are a moments notice and will stay as long as it takes.

I have friendships that are connectors within our family.  
Sharing children and grandchildren gives us a special bond and blessing in knowing our families are not loved and cared for by us alone.

I have friends that have stuck with me when I have been lovely and not so lovely.
We have seen each other at our best and worst and I'm not just talking about our hairdo's.
We have found a gift in knowing we are all going to make mistakes and there is such joy in forgiveness and the rich relationship that comes out of that.

I have my blogging friends that truly trust that I am sincere when I share moments in my life.
We have come to respect each other because our lives are open and vulnerable and sometimes open to criticism.  I've been blogging nearly six years and rather than feeling like I've lost precious time when I could be doing "important" things...I've seen that God led me to this place of sharing what is on my heart and perhaps I am able to encourage others in the process.

Last but not least...
I have my Mennonite Girl friends who came to me out of an invitation and stayed out of a common desire to do something that none of us could accomplish alone.
Sometimes God gives friendships and blessings that at some point intersect to become something unique and beautiful and worth more than words could convey.

Beyond these groups is family which means more than anything this world offers.
I think I need a Hallmark card to say it right...
the things my heart holds tonight.

all for now...

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Meet Kobee!
Truth be told...her name tag says...Kobe but with our grandpup named Tobee...we may as well keep things simple and as far as I can tell...she can't read.

Isn't she cute?

She came to visit yesterday to see if she would enjoy farm living.
She decided to spend the day...
and later decided to try a sleep over  ( a big farm dog)

As I write this ...
she is tucked in her new dog house and is sleeping after her busy day.

She is still a baby recently new to British Columbia from the Yukon.
I can't help but think that Otis would have been rather fond of this girl.

It is time again for a farm dog.
We think she is a good fit..
and we hope she won't be missed too much..
but if she is..
I'll understand why.

all for now...

Monday, August 27, 2012

settling in

Dear blessed my heart with your kind comments and emails about our family coming "near".
We had prayed that their "far" home would sell in time for the beginning of the fall school year.
We're so thankful that they are able to settle the children into their new environment with days to spare.

The comments so far from the grands....

Little Oh said...."aww..oh.."...but then that is what he always says.
Kanneloni Macaroni said...."I like it...that you are here"...and "I like noodlen"  (I brought chicken noodle soup for supper on Saturday night.)
Oma brought Manicotti on Friday night...and KM said..."I like noodlen"
Little Farm Hand said... "I like my yard...but I'll miss James"  (his best backyard neighbor ever)..
( I think he has already discovered that cousins "near" is a pretty good thing.")

I love the welcome at that front door.

all for now..

Friday, August 24, 2012

Far...and Near

Yesterday at 4 pm in the afternoon the big truck backed into the driveway of...
lil' farm-hand, kanneloni-macaroni and Little-Oh.

Some families move because they want a new house...
or more space...
because they want to be near.

This family was weary of "far".
Everyone except for the best back yard neighbor family ...
was excited.

Guess what I was in charge of?

The kitchen table was placed in the middle of the front yard and I set up shop.
I don't think these three children have ever had such an entertaining meal ....

Once the front yard entertainment supper for all who drove by was finished and the house had lost it's furniture...
the cleaning began.

The big truck was loaded to the rafters and the crew was ready to drive to "near".

It seemed fitting that the sun was setting as the big truck drove with the menfolk down the yard into the valley.

The ladies stayed behind to finish cleaning.
Floors were mopped...baseboards were washed and appliances were left spotless.

She has never stood in this room alone with the floor completely bare.
She has lived here since the day she was born.
I thought she might feel sad....
but "near"...

is better than the only bedroom she has ever known.

The last item to be packed?

The flower clippers.

There have been so many beautiful memories made in the "far" house.
Everything truly important (except for their best ever back yard neighbors)....
fit into boxes and the memories their hearts hold.

The little jeep drove off into the sunset.
It will be back...
even if the drive is "far".
Best ever back yard neighbors are worth the drive.

Once the coolers were moved into the new house...
I served night lunch.

After they all ate their full...
I showed them my watch.
It is not often little children stay up so late.

Will they forget that  they once lived "far"?

Living "near"...
will be a good thing.

all for now...

Monday, August 20, 2012

bearly afraid

The day after the grands were safely delivered back to their parents we settled into a very relaxing routine in camp.
My beloved would mean to go out early in the morning to fish but somehow we would sleep in and his boat only found water in the afternoons.

One afternoon he sauntered back with a smile and said he had seen a bear close to the water.
He knows how I love bear sightings...from a safe distance.

The next day we heard some pots clanging not too far from us and sure enough while we were sitting and reading the bear found us.

He was not afraid at all.
I ran into the trailer and stuck my head out the door with my pots and started clanging like a crazy lady.
My beloved was standing on the ground and claimed even days later he had a ringing in his ears from the pot clanging I gave the bear.

The bear...
was unmoved.

I gave my beloved the pots and he did some clanging himself.
The bear turned around but then stopped at the barbecue to check to see what was for lunch.

A few years ago we were hiking on a very vegetative path and I started to get nervous and wondered aloud what we would do if we could come across a bear.  The path had no where to escape and so we decided to head back and purchased a $40 can of bear spray before we went on our next hike.

The bear spray is always kept in our back pack and so while he was clanging pots with no effect I brought out the bear spray and the pots were replaced.

Finally...he had a reason to remove that safety and as the bear came around the far side of the table and towards us the bear spray was administered according to directions and since I was breathing quite deeply right behind him...
I sucked in my portion of the spray and along with the bear...
became sure I didn't want to be on the wrong end of a riot anytime soon.

The bear...
hightailed it out of there....
but not before he left his signature on the seat cushion.

The camp operators arrived soon after and we handed him the bear spray as the bear was not yet convinced to leave the camp.

Last we heard there was a bear spotted crossing the freeway and heading up the mountain.

We hope we saved that beautiful bear.  Bear spray is not pleasant but if the bear understands that human contact is dangerous...he will avoid something much worse...
a bullet.

all for now...

Friday, August 17, 2012

grand olypmic awards

On the last day of the Grand Olympics the team settled into quieter events.
The reading tent was purely one of their favorite things.

There were hair do's to style.
I asked Kanneloni Macaroni if I should do her hair too...
and she was okay.

The girls made their medals.

My chair was confiscated.

Lil' Farm Hand did his own craft to take home to Mommy.
He would have loved to take home a medal necklace for Mommy...
but ...well...who knew?

I can't begin to wonder how many times we read this stack of books.
Bedtime story reading was ....

Their new team Tshirts were put on after showering.
They don't know yet...when a Tshirt only costs $5.

The last event before the long ride home was the Bubble blowing contest.

He won!

Inexpensive delights...
that make children smile.

Late afternoon...
they all were strapped in their seats and we headed home.

It was a quiet ride.

After meeting their siblings and parents for supper.
We kissed them goodbye...
turned out truck around and headed back to camp.

It was so good for me to review the times we had with them.
Someday my memory will grow dim.
Pictures and my stories are here for them if they wonder if we enjoyed spending time with them when they were little.

Next year...
Little Miss Muffet will be potty trained...
and then there will be four to tuck in.